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Water Soluble Vitamins. Susan Algert. Water Soluble Vitamins. Thiamin Pantothenic Acid Riboflavin Biotin Niacin Vitamin C Vitamin B-6 Folate Vitamin B-12. Fat vs. Water Soluble Vitamins. Water soluble vitamins.
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Water Soluble Vitamins Susan Algert

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Water Soluble Vitamins Thiamin Pantothenic Acid Riboflavin Biotin Niacin Vitamin C Vitamin B-6 Folate Vitamin B-12

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Fat versus Water Soluble Vitamins

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Water dissolvable vitamins Susceptible to warmth Kidney evacuates and discharges abundance Vitamin C, thiamin and riboflavin are particularly vulnerable to warmth and alkilinity Hydrophilic and water will filter them from vegetables Preferred strategies are steaming, panfry and microwave

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B vitamins go about as co-chemicals

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Thiamin Sulfur containing and nitrogen containing rings joined to carbon iotas Part of nerve cell films—orchestrate and control neurotransmitters Functions in vitality digestion system—vitamin bit of TPP; assumes part in decarboxylation and structures Acetyl Co A from pyruvate

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Thiamin Dietary Recommendation RDA for grown-up men is 1.2 mg for ladies is 1.1 mg for each day Higher needs in pregnancy; most eating regimens with assortment and satisfactory vitality supply adequate thiamin

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Thiamin Deficiency Heavy liquor utilization with deficient nourishment utilization ; liquor meddles with assimilation (Wernicke-Korsakoff disorder); poor and elderly at hazard for not eating adequate vitality

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Thiamin Deficiency/Toxicities Beri Impaired muscle withdrawals Impaired cardiovascular capacity, edema and muscle jerks Decreased neurological capacity and memory misfortune

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Thiamin sustenance sources Pork Whole and advanced grains Fortified oats Most creature sustenances contain little thiamin

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Riboflavin Involved in vitality digestion system; a portion of two co-catalysts, FMN and FAD Participate in citrus extract cycle and beta oxidation and electron transport Remove alkali amid deamination of some amino acids Associated with cancer prevention agent glutathione peroxidase

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Dietary Recommendations for Riboflavin RDA is 1.1 mg for ladies and 1.3 mg for men for every day Pregnancy and lactation increment vitality needs and requirement for riboflavin

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Food Sources Most plant and creature sustenances Milk and drain beverages and yogurt supply around 15% in the American eating routine Fortified oats, bread and bread items contribute around 10% One of four vitamins added to improved items

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Deficiency/Toxicity Deficiencies are uncommon albeit a few people may take in peripheral sums Drug and liquor clients and limited caloric admission Ariboflavinosis Toxicity– not watched

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Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) Made from tryptophan; crucial supplement if protein admission is lacking 60 mg tryptophan believers to 1 mg niacin RDA is 14-16 NE/day for grown-ups NE incorporate preformed and niacin got from tryptophan

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Functions of Niacin NAD and NADP assume enter part in oxidation-lessening responses Helps change over pyruvate to lactate Coenzyme segment that takes an interest in more than 200 metabolic responses

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Food Sources Preformed niacin from meat, poultry angle and enhanced or entire grain items Beef and handled meats are considerable patrons in U.S. abstain from food Stable when warmed Tryptophan found in protein rich creature sustenances

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Niacin inadequacy Pellagra Epidemic in southwest in mid 1900\'s as corn got to be staple; niacin is bound by protein Deficiencies found in southeast if subsisting on eating regimen of corn, molasses and salt pork International wellbeing issue

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Medicinal employments of niacin Lowers blood levels of LDL cholesterol Raises HDL cholesterol Doses of 1,300 mg to 3,000 mg for every day Side impacts incorporate liver variations from the norm UL for niacin is 35 mgms every day Taken just under restorative supervision

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Biotin Function basic in vitality digestion system ; TCA cycle and gluconeogenesis Bound to chemicals as a co-element and prerequisite is little No RDA; AI is 30 micrograms/day Deficiency uncommon and harmfulness not seen

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Pantothenic Acid Component of Co catalyst An; included in vitality digestion system No RDA; AI is 5 mg/day Deficiency is uncommon (dermatitis, male pattern baldness, dejection) Toxicity is uncommon

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Vitamin B-6 Forms incorporate pyridoxal, pyridoxine, and pyridoxamine and phosphorylated shapes Functions incorporate support of more than 100 diverse compound responses including : exchange of amino gathering, carboxyl gathering or water Enzymes bolster protein digestion system, platelet combination, CHO digestion system, neurotransmitter union

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Dietary Recommendations and Sources RDA is 1-3 mg/day; TUL =100 mg/day Deficiency side effects incorporate shortcoming, sleep deprivation, sorrow, peevishness Sources incorporate invigorated grains, meat, angle, poultry, dull vegetables and noncitrus natural products Heat delicate; a great many people get enough

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B6 Toxicity and Medicinal Use Megadoses of up to 2,000 mg/day can bring about irreversible nerve harm Large measurements used to treat PMS or in push equations UL is 100 mg/day High dosages taken just under therapeutic supervision

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Folate Converts vitamin B-12 to coenzyme frame Supports DNA blend and cell replication and development Along with B12 and B6, may diminish chance for coronary illness Tetrahydrofolic corrosive (THFA) is coenzyme with five dynamic structures

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Dietary Recommendations and Deficiency RDA is 400ug/day (is it most common vitamin insufficiency?) TUL is 1000 ug/day Deficiency causes macrocytic sickliness, NTD Toxicity covers vitamin B12 lack Dietary folate equivalents= higher bioavailability of supplemental folate versus folate in sustenances

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Folate in nourishments Fortified prepared to eat oats Dark green verdant vegetables Asparagus Broccoli Orange juice Wheat germ Legumes

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Vitamin B-12-Cyanocobalamin Cobalamin or cobalt containing mixes Transfers methyl bunch from folate coenzyme THFA to make dynamic shape; B12 insufficiency prompts folate inadequacy Dietary suggestions 2.4 ugm/day for men and ladies Atrophic gastritis diminishes bioavailability in grown-ups more than 51

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Vitamin B-12 Absorption R-protein pancreatic chemicals Intrinsic consider Bacteria the stomach Gastric corrosive creation

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B12 in the eating regimen RDA is 2.4 ugm every day; B12 not present in plant sustenances Animals store abundance B12 in tissues Mixed sustenances with creature protein contribute most B12 lack more often than not happens because of disabled retention Vegans at hazard

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Deficiency sickness is noxious sickliness Megaloblasts and macrocytes as opposed to typical red platelets Brain anomalies and spinal line degeneration which can be deadly Pernicious paleness assaults parietal cells and lessens characteristic component and stomach corrosive

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Functions of Vitamin C Antioxidant—gives electron minimizing free radical harm; Recycles oxidized vitamin E for reuse Collagen union Stabilizes decreased type of folate catalyst Enhances ingestion of non-heme press Helps integrate carnitine Proper working of resistant framework

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Vitamin C lack/lethality Scurvy Breakdown gums and joints Bone agony, loose bowels, cracks, weariness UL is 2,000 mg for every day Can upgrade oxidation when expended in high measurements without different cancer prevention agents

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Dietary Recommendations RDA is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for ladies for every day Smokers require +35 mg for each day Food sources incorporate potatoes, citrus organic products, broccoli, verdant greens Highly powerless against warmth and oxidation

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Vitamin like mixes Choline Inositol Carnitine Lipoic corrosive

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