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You store an aggregate of cash (through charge card) into the record of a Caribbean based gambling club. ... Is it true that anybody is profiting at it? Yes, yet not from Sub Saharan Africa ...
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Web for Business Making Money on the Web A particular workshop for Executives and Entrepreneurs

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Presented by Jacques Rostenne President PERWIT International Ottawa, Canada Produced by Jacques Rostenne, Jeffrey Fine and Judith Stern

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$ 320 billion From humble beginnings … 700 million clients E-trade The Internet 1969 1996 2002

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What sort of organizations keep running on the net?

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E-retail Worldwide E-retail was about US$ 8 billion in 1998. Anticipated that would be US$ 320 billion by 2002 Amazon.com Dell Apple Keys to E-retail: Exposure , believability, on-line exchange and 24 hour conveyance

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E-retail-Buying books

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E-acquisition One of the quickest ranges of e-business. Organizations, governments and NGO " s post their prerequisites on the net and suppliers give cites by email Big organizations, for example, Ford, GM and others are discovering this a genuine cost saver. A few endeavors in Africa, no stirring achievement in this way.

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Business to business

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E-managing an account Highly reliant on individual access to telephone and Internet; requires volume and critical normal exchanges. There might be a chance to benefit the Diaspora and the nearby expat markets Check your record equalization Pay charges Transfer stores Get an advance Get a home loan

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Getting an advance on-line

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E-travel Several inns and safaris are as of now on-line, however the Net can do significantly more Check directing and calendars Make reservations Purchase a ticket (virtual or something else) Pay on line Check your continuous flier focuses Take favorable position of a minute ago offers Buy tickets at virtual closeouts

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E-zines and E-papers These began as the electronic variant of consistent magazines, some now just exist on the net. shabby to deliver cost nothing to circulate can distribute on a minute " s notice convey ads can target promotions to particular on line peruser (treats) There are genuine open doors here to make solid neighborhood " Portal " destinations

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E-zines and E-papers - some joins

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E-radios &TVs Also began as consistent radio and TV station transferred through the net time shift distinctive groups of onlookers changed substance changed sponsors More and more they are particular to the Net (regardless of the possibility that they utilize material from the other) There are open doors here to make nearby " Portal " locales Bandwidth might be an issue

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The new gateways

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E-betting Also known as " E-fleecing " . You store an aggregate of cash (through Visa) into the record of a Caribbean based gambling club. At that point you wager on gambling club sort diversions, for example, dark jack, roulette, and so forth. Since you can\'t see the real merchant or roulette (there is none), and since the PC can produce comes about independently for every sucker, ...

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There is one conceived each moment!

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E-barters There are a few sorts an item is offered to the most elevated bidder, or opposite sale: you state the amount you will pay ( for instance for an air ticket) and carriers make you offers. E-closeouts are a mix of E-retail business and amusement.

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What would we be able to do, at this moment, right here in Africa! Where is the business sector? Where is the cash ? Where is the eagerness to buy from the net? Who has the apparatuses to buy on-line? The neighborhood business sector is not alluring! Lets concentrate on fare! There are four fundamental fare markets, lets take a gander at them

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1-The abroad (NA/EU) purchaser market! Do you have the items? the administrations? Can you get them there? (Then again bring the buyer here : Tourism) Are you aggressive?

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If you have a fare item for the general purchaser market What can the Web accomplish for you? It can make mindfulness (Banners, E-zines, E-distributions, and so forth.) It can interface you with intrigued individuals (internet searchers, email, and so forth.) It can give an abundance of data to imminent purchasers (sites)

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It can help planned customers contrast your items and rivals (site joins) Clients can arrange on-line Clients can pay on-line (with Visa) regardless you need to transport and convey.

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If you have an administration for the shopper market You can convey it on the net You can do everything on the net! In any case, getting presentation and acknowledgment is difficult. You will require: A ton of particular business learning A great deal of web plan and web administration mastery A considerable measure of network and data transfer capacity , and Probably a decent lot of start up capital

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Is anyone doing it effectively ? Not very numerous Some coop endeavors are attempting. Some are doing it cleverly Unless you have an exceptionally unique item or administration, (for example, tourism) and you as of now have a solid market abroad, we don\'t suggest it!

