Water and contamination pioneers.

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Affection Canal is a 16-section of land landfill Niagara Falls, New York, In the 1890s, a trench was exhumed to give ... zone was secured and deeded to the Niagara Falls Board of Education. ...
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Water & contamination pioneers Women Pioneers for the Environment address 2 Unit 2

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Ellen Swallow (1842-1911) 1870 – connected MIT, 1 st lady free so nobody would think she was really an understudy Graduated from Vasser Poor, coached to pay for classes at vasser Married late in life, no children

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Ellen Swallow (Richards) Instructor at MIT – not paid, Ran her own counseling business Campaigned for clean water Designed a sewage plant for Poughkeepsie Specialized in water science 1 st to perceive risks of sewage

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Lois Gibbs 1946-Uneducated housewife Son sick – epilespy, asthma w/in 4 months of moving to Love Canal Saw numerous other wiped out youngsters, acknowledged something wasn\'t right. Disease, birth deserts, unnatural birth cycles, rashes 1 st experiment of EPA

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Love waterway Love Canal is a 16-section of land landfill Niagara Falls, New York, In the 1890s, a trench was uncovered to give hydroelectric force. Rather, it was later utilized by Hooker Electrochemical for transfer of more than 21,000 tons of different substance squanders. Dumping stopped in 1952, and in 1953 the transfer range was secured and deeded to the Niagara Falls Board of Education. Broad improvement happened close to the site, including development of a grade school and various homes. Issues with scents and deposits, initially reported at the site amid the 1960s, expanded in the 1970s as the water table rose, conveying defiled ground water to the surface. 77,000 individuals influenced

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Problems at adoration channel Love Canal – Chronic issue, not evident Acute versus endless harming: Acute – self-evident, passing, illiness or visual side effects instantly after introduction Chronic – sublethal, develop over years, hard to demonstrate

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Michiko Ishimuri Fisherman\'s little girl, uneducated Sick kid, Noticed different villagers w/malady Minamata Disease – Dancing Cats ailment Methyl mercury Author - Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow

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methylmercury Approximately 80% of the mercury discharged from human exercises fossil fuel burning, mining, and purifying, and from strong waste incineration. Around 15% discharged to the dirt from manures, fungicides, civil strong waste (for instance, from waste that contains disposed of batteries, electrical switches, flourescent lights or thermometers). An extra 5% is discharged from modern wastewater to water in nature.

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Effect of mercury changeless harm cerebrum and kidneys. identity changes (touchiness, modesty, anxiety), tremors, changes in vision (tightening (or narrowing) of the visual field), deafness, muscle incoordination , loss of sensation, and challenges with memory. queasiness, regurgitating, looseness of the bowels, increments in circulatory strain or heart rate, skin rashes, and eye disturbance. Harm to the coating of the mouth and lungs

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Michiko Ishimuri cont Chisso production line – own researchers knew methylmercury was reason for villagers malady 1968 –she appealed to for help around the local area daily paper Worker\'s union bolstered Chisso organization, not specialists or angler or their families Lawsuit 1973, at long last settled 1977, gave 1 million dollars to repay casualties

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Illinois Mercury Illinois Fish Advisory Who\'s at danger? What chemicals? What species included? Try not to eat – sort of fish? compound – Illinois River Lake Taylorville Arrowhead River Little Grassy River

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Maria Cherkosova 1938-Russian Scientist, taught PhD Married w/2 kids Headed Center for Ecological Programs Work to clean streams, manage atomic contaimation Focusing on affliction in kids from waterways (Volga)

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Maria Guminska – 1928-1998 Raised in nation, no toxins, moved to city Married, spouse kicked the bucket of disease – she thought from city Phd researcher, author, dissident Osteoflouresis – aluminum smelter a summed up aggravation of bones brought about by interminable fluorine harming and described by the improvement of numerous exostoses . There is faltering, simplicity of crack of bones and mottling and setting of the teeth.

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The Flouride Controversy The Flouride Controversy – Whole wellbeing pharmaceutical: http://www.wholebodymed.com/library_education_details.php?pid=21

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Rachel Carson DDT Silent Spring MS in science Naturalist, likewise composed smash hit books about nature Influenced JFK to begin Environmental Protection Agency Will cover next unit/understudy report

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Cathy Hinds East Gray, Maine Water quality, wells contaiminated Miscarriages, stillborn children Saw felines w/same issue Watch program on Love trench, acknowledged same issues, Worked with Lois Gibbs, McKinn Toxic waste site – managed Miltary lethal dump site, in the end got US Defense dept to take a shot at w/superfund.

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Application to current issues: Superfund site http://www.epa.gov/superfund/Using "instruments" , research 5 urban communities in the US

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