Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Coordinated Response Effort .

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Plan. Brief prologue to the capacities and abilities of the Civil Support Team (CST)Partnerships SuccessesQuestions. . What Is a Civil Support Team?. Is it true that you are acquainted with Civil Support Teams (CSTs) or their capacities?. YesNo.
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Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Coordinated Response Effort Capt Holly Shenefelt Medical Operations Officer Wyoming 84 th Civil Support Team

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Agenda Brief prologue to the capacities and abilities of the Civil Support Team (CST) Partnerships Successes Questions

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What Is a Civil Support Team? Is it accurate to say that you know about Civil Support Teams (CSTs) or their capacities? Yes No

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Situation Example "We\'ve quite recently gotten a report there\'s been a blast at the crossing point of Loop 101 and 202," declared newscaster Sawyer with the Virtual News Network. "Right now, we don\'t know whether this blast is identified with the grimy bomb explosions we\'ve seen today in Guam and Portland, OR."

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Mission "The WMD CST conveys to bolster common specialists at a household compound, natural, radiological, atomic, and [high] touchy (CBRNE) episode site by recognizing CBR operators/substances, evaluating present and anticipated results, exhorting on reaction measures and helping with proper solicitations for state bolster."

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What We DO… Confirm CHEM and RAD dangers Identify BIO operators Work straightforwardly as a state reaction resource with neighborhood, state, government reaction offices Provide proposals on occasion moderation, therapeutic treatment, and take after on state and elected assets

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CST Locations twelfth eleventh fifteenth tenth 83rd 103rd 81st 55th second 102nd first 82nd 101st thirteenth 54th 51st fourteenth 84th third 71st 21st 95th 52nd 72nd 31st 35th 53rd eighth fifth 92nd 32nd 85th 34th 33rd 73rd 41st seventh 42nd ninth 45th 63rd 91st 93rd 43rd 61st 64th 47th fourth 46th 62nd sixth 44th CST in each state and domain (aggregate of 55 groups by 2007) Guam-94th Puerto Rico–22nd

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Organization Commander Deputy Commander First Sergeant Operations Element Admin/Log Element Communication Element Survey Element Medical Element Logistics Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Operations Officer Communication Team Chief P.A. Overview Team Leader Admin NCO/ASST Decon NCO System Information Tech. Operations NCO/Modeler Medical Operations Officer Reconnaissance NCO 22 Full-time Active (AGR) Force Army and Air National Guard individuals available to come back to work 24/7–365 Asst. Operations NCO/Decon NCOIC Nuclear Medical Science Officer Team Chief Team Chief Team Member Team Member Medical NCO Team Member Team Member

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Deployment Ground Local/provincial reaction Times differ in view of occurrence site area Goal is four hours nearness on scene (propelled party) Partial-or full-group reaction Air

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Basic Capabilities Hazard demonstrating Communications Field investigation Medical contact Survey operations DECON Training Exercise

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Medical Section Training Exercise Training Exercise Medical reconnaissance and crisis treatment of group Advice on treatment of WMD setbacks Liaison for restorative bolster Analysis of WMD operators

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CST Involvement with Public Health How included is the CST in your state or nearby general wellbeing office? Exceptionally included Somewhat included Not included I don\'t have the foggiest idea

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Analytical Lab System (ALS) Presumptive examination of CHEM and BIO specialists Two inward negative weight glove boxes HAPSITE, FTIR, HAZMAT ID, HHA, Microscope, PCR Self-contained 15kw generator Operated vulnerable Zone

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Footprint Incident Command and different responders Civil Support Team Training Exercise Hot zone

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Questions? Do you have any inquiries? Preparing Exercise

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Wyoming Partnerships State level All risks line Monthly bioterrorism meeting Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee Training Laboratory Glove box Sampling video Tabletops SNS preparing compartments Burn Course ICS Courses Visual DX Software

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Wyoming Partnerships (cont.) Local general wellbeing Exercises Call outs Equipment nature Prophylaxis Public correspondence Training First Responders Training Participation Role Play

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Successes: North Dakota Instructors/evaluators Pandemic flu situation "Point administering" Triage lab Training Exercise

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Successes: Idaho Networking Exercise association Training Collaborative restorative reconnaissance Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) gatherings Training Exercise

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Successes: Guam Pandemic flu arrangement Airport fiasco Mass inoculation All dangers occasions BT lab set up Training Exercise

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Successes: Colorado Typing asset database for general wellbeing/medicinal Slated to wind up distinctly the national model for asset writing Recently highlighted for their endeavors in a narrative on 9NEWS out of Denver, CO

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Successes: Louisiana Hand close by relationship Katrina Pandemic influenza readiness SNS coordination "Advancement of provincial reaction anticipates smallpox . . . to the coordination between general wellbeing, neighborhood clinic and the military for patient departure amid an emergency . . . to managing Hurricanes Katrina and Rita . . . there is much to be said for building up a firm association with general wellbeing elements." Training Exercise

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Summary Civil Support Team (CST) Partnerships Successes Plan Coordinate Communicate Training Exercise

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Questions? Do you have any inquiries? Preparing Exercise Capt Holly Shenefelt (307)772-5386 holly.shenefelt@us.army.mil

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Special Thanks for Contributions CPT Connelley Mr. Moreland 1LT Nordick CPT Perkins CPT Strawbridge CPT Taylor WY State Health Dept Public Health and Bioterrorism Program 84 th Civil Support Team Training Exercise

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