Web 2.0 and instruction.

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Verification dealt with by site (and regularly transferable eg Google, Gmail, and so forth) ... docs.google.com. Right around a complete office suite (like Microsoft Office), complete with ...
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Web 2.0 and training Dr Ken Price Best companions or most noticeably bad adversaries?

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"The sensible man adjusts to the conditions that encompass him... The irrational man adjusts encompassing conditions to himself... All advancement relies on upon the outlandish man." George Bernard Shaw

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What does Web 2.0 mean for training? How understudies and educators are utilizing Web 2.0 apparatuses, and some wake up calls…

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moved forward!!! new!!! The buildup…

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Web 2.0 attributes Web is the stage The read-compose web (as unmistakable from the read-just web) Data originates from clients, frequently numerous clients Data put away some place outside of your immediate control Sometimes information consolidated from different sources – XML information helps this Authentication dealt with by website (and regularly transferable eg Google, Gmail, and so on) Often AJAX-based (Asynchronous Javascript and XML..ability to prepare in program without recognizable slack).

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Students are utilizing Web 2.0 now Blogs,e.g. Blogspot, Blogger, Mo\'time, Social system programming, e.g. Myspace, Facebook, Tagged photograph stores, e.g. Flickr Del.icio.us Wikis,e.g. Wikipedia Communication systems, e.g. Skype News and sound administrations, e.g. podcasts and facilitated video

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Technical stuff

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Disruptive innovation Web 2.0 is innately a problematic innovation… this has two appearances.

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Disruptive innovation Disruption is Essential to advancement

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Disruptive innovation Disruption is Evil for a few (numerous?) school pioneers, educational systems and possibly a few educators

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Pageflakes www.pageflakes.com/A kind of customisable dashboard that can draw information from an extensive variety of other Web2.0 applications My pageflakes page

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Web 2.0 and instructional method "I\'m not astonished to peruse … that a large portion of the exercises including broadband are instructor driven (or what I call the Dick Turpin style of educating - stand and convey) on the grounds that we\'re not empowering this symmetry, with students making substance and utilizing broadband to impart it to others. There should be this shared sort of learning and this why broadband hasn\'t yet conveyed the legitimately customized educational programs. Unfortunately, today, broadband is about conveyance and not about what it really ought to be: interest." (Stephen Heppell, 2006)

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Metaphors Web 1.0 – web as advanced library, generally a wellspring of data for understudies. Take a stab at substance to be legitimate. Web 2.0 – web as spot for understudies to construct learning, collaborate, offer thoughts/Resulting content treated as needs be.

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Web 2.0 uptake - at first Web 2.0 devices are regularly utilized as Web 1.0 apparatuses at first eg writes and podcasts at first simply utilized as a method for spreading class undertakings and notes, del.icio.us accumulations utilized just to pass on sites, Wikipedia generally as a "source of perspective" instrument Having understudy substance, input and cooperation once in a while challenges instruction

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Web 2.0 and constructivism If we acknowledge that information creation is no less than a huge piece of instructional method, we require devices that bolster this Web 2.0 devices address this issue

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Rate My Teachers… au.ratemyteachers.com/What might your school/framework do if confronted with this?

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Rate My Teachers… Now has instructor reaction highlight!!

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Delicious http://del.icio.us/At its least difficult - only a social bookmarks coordinator Nice path for understudies to keep up/offer reference and individual accumulations of online material, or instructors to introduce these Portable, gadget free Based on client decided labeling (folksonomy as opposed to formal scientific classification)

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Example - http://del.icio.us/practicalclassroomstuff

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Why use del.icio.us? Spare site discovered utilizing different PCs (home and school) to one spot. Access your bookmarks anyplace you have web access. Keep on accessing your bookmarks notwithstanding when your PC accidents or you get another PC. Offer sites with your understudies or companions. Seek your bookmarks by catchphrases and labels. Use related labels to limit or develop your pursuits. Show your spared site joins by classification . Find out about new locales from your different del.icio.us clients. Subscribe to other clients\' del.icio.us bookmarks. Look at as of late posted and prominent destinations. http://personal.strath.ac.uk/d.d.muir/Delicious1_2.pdf

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Impact of Web 2.0 on training frameworks There is by all accounts an example of how schools and frameworks react to troublesome innovation Evident since HotMaiL (perhaps before?) 5 stages

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System reactions to problematic innovation Some online apparatus gets to be accessible unreservedly

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System reactions to problematic innovation Students use it at home and school

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System reactions to problematic innovation Some teachers may (legitimately or something else) see this device as a danger. They react by confining, repudiating or basically banning it.

