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Compose SOAP call. Recognizing what you are accepting. What parameters to go along (if ... Cleanser Request: Making the Call. Url = new URL(
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Web Services A decent decision for sharing [ocean science] information.

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Distributed Computing Connecting frameworks Transparency Scalability Fault Tolerance

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Data Sharing Obstacles Platforms Languages Transports

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Data Sharing Methods CORBA, RMI, DCOM Problems Goals needed heterogeneous environment Difficult-to-actualize Proprietary conventions Not particular – packed details

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The Web Service Defined: Process between frameworks Leverage Internet norms Passes XML messages over HTTP Promotes Interoperability Perl to C++ to AppleScript… Loose coupling Implementation-autonomous & Versioning

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SOAP The Emerging Web Service Interface to existing projects Modular Design Extensible – add-on unmistakable specs Security Reliability Customizable – join highlights as required No constrained model 80+ executions (platforms,languages)

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SOAP: Requirements Application Server SOAP Implementation XML parser (now and then)

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SOAP: How It Works Calls elements of existing projects Application server knows: Available capacities How to disentangle asks for How to encode reactions XML Request – summons a capacity call With capacity parameters (if important) XML Response Packages returned information of the capacity

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SOAP: Getting Started Receiving SOAP asks for Define a SOAP "Administration" Tell Server "Giving" program How to interpret information (mapping) Sending SOAP asks for Write SOAP call Knowing what you are accepting What parameters to go along (if fundamental)

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SOAP Example Online Address Book Functions: getAddressForName( name ) addEntry( <some data> ) getAllListings()

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SOAP Response: Notify Server <isd: administration … id="urn:AddressFetcher"> <isd: supplier type="java" ... methods="getAddressFromName addEntry getAllListings" … class="samples.addressbook.AddressBook" … … <isd:mappings> … </isd:service>

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SOAP Request: Making the Call url = new URL("http://ragnarok.whoi.edu:7001/cleanser/servlet/rpcrouter"); … Call call = new Call(); … call.setTargetObjectURI(" urn:AddressFetcher "); call.setMethodName(" getAddressFromName "); … Vector params = new Vector(); params.addElement( … "John B. Great" … ); call.setParams(params); Response reaction = call.invoke(url); Parameter ret = reaction .getReturnValue(); … <do something>

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SOAP: In Action getAddressFromName("John B. Great") Try it addEntry("John Doe ...") Try it getAddressFromName("John Doe") Try it getAllListings() Try it

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SOAP: Drawbacks Performance XML needs productivity of parsing XML Infoset (W3C suggestion) HTTP restrictions

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