We need: Solid Results for Oregon Youth.

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... to prophylactic get to and school sexual wellbeing educational module for youngsters. ... Youngster Pregnancy Promotion Sexual Health Partnership. Oregon Commission for Children and Families. Oregon ...
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The Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan is outlined so that every group, office or gathering can approach the young sexual wellbeing in a way that is significant to its setting and conditions.

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We need: Healthy Outcomes for Oregon Youth

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Content of the Plan was educated by writing audits, restorative studies, Oregon Healthy Teens review information and youth-drove research.

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Input from 5,128 Oregonians Guided the substance of The Plan

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*25 youth from Deschutes, Jackson, and Multnomah Counties were prepared in "activity research" approach and planned undertakings to investigate youth sexual wellbeing issues in their groups. *2333 youth finished surveys or took an interest in center gatherings as a feature of youth activity research. *57 youth from Deschutes, Jackson, Lane, and Multnomah provinces took an interest in center gatherings to audit and give input on a draft of the arrangement.

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* 881 individuals partook in 9 group discussions in Clatsop, Deschutes, Lane, Lincoln, Marion and Multnomah Counties. * 1733 grown-ups finished a survey identified with preventative get to and school sexual wellbeing educational module for youngsters. *32 individuals who give administrations in socially particular connections (Latino, LGBTQ, African American, Native American) partook in center gatherings to give criticism on the arrangement. *67 individuals gave input on a draft of the arrangement through email amid the month-long outer audit process.

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Teen Pregnancy Promotion – Sexual Health Partnership Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force Planned Parenthood – Columbia Willamette Planned Parenthood – Southwestern Oregon Benton County Health Department Jackson County Health Department Multnomah County Health Department Oregon Commission for Children and Families Oregon Department of Education Oregon Department of Human Services: Public Health Division Children, Adults and Families Division - AmeriCorps HOPE

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Overarching Goals: Youth use exact data and all around created abilities to settle on attentive decisions about connections and sexual wellbeing Sexual wellbeing disparities are disposed of Rates of unintended pregnancy are lessened Rates of sexually transmitted contaminations are diminished Non-consensual sexual practices are decreased.

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8 Objectives Infrastructure Policy Address Health Inequities Youth Development Education for Youth and Families Services for Youth and Families Data Assurances

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Data Points Oregon Teen Pregnancy Rates (per 1,000 females)

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The Work Is Just Beginning Ideas for Involvement Provide routes for your crowd individuals to take an interest in the issue. Is there a class they can go to? Are there administrations they can get to? Is there something they can advocate for?

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Contact data: Brad Victor, MAT Sexuality Education Program Specialist Oregon Department of Education b rad.victor@state.or.us 503-947-566

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Download  the Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ah/sexuality/sexuality.shtml

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