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Tourism is diverse We convey the buyer to the item What can the Web accomplish for your tourism business? It can make mindfulness (Banners, E-zines, E-distributions, and so on.) It can associate you with intrigued individuals (web crawlers, and so forth.) It can give data to imminent guests (sites) It can appear and advance your offices (Webcam, video, sound) It can help forthcoming guests make-up their psyches Tourists can hold on-line Visitors can pre-pay or leave a store, or an insurance

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Any neighborhood examples of overcoming adversity? Some fundamental destinations No (known not) case of full utilization of abilities

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2-The Diaspora market There are really three approaches to take a gander at it: Home to Diaspora to Diaspora to home What would you be able to offer them (products, administrations)? Will you get it there? Could they bear the cost of it?

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The diaspora, an open business sector Diaspora customer are more tolerant Willing to pay more, Willing to hold up longer Willing to acknowledge not as much as flawlessness They are abroad shoppers, however better.

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Do you have something for the Diaspora? News & Information (daily papers, radio, TV ) Food, other claim to fame things Travel (bargains on tickets, occasions ) Banking ( store exchanges, reserve funds, and so on.) Real home ( ventures) Legal and expert administrations ( bookkeeping) bunches , e.g. abroad understudies; abroad experts, and so on

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Traditional medication Matchmaking Advertising for abroad organizations likewise centered around Diaspora markets: London , Washington, and so on. Particular talk bunches , e.g. abroad understudies; abroad experts, and so on

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Anybody doing it effectively? In an exceptionally constrained manner We will bolster two home to diaspora gateways. Nothing in the diaspora to diaspora or diaspora to home nation territory (all of which can really be keep running from home)

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3-The disconnected Teleservices showcase The abroad market for business to business disconnected Teleservices If you have the particular administration skill Africa has distinct upper hands You can get it there They can pay They will purchase Can you convey: on time, on specs, constantly?

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What part does the Net play? In disconnected teleservices, the net is just used to convey and send content forward and backward. You should be online just rarely You require little transfer speed No costly hardware, no extravagant workplaces A ton of the staff can work at home Its business to business, installment is by customary means

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Is anyone profiting at it? Yes, yet not from Sub Saharan Africa (or possibly not yet!) We will bolster an assortment of Teleservices: Digital mapping Accounting information passage Business Safaris administrations

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Some case of African based Teleservices

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E-Transcription (original copies) Company A Receive (examined) compositions over the net Split it into segments Parallel attributing (excess section) Full arranging Electronic record returned inside 24 hours or less

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Rates shift, US$ 1.00 to US$ 3.00 for every page One encountered administrator can do up to six pages for every hour May require full repetitive section and quality control Must collaborate with a set up neighborhood organization which will interface with nearby customers Quality and consistency are fundamental

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E-altering African gathering of legitimate experts prepared in the French (Napoleonic) lawful framework. Get every day, by means of net (filtered ) judgements issued by the Quebec courts ( in French) Documents are condensed for distribution Overnight administration No points of interest on rates (said to be amazing) Need a formal contract with a nearby supplier of such administrations Need proficient preparing and aptitude

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E-structural bolster administrations Company B gets electronic scoundrel cam records from Europe over the net The European modelers do the outline, the West Africans do the subtle element work Employs designers and planners Need effective PCs and programming Need preparing and encounter Multiple movement function admirably paid

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E-Transcription (sound/video records) Tests with African organization Receive sound tapes over the net Split into segments Parallel inputing (excess passage) Full arranging Electronic archive returned inside 24 hours or less

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1hour tape = +/ - 5 to 6 wrote pages US going rate is US$ 60 to 100 every hour! Must join forces with a built up neighborhood organization which will interface with nearby customers Quality and consistency are foremost

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E-Translation African organizations and Perwit itself Receive (scanned)documents over the net Split it into segments Quality control, modifications, Full arranging Depending on size of record, electronic report returned inside 24 hours or less .

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English to French : per word rate is around US 10 to 15 pennies. Experienced interpreter can do 300 to 400 words for every hour (particularly utilizing new programming projects, for example, Dragon Dictate or Via voice and concentrated " Termium " ) Must collaborate with a built up nearby organization which will interface with neighborhood customers Quality , velocity and consistency are vital

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E-Accounting New open door Accounting information ent

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