Web CT Venture - Samples of Basic On-Line Classroom Assets.

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The Classroom Homepage. This page records the majority of the diverse parts of the classroom. ... Understudies might just email different understudies selected in the online classroom. ...
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Web CT Project - Examples of Elementary On-Line Classroom Resources 2004-2005 Kelli Boklaschuk

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A Few of the Many Benefits of an Online Classroom: Teachers can see all understudy progress. Instructors can give data to folks. The classroom is secure. (Username/Password) Students can sign on and work at home. Intuitive (Student/Teacher/Parent). Inconceivable potential outcomes (Technology combination, asset based learning, diary composing, test and test advancement [marking], sound correspondences, and so on.)

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The Main Index Page This is the passageway page. Your classes are recorded here . Any new data for every class is additionally recorded here.

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The Classroom Homepage This page records the greater part of the diverse segments of the classroom. There are 3 route zones: the left bar, the top bar and the symbols (pictures).

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View of the Grade 5 Homepage

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The Technology Lessons This area incorporates lessons which cover the whole review 4 innovation extension and grouping.

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The Technology Lessons This segment incorporates lessons which cover the whole review 5 innovation extension and succession.

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A Typical Unit Layout: Each unit has a list of chapters. You can simply include, expel or conceal areas of the chapter by chapter guide.

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Grade 7/8 Math Resources on Web CT reason format and route different capacities

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Purpose educational programs adjusted extra assets -lessons -questions Interactive remain solitary non-evaluative

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educational programs adjusted takes after evaluation course target graphs on the scs site

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extra assets as lessons & questions

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remain solitary

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Other capacities gives extra assets on top of classroom direction permits understudies to speak with each other or the entire learning group different elements, for example, the date-book, whiteboard and task choices customize the website to every classroom

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Personalizing the Classroom You have 3 alternatives Expert User – Complete control and originator of your own classroom alongside help by means of Cyber School when required. Middle of the road User-Some alternatives to roll out improvements and access help by means of Cyber School Novice User-What you see is the thing that you coexist with help through Cyber School.

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Web CT Email This email system is exceptionally secure. Understudies may just email different understudies selected in the online classroom. Every email sent by an understudy is duplicated to the instructor too.

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Chat room/Whiteboard Chat rooms permit understudy exchanges. This should be possible from home or in the PC lab setting. Correspondence happens immediately. Visits can be logged and read by the instructor. The whiteboard is a drawing instrument that can be utilized by instructors and understudies. Like the visit room, the drawings can be changed quickly and can likewise be put something aside for future use.

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The Bulletin Board This territory permits instructors and understudies to impart in an open exchange. Just those enlisted in every particular online classroom can see what is posted here.

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The Calendar This permits educators and understudies to post imperative dates. Data can be presented freely on all enlisted in the classroom or secretly so that just the client can see the sections.

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My Progress/Resume Course "My Progress" gives understudies a chance to see what they have secured in the classroom material. "Continue Course" permits understudies to come back to the careful spot they already left off.

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Assignments This zone permits the educator to post real assignments for the understudies. This can incorporate anything from an article to a math worksheet. These assignments can be turned in utilizing Web CT and the instructor can then dole out an evaluation and post it to the understudy\'s Web CT classroom. Imprints and instructor remarks are constantly spared in the classroom.

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Future Developments Learning Communities for every evaluation level. Access to all units created by SCS and different roads. Instructor sharing of data and work at their own evaluation level.

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Future Developments cont\'d More Math Resources Aboriginal Education units (K-8) concentrating on Cree and specialties

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