Watercolor Painting As A Pastime.

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Watercolor paper. 5 - 8 containers of watercolor paint. A palette. Water jug ... Watercolor Workshop 2. Walter Foster Publishing, 1992. www.fountainstudio.com/maintip.html ...
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´╗┐Watercolor Painting As A Hobby By Susan Haynes

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Why Paint? Exceptionally unwinding Outlet for individual expression and inventiveness Make great endowments Challenging - adapting new systems Social - enjoyable to paint with others Make cash - offer your works of art

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Materials Needed You\'ll require: A couple brushes Watercolor paper 5 - 8 containers of watercolor paint A palette Water jug Facial tissue

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Help in Getting Started Follow a fundamental How-To book on watercolor Take a class Take a couple of lessons Paint with a painter Collect some photos Take some photographs Jump in and have a fabulous time!

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Quality sable or mix brushes : $5-$25 every (2 level, 2 cycle) 5-8 containers of paint : $2-$4 every Pad of watercolor paper : $8 - $12 Palette : $3 - $15 Frisket : $5 Some slick things to utilize that don\'t cost: Alcohol Salt Sponge Waxed paper Old toothbrush Paper towels Some Costs

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The Downside You require loads of TIME to practice and TIME for your artistic creations to dry You require some sort of INSTRUCTION - books and/or classes Materials can be EXPENSIVE - don\'t purchase a lot without a moment\'s delay You require heaps of PATIENCE - you will improve!

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Bibliography Edin, Rose. Watercolor Workshop 2. Walter Foster Publishing, 1992 www.fountainstudio.com/maintip.html www.sapien.net/bobfagan/quicktips.html

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