Web journals and Online networking: Today's Showcasing and Deals Apparatus for Business.

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Grasped by the Big 3: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (Vista and IE 7) ... Squidoo, Knol. Podcasts. Feature/YouTube. Bookmarking: Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon. Online press ...
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Online journals and Social Media: Today\'s Marketing and Sales Tool for Business Anita Campbell – October 2008 smallbiztrends.com

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Your Presenter Anita Campbell 20 years in Corporate world Blogging subsequent to 2003 Small Business Trends is lead Blog began as a superior approach to distribute bulletin articles Blogging changed my business smallbiztrends.com

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Blogs in Business We Will Cover: Blogs The force of RSS Social media smallbiztrends.com

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About Blogs (web + logs) Chronologically organized sites Lots of substance Easy to upgrade/moment Web distributed Attract inbound connections Informal two-way discussions RSS channels = more approaches to be discovered creates faithful perusers who subscribe recorded in extra web indexes smallbiztrends.com

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Business Blog Example "Me to You" smallbiztrends.com

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Business Blog Anatomy Chronological sections: latest at top. Simple to check. smallbiztrends.com

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Blog " Conversations " Comments by perusers smallbiztrends.com

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More "Discussions" Conversations proceeded on different websites through trackbacks smallbiztrends.com

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Links for Search Engines  Blogroll connections to different destinations smallbiztrends.com

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Who\'s Blogging? Standard – little organizations Technorati.com following 70+ million 33% are dynamic 5% (more than 1 million) are business online journals 55 million read sites (Pew Internet study) " Everybody has a web journal today " – Website Services Magazine, May 2007 smallbiztrends.com

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A Word About RSS Feeds Blogs produce RSS channels – your substance is additionally circulated as a news bolster Expands range of your message More web search tools to be found in Embraced by the Big 3: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (Vista and IE 7) Develops group taking after – perusers subscribe through "feedreaders" smallbiztrends.com

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Feedreaders are helpful, giving a man a chance to peruse numerous sites from one spot at one time smallbiztrends.com

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… all it takes is a single tick to bounce to see another webpage\'s upgraded content smallbiztrends.com

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… it\'s similar to perusing email – aside from that you are perusing Web website content – and no spam! smallbiztrends.com

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Look For Them… Feed chiclets Rectangular "Include" catches smallbiztrends.com

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You will just utilize 20% of the destinations out there smallbiztrends.com

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Techniques that help you Build Your Brand Facebook – for organizations LinkedIn for individual marking Blogging smallbiztrends.com

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Techniques that help you system and make associations LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Blogging smallbiztrends.com

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Techniques that Convert Visitors to Customers Publish Quality Content Often - web journals Offer Free downloads for Contact Information Use Contact Information to Build House List Develop an Irresistible Offer and Make it Easy to Buy smallbiztrends.com

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Advanced Web Strategies iPhone applications and desktop/Web gadgets (Andertoons) Membership locales and spaces (Aaron Wall) E books from web journal content smallbiztrends.com

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Small Biz Online Marketing ROI Bookmarking: Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon Facebook Video/YouTube LinkedIn Email showcasing Pay-per-click advertisements MySpace Affiliate program Website Squidoo, Knol Blog SEO Yellow Pages postings Online official statements Twitter Podcasts Voting locales: Digg, Mixx Forum/Blog remarking © 2008, Small Business Trends smallbiztrends.com

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Blogs in Business Thanks and Questions??? More assets: www. smallbiztrends.com/blogging smallbiztrends.com

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