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Internet Managing an account: www.citibank.com Nicole Fukeda Meghan Lilly Yuya Nonaka Thor Peterson Presentation Nicole Fukeda - Email Address: fukeni2@usfca.edu -Major: McLaren Institute of Business, Showcasing Major
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Internet Banking: www.citibank.com Nicole Fukeda Meghan Lilly Yuya Nonaka Thor Peterson

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Introduction Nicole Fukeda - Email Address: fukeni2@usfca.edu -Major: McLaren School of Business, Marketing Major -Career Goals: Obtain bosses and CMO everywhere advertising firm Meghan Lilly -Email Address: lillme2@usfca.edu -Major: Mclaren School of Business, International Business Major -Career Goals: Obtain worldwide relations position in a fare situated firm Yuya Nonaka - Email address: nonayu2@usfca.edu - Major: McLaren School of Business, Finance Major. - Career Goals: Attain CFO position in vast fund firm. Thor Peterson - Email Address: petersont@usfca.edu -Major: McLaren School of Business, Business Major -Career Goals: Obtain CIO position in extensive IT firm like Hewlett Packard or Cisco

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Status Technology Organization People Success

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Technology Browser (User Interface) Server (Bank Database) Security Connection

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Organization Board of Directors – Citibank– -Vice Chairman – Paul J. Collins -Chairman and CEO – Robert I. Lipp -President – Victor J. Menezes -Chairman – John S. Reed -Vice Chairman – William R. Rhodes -Vice Chairman – H. Onno Ruding

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People Job Categories: -Local Debt -Loan Syndications & Capital Markets -Project Finance -Export Credit Agency Financing -Mergers and Acquisitions Training Programs -Management Associate Program Career Development Leadership, Staffing & Development Performance Management

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Success 82 Billion Gross Revenue in 1999 Expected Gross Revenue of more than 117 Billion in 2000 Very steady organization that is continually developing

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Objectives Company Mission Primary Goals

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Mission and Goals To offer creative ways to deal with address changing issues of today’s saving money client, helping them to stay ahead in this rising focused business sector To offer an extensive variety of speculation keeping money items to help distinguish and accomplish budgetary destinations of clients To seize chances to fabricate capacities and offer in both settled and developing markets To fortify key vicinity in key markets To profit by the major auxiliary changes happening in Europe through the venture\'s obtaining saving money business of Schroders To be a pioneer in electronic installments and trade on the Web by acquainting new web based applications with clients To keep building ability on the web through the authority of the new Internet Operating Group

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Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

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Strengths CitiBanking Partnership with Salomon Smith Barney Private Banking Credit Cards Consumer Finance Life Insurance Personal Property Casualty Insurance Capital Strength Company’s Aggressive Approach

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Weaknesses Manage Large Organization Responsibility to clients, workers, and stockholders to push forward in a quickly aggressive industry. Administration test Exploit development Citibank Seoul, Korea Short-Term Rate Hike U.S. business sector dove

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Opportunities Sharing Knowledge Across the Country To be a Provider of Financial Products and Services Expanding Free Markets “Internet Touch Point” Development of Markets Investment Services Home Equity and Debt Consolidation Loans Insurance

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Threats Joint Venture with State Street Corporation Investments in Latin America, Argentina, Mexico Citibank’s charge card burglary Tightening Financial Conditions

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Resolutions Recommendations to CitiBank Group Comments

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Recommendations Should keep on supporting development in their residential and overall markets From utilizing the webpage we feel that Citibank’s online clients would advantage most from a more redesigned site. Starting now, exchanges can take up to three days to overhaul on the client account information. On the site there ought to be more separation between the Citibank data on items/administrations and the data of their backups.

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Group Comments Citibank has committed their site to the clients and as of now offers numerous administrations. We discovered taking a shot at the Citibank site at www.citibank.com to be intriguing and very valuable. The webpage offers numerous alternatives to see and control money related information and gives a decent clean site as the interface. By and large, the site was anything but difficult to explore and the administrations were easy to utilize. We feel Citibank ought to focus on client based issues rather than such a great amount of spotlight on procurement of new resources.

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Bibliography Bank of America – www.bofa.com Discover – www.discovercard.com Washington Mutual –

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