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VSCB Visual Software Circuit Board. URL Unified Resource Locator ... Visual Software Circuit Board Background. Incorporated environment for visual designing of ...
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American University of Armenia WEB APPLICATION MODEL FOR VISUAL SOFTWARE CIRCUIT BOARD & PROTOTYPE OF E-COMMERCE APPLICATION FOR VSCB College of Engineering Computer and Information Science Department Date: 22 September 2003

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The venture is pointed: To encourage an instinctive method for planning intuitive web applications by means of outwardly drawing stream of screens utilizing VSCB To show adaptability of Visual Component Based Development with VSCB To demonstrate the effectiveness of the VSCB approach for configuration and improvement of the intelligent applications To build up a model e-business web application utilizing VSCB. To improve the VSCB advancement stage with suitable parts and devices.

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Acronyms VSCB – Visual Software Circuit Board URL – Unified Resource Locator MVC – Model View Controller XML - Extensible Markup Language GUI – Graphical User Interface

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Visual Software Circuit Board Background Integrated environment for visual designing of programming undertakings Uses segment based and various leveled ways to deal with gather programming frameworks Based on ideas of Parts, Devices and Wires. Permits visual reenactment and examinations of programming frameworks http://www.opensourcearmenia.com/Projects/VCB/

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Part, Device and Connector are VSCB fundamental components Part – is a product segment, which devours, delivers or changes information Device – is setup of Parts and/or different Devices, which demonstrates topological format where Parts and Devices are associated with each other by means of connections Wire - empower unknown cooperation among parts

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VSCB bolsters instinctive configuration Presenting basic web application as succession of pages High level view Clear Architecture Clear obligations

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VSCB web model bolster stream plan Parts on the VSCB most elevated unique outline are Screens are gadgets since they are made from different parts. Screens contains Model, View and Controller Parts VSCB chart controls the stream It permits utilization of best practices in UI improvement Page1 Page 2 In this methodology we require two reliant segments – SessionStart and SessionStep

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VSCB makes simple to control the state and stream page1 page3 At each minute client is at the specific state and VSCB move him/her starting with one state then onto the next relying upon his/her info and different conditions (say time or client benefits and so forth.). V S CB chart will dependably get demand in one place and will choose the following page utilizing V S CB interfaces and not URLs . begin page2

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VSCB permits instinctive outline by drawing a stream of screens VSCB permits make utilization of this methodology by speaking to stream of screens as parts and associations On abnormal state graph it demonstrates screens as VSCB parts

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VSCB gives instinctive MVC design view Allows representation of the example Facilitate regular mindset Improves item engineering

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VSCB conceals the complexities of stream control VSCB clients don\'t see Servlet in VSCB setup

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VSCB permits base up and best down configuration Allows top down and base up methodologies Allows progressive creation Hides complexities of execution Provides easy to understand charts on numerous levels of reflection.

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VSCB build reusability of segments Most of arrangements require just reuse of existing parts Applications can be produced outwardly utilizing move and customize of parts from existed libraries If there is sufficient parts applications can be made outwardly without coding View gadget extended

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VSCB build adaptability of use designing Standard Controller gadget Extended – including standard Filter parts from Library Configured – utilizing connectors (joins) & setting part\'s properties Easy re-configurable Easy extensible Increase profitability Assembly line approach Reduce the required level of aptitude Increase pace of improvement Expanded controller gadget In the controller gadget we design rationale of dispatching grouping of pages utilizing Controller part and standard Filter/s parts

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VSCB contains instruments for recreation and testing Runtime application administration pins can be let go at runtime occasions handling can be stopped &/or continued midway permits regulated execution e-shop setup

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VSCB permits runtime occasion following e-shop setup Track runtime data of all stacked parts and gadgets Nested parts\' occasions likewise are followed Track occasions when client enters URL in the program

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E-shop advancement demonstrates effectiveness of VSCB Nothing transformed from client\'s perspective

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VSCB gives runtime setup administration e-shop setup joins on the chart control the genuine stream of screens, not the html presentation properties can be changed runtime

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Result of not connected outpin in program User cannot get to asset straightforwardly by URL

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VSCB makes investigating simple e-shop arrangement Result of not connected outpin in VSCB Test View simple method for issue uncovering basic recouping component

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Result in program in the wake of recuperating connection with items gadget Changes at server-side are straightforward for client

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Flexibility + Extensibility Imagine that on the off chance that we have some login page which does confirmation and we put this login page amongst "default" and "items" pages we would naturally ensure secure access to the items page. This adaptability of changing stream of pages, including new ones or expelling old ones is one of the fundamental advantages of V S CB .

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Future upgrade Concurrent client access mode For offbeat get to the thought of multi-layered chipsets plan methodology will be utilized

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Conclusion Screens on top-level outline are usage autonomous Flexibility of changing stream of pages, including new ones, expelling old ones and re-wiring (re-associating) the left ones Links of setup graph control the genuine stream of screens, not the html presentation Connections can be reconfigured without influencing the pages themselves Separation of substance, presentation and control Improving profitability through part reuse Making the application rationale noticeable

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References Visual Software Circuit Board (V S CB) - http://www.opensourcearmenia.com/Projects/VCB/http://sourceforge.net/ventures/vcb Dr. Hovhannes Avoyan Dr. Jack Harich Student: Artavazd Mehrabyan Supervisor: Dr. Hovhannes Avoyan

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