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System reactions to problematic innovation Tool gets to be across the board in more extensive group (Gladwell\'s Tipping Point came to?). Understudy use or desire achieves minimum amount, training sees its potential and the need to give it safely

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System reactions to problematic innovation Education reacts with a protected and reasonable substitution And everybody inhales a murmur of help… .

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System reactions to problematic innovation Where is your school/establishment in connection to these 5 stages?

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Google Earth http://earth.google.com/As it stands, it\'s truly Web 1.0 With understudy produced and shared information, it\'s a just about Web 2.0 application. Mashups of Google Earth or Maps with other information can deliver perfect instructive items

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Google Literature Trips, courses of events, and so on www.googlelittrips.com/ - track the voyage portrayed in a book or story, and clarify the spots in transit. London course of events ( kmz document) movement of London horizon after some time

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Youtube and Teachertube www.youtube.com www.teachertube.com Example of YouTube in classroom www.thecorner.org/hist/video/v_ww2.htm

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Youtube – classroom video How might your school react to this? <<link to educator rage video>>

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Youtube – the opposite side of mystery video Secret recording instructor shielded Mrs Mason denies proficient unfortunate behavior and neglecting to advance the training and welfare of understudies. It would be a "travesty of justice" to train a supply educator who subtly recorded her students for a narrative, a tribunal has listened. Channel Five\'s controller Chris Shaw told a General Teaching Council listening to that Angela Mason had added to an essential open civil argument. Mrs Mason, of north London, is blamed for expert wrongdoing for taping staff and understudies without assent. She denies offense, saying she needed to uncover "classroom chaos". http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hello there/uk_news/training/6593605.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/howdy/uk_news/instruction/6589707.stm

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ThinkFree www.thinkfree.com/Almost a complete office suite (like Microsoft Office), complete with capacity and the capacity to share (Seems obstructed in DoE) Very straightforward and compelling written work and numeric apparatuses, perfect with regular devices Google docs and spreadsheets docs.google.com

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Why use ThinkFree or Google Docs? Accessible at home, school, anyplace (both system and information) Legal, no permit costs Kids can impart and team up on work Compatible to regular programming when vital

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Flickr http://www.flickr.com/Simple photograph putting away and sharing website Tagging by clients As dependably teachers find unforeseen approaches to utilize it 16 approaches to utilize Flickr in your library

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Flickr as an apparatus for commenting on pictures for basic examination or direction Art www.flickr.com/photographs/ha112/414146234/Recipes - www.flickr.com/photographs/ldandersen/2573806/

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Flickr formula

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Mind and idea mapping devices www.mindomo.com http://bubbl.us/Online mindmapping-conceptualizing instruments, with inbuilt stockpiling

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NoteMesh http://notemesh.com/Collaborative note taking and working of understudy learning from class/address model. (partners your email location to your school/school/TAFE/college)

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Gliffy http://www.gliffy.com/Online graphing instrument (like Visio however more basic)

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JumpCut http://www.jumpcut.com/Edit and store recordings online Obvious issues of substance, obligation of consideration, presentation of training framework or school to undesirable attention

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Curriki www.curriki.org Free online educational modules, worked in a wiki-style model. Can be utilized as an asset, or as a spot to cooperatively construct educational modules

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Edu 2.0 www.edu20.org Provides shared educational programs/courses, and permits individuals to show them or gain from them Courses can be open or private

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OK so what is cleared out? There are instruments to give desktop efficiency programming, email, online capacity, mindmapping, outlining, picture administration, GIS-geospatial apparatuses, video, sound, and so forth and so forth What if instruction and preparing simply made utilization of these as opposed to attempting to give it?

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What in the event that this was accessible for nothing? Email, 2 GB of capacity for every understudy, mail seek apparatuses and incorporated visit. Access your inbox, timetable, docs and grounds data, in addition to look the web from one spot. Deal with your area and client accounts on the web. Free content and voice calling far and wide. Docs & Spreadsheets: make, share and team up on records continuously Coordinate gatherings and school occasions with sharable date-books. Effortlessly make and distribute website pages. All with a solitary username and secret word And for a little charge, on the off chance that you need it… Integrate with your current IT frameworks or third part

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