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Warrnambool Car Industry Council IPP. Diminish Bollard – Vocations Guide – Warrnambool School – 2007 IPP Warrnambool Car Industry Board of trustees IPP. Warrnambool Car Industry Panel IPP.
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Warrnambool Automotive Industry Committee IPP. Dwindle Bollard – Careers Counselor – Warrnambool College – 2007 IPP

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Warrnambool Automotive Industry Committee IPP.

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Warrnambool Automotive Industry Committee IPP. Expand understudies and educators comprehension of the profession opportunities in the Warrnambool Automotive industry. Help with building up an arrangement changing the ability lack in the Automotive business. Analyze our own particular school innovation educational modules in light of the IPP – particularly joining expertise sets sought after by bosses.

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Skills Shortage: Industry not pulling in understudies with the right aptitude sets as far as capacity, critical thinking abilities, hard working attitude, learning abilities to be fruitful in this industry. Regularly costs the Employer $40,000 dad to prepare an Apprentice.

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Skills Shortage: Employers encountering trouble in selecting suitable understudies and do not have a comprehension of the “Y” era as far as work adaptability and superintendent desires. Arrangement: Establishment of the WAIC in 2006 to go about as a gathering to examine these issues and propose arrangements.

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A Vibrant Industry Warrnambool car industry Annual turnover - $14M

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IPP Project - Details Learn about the difficulties confronted by the Automotive Industry in enrolling the most suitable youngsters. Find out about the abilities set needed in an advanced time car administration focus. Add to an arrangement or reaction to these difficulties.

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What is the Industry searching for? Ready to show a certified enthusiasm for an Automotive profession. Work Experience. Car Hobbies. School Based Apprenticeship. Desire to succeed. Comprehension of profession pathways inside of the Automotive business.

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What is the Industry searching for? Capacity to learn new abilities rapidly. Capacity to speak successfully with kindred laborers and clients – Written, verbal. Capacity to utilize computerized innovation. Capacity to issue fathom.

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Warrnambool Automotive Industry - Profiles New Apprentice 3 Months Demonstrated interest by means of Motorcycle side-auto champion Experienced issues at school Trained Auto-circuit tester. Right now third year car understudy. Utilizing innovation as a part of shortcoming discovering School Based Apprentice Working 2 Days for each week Westvic Group Training, Apprentice of the Year

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Warrnambool Automotive Industry – Profiles Over 10 Years Experience - Suspension authority Completed Pre App at TAFE Super Bikes Team Mechanic Motorcross Racing Team Mechanic

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Automotive Industry – Multi skilling You can\'t depend on PC innovation to tackle every one of your issues Being an auto circuit tester and repairman is an undeniable expertise set in the advanced workshop.

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Automotive Industry loosing Experience it can\'t supplant ! Experienced new vehicle specialist moved to TAFE as Automotive educator. Numerous are moving to WA mining industry blast procuring $100,000 dad.

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Promoting Automotive Career Pathways in Warrnambool Target Interested understudies at Year 8 by means of Industry visits. Brauer College. Emmanuel College. Warrnambool College.

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Promoting Automotive Career Pathways in Warrnambool Create an Industry visit arranging Document for Automotive Industry Principals/Managers. Objective – make trust in running visits and consistency.

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Promoting Automotive Career Pathways in Warrnambool Create industry visit agenda for understudies covering: Business foundation/size Skill deficiencies Employer desires Career pathways How to get an Apprenticeship Follow up Interview

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Automotive Industry Open Day 2008 Students/Parents who might want to catch up the visit will be offered an Interview and individual visit with a Principal at the business Open day in 2008.

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Teachers - Career Pathway Orientation VCAL Teachers focused to take an interest in the Industry visits Literacy Numeracy Work Related Skills

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Warrnambool Automotive Industry Water pump – I settled this ?

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Warrnambool Automotive Industry – Jobs for the day I set up this one together – as yet going! .:

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