Web 2.0 and Library 2.0.

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Facebook most utilized after MySpace, MSN, & YouTube (U.S.) colossal ( >17 million clients) ... Programming interface to put access to feature website page/blog. Features likewise in MySpace & FaceBook. SharonDelight ...
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SD IC Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 Sharondelight Information Consults Ezra Shiloba Gbaje shiloba@yahoo.com Department of Library and Information Science Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

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SD IC Library 2.0 "Library 2.0" is characterized as "the utilization of intuitive, communitarian, and multi-media online advances to electronic library administrations and accumulations," - Maness J.M (2006) SharonDelight Information Consult

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SD IC Web 2.0 "Web 1.0" was accomplished for clients made by website admins, associations, organizations, and web-canny people Web 2.0 accomplished more by clients sharing nearly anything individual inclinations and appraisals of substance straightforwardness, openness, privileged insights exposed clients make new substance and instruments SharonDelight Information Consult

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SD IC Web 2.0 Tools Blogs RSS Instant informing/Chat Media sharing Flickr Social bookmarking Social indexing Social references Second Live Wikis SharonDelight Information Consult

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SD IC Personal Space Services Social systems administration begins with your profile – your one of a kind individual space include photographs, recordings, joins, occasions, insights about you connect through email, visit, web journals, perusing, looking MySpace – most utilized site after Google & Yahoo (U.S.) colossal ( >160 million clients, including 300,000 every day) worldwide, open to anybody numerous sorts of substance, media, and systems administration Facebook – most utilized after MySpace, MSN, & YouTube (U.S.) immense ( >17 million clients) to a great extent scholastic, higher ed open to everybody & associations now – English just Ning – outpacing both MySpace & Facebook join bunches with regular interest, structure systems with your center include sites, join discourses, welcome individuals – more "grown up" ? SharonDelight Information Consult

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SD IC Photo Sharing Flickr sort out into sets oversee dates, movement put into a Yahoo map offer, get seen welcome people or gatherings to see make your gatherings. go along with others administration alternatives can set authorizations: flickr.com/creativecommons place pictures into website page: flickr.com/instruments ! SharonDelight Information Consult

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SD IC Video Sharing YouTube assessments, occasions, individual life, "reality TV" look labels, portrayals, titles scan groups, classes, channels designer pack - API to put access to video site page/blog Videos likewise in MySpace & FaceBook SharonDelight Information Consult

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SD IC Podcast Sharing Yahoo Podcasts – podcasts.yahoo.com Upload, seek, peruse arrangement and scenes look content from wholesalers, distributers, organizes additionally individual podcasts listen without/with extraordinary programming download to iTunes or Yahoo\'s media players Subscribe to nourishes of podcasts requires music player programming or mp3 player Instructions for making podcasts podcasts.yahoo.com/distribute SharonDelight Information Consult

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SD IC Thank you

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