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Web distributed Ing. Petr Zámostný, Ph.D. místnost: A-72a tel.: 4222 email: petr.zamostny @ vscht.cz Syllabus 1. Presentation – web servers and web programs 2. HTML – essential page structure 3. HTML – fundamental developments, information exchanges by means of FTP 4. HTML - frames 5. CSS
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Web distributed Ing. Petr Zã¡mostnã½, Ph.D. mã­stnost: A-72a tel.: 4222 email: petr.zamostny @ vscht.cz

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Syllabus 1. Presentation – web servers and web programs 2. HTML – essential page structure 3. HTML – fundamental developments, information exchanges by means of FTP 4. HTML - shapes 5. CSS 6. CSS versus HTML correlation 7. JavaScript - rudiments 8. Graphical information and sight and sound - groups (GIF, PNG, JPEG), use 9. Ease of use - landing page 10. Ease of use - route, seek, JavaScript 11. Ease of use – web outline for debilitated clients (brought down sight or development abilities, more established persons, and so forth.) 12. Obscurity of web clients, individual information insurance, spam 13. Lawful and moral angles - citation, alluding, obligation regarding distributed substance 14. Presentation of made tasks http ://www.vscht.cz/informatika-chemie

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What is expected to pass the exam Project – make your own particular site Evaluation of outsider site Choose preffered structure One-page composed content 5-10 min presentation

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Project Compulsory prerequisites Structured record At slightest 3 separate reports XHTML or HTML 4.01 gauges Valid archives ( http://validator.w3.org ). Use outside CSS. Utilize a few illustrations in discrete organizer. Make it accessible at http://web.vscht.cz/… Recommended elements Minimize XHTML traits designing, utilization CSS. Take after suggestions for making the pages open by impeded clients ( http://www.w3.org/WAI/quicktips/).

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Website assessment Technical quality Navigation – arrangement, ease of use, rationale, ... Content, data esteem Comprehensibility Use of hypertext Readability Structure – arrives clear pecking order of exhibited data (sections, records, tables)? Dialect Grammar Composition Objectivity Graphics, plan: Font size Colors, contrast, clarity Design quality Impact of screen determination, page weight Impression (subjective)

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Information sources Information systã©m on ICT http://student.vscht.cz Materials for courses http://www.vscht.cz/kot/cz/studijni-materialy.html Webdesign Jakob Nielsen: Web outline WWW benchmarks http://www.w3.org/

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Histor y of WWW 1950 – Douglas Engelbert – interlinked records 1980 – Ted Nelson – „Xanadu“ venture 1989 – CERN - Tim Berners-Lee Software for creating hypertext reports Term „World-Wide Web“ Internet framework HTML, HTTP, URL advancements

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WWW – key standards File (archive) exchange, HTTP convention Global report address - URL Hypertext, HTML

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Browser HTTP convention taking care of Content parsing, showing Content stockpiling Static Dynamic World-Wide Web WWW server HTTP ask for - URL Client HTTP reaction - archive

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U niform R esource L ocator http://www.vscht.cz/seznam/SeznamVSCHT/index.html

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Sch eme 1/2 http ://http://www.vscht.cz/kot/cz/index.html HyperText Transfer convention ftp://ftp://ftp.vscht.cz/bar/antivir/Blaster/FixBlast.exe File Transfer Protocol document://document://c|/windows/win.ini Local document mailto: mailto :petr.zamostny@vscht.cz

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Sch eme 2/2 Sch eme is essential ftp://ftp.vscht.cz/bar/antivir/Blaster/FixBlast.exe http ://ftp.vscht.cz/bar/antivir/Blaster/FixBlast.exe http://ifis.vscht.cz/https://ifis.vscht.cz/Browsers complete missing plan, with the goal that it meets expectations much of the time

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Server IP address name http://3 rd level.2 nd level.1 st level http://www.vscht.cz http://student.vscht.cz Each space has own enlistment center that controls area names asignment Řã¡d domã©ny

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Location (way) Corresponds to the genuine or the virtual area of the archive in the server document framework Paths are case-touchy http://www.vscht.cz/landing page http://www.vscht.Cz/landing page http://www.vscht.cz/Homepage

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Static File framework Permanent reports Represent static non-particular data Dynamic Database Documents are produced progressively Documents are made particularly as indicated by the client necessities Content http://www.google.com/search?q=internet http://www.vscht.cz/informatika-chemie

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Browser oversees exchanges and translates the substance Common programs Microsoft Internet Explorer Opera Mozilla Firefox Safari … Browser

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Webpage – archive (document) containing content information and arranging guidelines The organizing directions are deciphered by the program Standards – an approach to guarantee the programs will comprehend the arranging directions W3C – World Wide Web Consortium http://www.w3.org/

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What does make a site page? HyperText Markup Language – HTML Text Tags Formatting directions Information about the archive structure References to other information (paired) <html> <head> <title> Title of page </title> </head> <body> This is my first landing page. <b> This content is strong </b> </body> </html>

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HTML adaptations and advancement Markup dialect SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language ISO 8879:1986 2.0 – the initially institutionalized rendition 3.0 – unimplemented outline Specifications were excessively troublesome for program engineers 3.2 – Standardized as subset of 3.0 configuration + chose program particular components that were at that point actualized by program designers 4.0, 4.01 – last form Cascading templates ( CSS ) utilized for arranging

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Recent web issues Mixing substance and organization in HTML Poor archives structure Difficult quest for particular data Potential cure = XML

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XML eXtensible Markup Language SGML „light“ Can be utilized as standard to characterize different dialects in view of XML Can make substance situated structure More strict sentence structure than SGML = much less demanding usage

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XHTML eXtensible HyperText Markup Language HTML 4.01 restandardized to take after XML tenets Meets XML standard details But does not oblige full XML support by the program More strict

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Web pages improvement/coding Text processors Notepad, PSPad HTML editorial manager s HomeSite WYSIWYG proofreader s FrontPage

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Readable HTML code

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„ Less comprehensible “ HTML code

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Editors correlation WYSIWYG Relatively simple operation „ Precise “ control of appearance , yet poor stage freedom Problems with standard similarity Document is not made straightforwardly – code can\'t be completely controlled Documents contain supervisor particular markup

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Editors examination Text a nd HTML proofreader s Require dynamic learning of norms Full control over the code Page improvement may appear to be additio

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