Web Advertising for Smarties.

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Almost ALL BUSINESSES could profit by adding a feature to your site. ... Make it MEMORABLE. What do you need them to FEEL? Zappos! Bird, Ax, ...
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Web Marketing for Smarties Malena Lott ATHENA Institute

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Intro Once upon a romantic tale Livin\' in the wild, wild web Success stories

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Why web promoting? Web investing and energy are both UP Free to "distribute" Ability to add certifications and authenticity to you and your organization Ability to interface with individuals around the globe Grow your inward circle HOW DO YOU SPEND TIME ON THE WEB?

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MALENA\'S HUMBLE OPINION Web is a superior spot to CONNECT than to MARKET Web is a superior spot to COMMUNICATE than to ADVERTISE Web is a superior spot for FEEDBACK than SALES Web promoting is a mentality. Mantra: I will utilize the web for good and not malevolent. Or something to that effect. (Eat SPAM. Try not to send it.)

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What each biz needs on web Rockin\' site At slightest two types of social networking Fresh substance (week by week is fine) At minimum one online gathering or discussion

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What is a Rockin\' Web Site Home page makes an awesome initial introduction. Makes you need to "stroll through the entryway" I.e. click bid Crisp, clear, imaginative. NO CLUTTER. Extraordinary duplicate - connecting with, effective, enlivening Answers the "what\'s in it for me?" for peruser Great photography - stock photographs are fine, yet they should be pertinent and have a "subject" Easy to explore - less pages the better Think quality, not amount Contact data on landing page Update content week after week - at least Monthly. Would you go a month without shaving? Me supposes not.

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Rockin\' Web Site: ADVANCED Web recordings Blog Links from landing page to online networking

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Are you connected to? Twitter.com Facebook.com LinkedIn.com Blogs & Vlogs YouTube.com

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Secrets of SM Success You can\'t fake it. Either arrange like a champ or don\'t do it by any means. Make it a day by day hone. Like brushing your teeth. (2x every day is stunningly better!) Engage in convo, don\'t upchuck data. Connections are fine, however don\'t make it ALL you do. Be imaginative rapidly. 140 characters isn\'t much. Comprehend individuals have inclinations. Not everybody utilizes ALL administrations.

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Secrets of SM cont. Take after back on the off chance that they are in your topography, target business sector, industry or just on the grounds that you like them! Twitter: what the heck is a # (hashtag) Only host a challenge on the off chance that it\'s a GOOD prize Only host a tweet-up in the event that it will clear all other tweet-ups out Read sustains & gain from other people who are doing SM well Frequency of message still matters, however can\'t be a broken record

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What I LOVE Hootsuite ( www.hootsuite.com ) can plan tweets for later and post to various SM accounts Twitter talks (with the hashtag) - discover them in your industry and nearby ones The general population behind the "handles" are a puzzle. Approach all of them with deference. They could be your next enormous customer, referral source or closest companion! Bunches & fan pages on FB. Recall that you should have a private record to begin a gathering or biz page. Try not to host one unless you work it day by day. The "gatherings" give an implanted e-pamphlet usefulness. Informal & buzz

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What I Don\'t Love People or organizations who send messages out more than once every week by means of the "gatherings" People who compose on your FB divider with promo poo People who never react to @replies or DMs on Twitter People who don\'t comprehend Netiquette

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Blogs & Vlogs Check out Okieblogawards.blogspot.com for awesome Oklahoma websites and perceive how they do it. Have a subject. Focus on substance and upgrade day by day or at least week after week. My pref: Wordpress & iLife (Mac). Others: typepad, eblogger. Do it since you have information that will profit others, not on the grounds that you get a kick out of the chance to hear yourself talk. Vlog - don\'t do it in case you\'re not happy on camera. Preparing will offer assistance. Do it on the off chance that you are incredible on camera, however keep it short. Support criticism.

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Ads: worth the cash? Standard advertisements and tile promotions work on the off chance that you make them alluring. Secrets are extraordinary. Eye-getting, brilliant and striking words. Situation is vital. This requires a media plan to guarantee you are going to get hits by the right individuals who are occupied with your item. You\'re paying for "eyes." If you don\'t have a financial plan, begin with doing join swaps with other incredible websites.

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Web Videos Will proceed to develop and one day may overwhelm "words" on the web. About ALL BUSINESSES could profit by adding a video to your site. Lets them truly see who you (your organization) is. Sorts of recordings: Behind-the-scenes Intro recordings Testimonial recordings How-to recordings Tours

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Emotional Branding is KEY

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Brand Creative Create a STORY. Make it stimulating. Make it applicable. Make it MEMORABLE. What do you need them to FEEL? Zappos! Dove, Ax, SW Airlines, Geiko, Sonic

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Brand Identity Checklist on Web Style Voice Talent Color Palette Art/design Words

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The Big Idea Brainstorming! Ideas should as much as possible. Playing. Toy with the thoughts, investigate, test. Do what your rivals are NOT doing. Prompts Marketing Spiral…

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ROI Google Analytics, Quantcast, compete.com Keep track, however give it time. Conform as essential ROI in trad media & PR

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Stronger Connections Facebook Fans who will suggest you and be brand faithful. Twitter Followers who will be your amplifiers. Editors who will call you since you have demonstrated aptitude in your field. Site that makes it happen before a call is even made. In-individual systems administration that outcomes in optional gatherings. Clients who will go to your occasions & bring their companions. Clients who will shop you in great times and terrible on account of your client administration and outstanding notoriety and item.

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Q&A & Contact Malenalott@me.com www.malenalott.com www.BookEndBabes.com www.facebook.com/malenalott www.twitter.com/malenalott www.twitter.com/BookEndBabes

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