Waves and examples Science and PCs PHY307/PHY607.

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Waves and examples Science and PCs PHY307/PHY607 HWK MC #2 Arbitrary strolls: the summation of irregular changes. Microscopic organisms moves "forward", yet pounded haphazardly by encompassing atoms. The Heading amasses arbitrary changes (an irregular stroll on the circle of bearings.)
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Waves and examples Science & Computers PHY307/PHY607 PHY307, Fall 2002

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HWK MC #2 Random strolls: the summation of irregular changes. Microscopic organisms moves “forward”, yet pounded arbitrarily by encompassing particles. The DIRECTION gathers irregular changes (an arbitrary stroll on the circle of headings.) Stock costs: Nobel prize winning model (Black-Scholes) for assessing future estimations of stocks and alternatives. The PRICE gathers arbitrary changes (reproduced by an irregular number.) PHY307, Fall 2002

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from visual.graph import * from arbitrary import * stockchart = gcurve() cost = 100.0 for week in range(50): growth = 0.9 + 0.25 * irregular() price *= development stockchart.plot(pos=(week,price)) print `Final value is`, cost

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Lab MC #2 Average uprooting develops as the square foundation of the time (since normal of the position\'s square developed corresponding to time.) Characteristic component of a straightforward arbitrary walk. The thickness of a dispersion made total reductions as the total develops: fractal structure with a measurement under 3. PHY307, Fall 2002

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Few direction frameworks Projectiles. Directions may be x, y, and z positions and x, y, and z speeds. Planets. Comparable directions. Get intermittent circles and tumult. PHY307, Fall 2002

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Extended (numerous direction) frameworks Can’t be depicted by a couple arranges (Often can for a few purposes. For instance, Earth is augmented, yet regarded as a point in the nearby planetary group.) “Many degrees of freedom” Can display entirely complex wonders, including occasional waves, design development, disorganized waves, and turbulence. PHY307, Fall 2002

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Waves I

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Waves II

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Waves II, motion picture

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Pattern development (Turing)

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Why waves? Trade between neighboring positions of vitality material whatever else Also, change over starting with one shape then onto the next Example: Height of water to movement of water. PHY307, Fall 2002

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Oscillation Exchange of vitality in a couple coordinate framework as a case (not a wave yet.) In a spring, the vitality of bending, which relies on upon position, is traded with the vitality of movement, which relies on upon speed. Python demo. Change in position is speed Change in speed (quickening) is power/mass, with force = - k * (position – rest_position) PHY307, Fall 2002

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Concepts and Procedures for Simulating Waves Approximate persistent space by a network. Need a values\' rundown of the amounts (positions, speeds, synthetic fixations.) This rundown gives the amounts\' estimations at the lattice focuses. Need principles for how amounts influence their qualities at neighboring framework focuses. PHY307, Fall 2002

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Example Demo of slinkie. How would we depict the movement and reenact it? FOR CODE DEVELOPED DURING LECTURE, SEE Codes page http://physics.syr.edu/courses/PHY307/Codes/WaveInClass.py PHY307, Fall 2002 .:tslides

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