Watershed depiction and information arrangement for groundwater demonstrating utilizing GIS as a part of the Savannah R.

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Plot. IntroductionObjectiveData descriptionWatershed DelineationInfiltration rateConclusionFuture work. Objective. To display the surface water hydrology by depicting the watershed To build the invasion network which speaks to the topology and the geology for groundwater modelingTo get amicable with the ArcGIS.
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Watershed depiction and information arrangement for groundwater demonstrating utilizing GIS in the Savannah River Site GIS term extend presentation November 25, 2003 Prepared by Jaehak Jeong

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Outline Introduction Objective Data portrayal Watershed Delineation Infiltration rate Conclusion Future work

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Objective To display the surface water hydrology by depicting the watershed To develop the penetration lattice which speaks to the topology and the topography for groundwater displaying To get amicable with the ArcGIS

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Site depiction Located at the outskirt of SC and GA Occupies 310 square miles. (about the extent of the Washington, D.C. expressway) Constructed amid the mid 1950s to create the essential materials for atomic weapons (principally tritium and plutonium-239) Included on the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1989. Old Radioactive Waste Burial Ground (ORWGB) is distinguished as a RCRA/CERCLA unit

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GIS Data Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Downloaded from the "seamless.usgs", EROS Data Center Grid cell measure = 30m National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Stream arrange, downloaded from the USGS Statsgo - State Soil Database (1:250,000 scale), USDA Contains soil properties and soil translations for building, water administration, and so on and untamed life employments of the dirt. Hydrologic soil bunches (A,B,C and D) Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) information, EPA 9 classifications of significant land utilize sorts.

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Data Preparation DEM quadrangles were converged into one. ( from "52" to "1" ) Merged DEM was veiled onto the 1Km cushioned limit scope. NHD, Statsgo, LandUse information were cut on the 1Km cushioned limit scope. Projection : UTM Zone 17 Datum : North American Datum 1983 Units : meters

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Terrain Preprocessing DEM Reconditioning Fill Sinks Flow Direction Flow Accumulation Stream Definition Stream Segmentation Catchment Grid Catchment Polygon Drainage Line Adjoint Catchment Drainage Point

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Watershed Delineation

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Infiltration rate estimation Runoff at the Site No.7 at SRS Fac : 36,087 cells => 3.5 * 10 8 ft 2 Precipitation at CLARK HILL 1 W, SC Pan Evaporation rate - 50 in/yr Infiltration rate ( Precipitation – Runoff – Evaporation ) = 47 in/yr - 0.174 * 47 in/yr - 0.7 * 50 = 3.8 in/yr

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Data Preparation for Infiltration rate Grids SCS bend condition for direct spillover Intersect (GeoProcessing Wizard) + Land Use Statsgo

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Infiltration Grid

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Infiltration Rate Grids

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MODFLOW 2000 Three-dimensional limited contrast groundwater demonstrate \'RCH\' package in MFI2K.EXE Groundwater pathlines from ORWBG to FMB Produced by Dr.Charbeneau

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Future work Pollutants stacking because of Non-point Source Pollution Analysis of the Monitoring admirably information Thanks to Gill Strassberg, CRWR Venkatesh M Merwade, CRWR Lynn Shirley, Ph.D, The University of South Carolina Dr.Maidment

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