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Web, Illustrations Hans Choe, Susan Linn, Jenny Townes TCP/IP Web Convention ( IP ) IP is the location—where to interface in view of hosts and networks. IP advances parcels taking into account 4 byte addresses, every one of a kind. Here is the structure of an IP address (8 bits = 1 byte).
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Web, Graphics Hans Choe, Susan Linn, Jenny Townes

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TCP/IP Internet Protocol ( IP ) IP is the address— where to interface in view of hosts and networks. IP advances bundles in view of 4 byte addresses, every interesting. Here is the structure of an IP address (8 bits = 1 byte).

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The initial two gatherings demonstrate the system. The second two gatherings demonstrate the host on the system. For instance, 152.2 is the UNC system. 152.2.81 is ILS on the UNC system. 152.2.81.### would demonstrate a particular machine. The host name is an interpretation of an IP address, for instance: 152.2.81 = ils.unc.edu.

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Transmission Control Protocol ( TCP ) TCP confirms the right IP address— how to unite. It is the convention for dismantling and reassembling parcels . TCP confirms the right conveyance of bundles via naturally activating retransmission if there is an issue. TCP bunches information as a parcel of bytes and allots every bundle a header and a trailer.

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Packets are records deciphered into paired code. Every parcel is 1,000 to 1,500 bytes.

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Unidirectional Protocol (UDP) UDP is utilized to send vast bundles, for example, those utilized for sound or feature. While TCP parcels are 1,000-1,5000 bytes, UDP bundles can be up to 64 kilobytes in size. Not at all like TCP , conveyance of UDP bundles is not guaranteed.

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Graphics Pixels versus Vectors GIF versus JPEG PSD PNG

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How to obtain representation Clip workmanship Scanning Save As

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Audio Format MIDI MP3 WAV

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Video Format AVI - .avi MPEG - .mpg .mpeg QUICK TIME - .mov REALVIDEO - .rm .ram FLASH - .swf

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GRAPHICS CREATE YOUR OWN CorelDraw Adobe Illustrator Word Draw/Paint GRAPHICS PROGRAMS Fireworks Adobe Photoshop Flash

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IMAGE FILE TYPES JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group *.jpg or *.jpeg) utilized for photos & pictures with higher definitions GIF (Graphics Image Format *.gif) utilized for logos, kid\'s shows, less definition *.tiff, *.bmp, *.pict, *.qt, and so forth oblige program modules so not suggested/utilized as much

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BASIC HTML CODES Backgrounds <body background=”filename.gif”> Insert picture into website page <img src=”filename.jpg”> Thumbnails (show thumbnail while bigger document is stacking) <img src=”filename.jpg” lowsrc=”filename2.gif”> Alignment and Border <img src=”filename.jpg” align=”center” border=”2”> Rollovers (two pictures that change starting with one then onto the next when looking over) onMouseOver="MM_swapImage(\'Image7\',\'\',\'images/filename.jpg\',1)" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()"><img src="images/filename2.jpg">

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HTML IMAGE CODING TIPS Save the picture to the same registry as your current HTML record and incorporate in coding where the document is found (ex. www.unc.edu/~slinn/inls102/pictures/filename.jpg ) Use a picture tag to portray your picture for a literary depiction (some browers are content just) <alt=”attribute“>

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IMAGES Creating another record Opening a current document and altering

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IMAGE EDITING Save a duplicate of unique before you start! PLAY! Most ideal approach to learn in Photoshop Basic Tools (Drawing, deleting, angle, eyedropper, clone, and so forth.)

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ADDING TEXT Type device ( ) from tool compartment Type layer naturally made Rasterizing – once it’s rasterized (packed to one layer) you can no more change the content

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CROPPING & ZOOMING Crop instrument ( ) from tool compartment, conform utilizing handles on the edges Press enter to harvest Zooming is a decent approach to roll out improvements on a pixel by pixel level

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LAYERS Initially one and only layer Useful for altering pictures & making embellishments Increase record size Save as *.psd configuration for changes Save as *.jpg or *.gif for web

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WEB IMAGING TIPS Save for Web Size (objective for burden time for sites is 3 seconds) Reduce the extent of picture (trimming, determination, shading profundity, resizing) Goal is a document size of 30K for picture 72ppi is useful for web Quality Save JPEGS at medium to low quality for web illustrations (For printing purposes, you would need to have a

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