Web Vulnerabilities and Criminal Movement.

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Web Vulnerabilities & Criminal Activity Online Pharmaceuticals & Online Gambling 7.1 3/8/10

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Drugs Online Federal law disallows purchasing controlled substances, for example, opiate torment relievers, narcotics, stimulants, and anabolic steroids without a legitimate medicine from a specialist. Most state laws requires a physical examination. Solutions composed by "cyber doctors" depending on online polls are not true blue under the law DOJ - DEA

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Problems with Prescription Drugs Sold Online Selling drugs not affirmed by the FDA Selling drugs without a remedy Making deceitful cases about medications Selling polluted or adjusted medications

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How Illegal Online Pharmacies Operate Purchaser rounds out online survey Online drug store pays specialist to audit poll Purchaser\'s request is filled without a medicine Some permit faxing of medicine Often promote administrations through spam email

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Problems with Illegal Pharmacy Drugs Past close date Banned in the United states Counterfeit Mislabeled Adulterated Sub-strong or over-powerful Contaminated Made from suspect crude materials

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Worst Countries for Drug Impurities Argentina Costa Rica Fiji India Mexico Pakistan The Philippines Spain Thailand Turkey

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Why Consumers Buy Drugs Online Price Privacy Abuse "A larger number of Americans utilized opiate torment pharmaceuticals recreationally than every other medication aside from liquor." Crimes of the Internet p.103

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Law Enforcement Challenges Online Drug Sellers Outside of the US Most deals in little sums Maybe specialists or work with specialists Sites may divert to different locales

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Online Pharmacy Statistics

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Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008 Amends the Controlled Substances Act to preclude the conveyance, circulation, or apportioning of a controlled substance that is a physician endorsed drug over the Internet without a legitimate solution. Characterizes "valid prescription" as a solution that is issued for a honest to goodness restorative reason in the typical course of expert practice by a specialist who has led no less than one in-individual medicinal assessment of a patient.

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Law Enforcement & Online Drug Sales Overwhelming to law requirement Using same abilities as utilized as a part of tyke misuse Difficult to catch shipments Need outside government participation Easy to change space name & area

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Gambling "Hazard making gadget as contrasted and Insurance which is a danger lessening or taking out gadget. Gambling something of quality."

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Online Gambling "An action that happens through a non-diverted, live Web website that permits fiscal exchanges in one or a greater amount of the accompanying classes of gaming: clubhouse, lotteries, sports wagering, or stallion or pooch dashing." US Government Accounting Office

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The Appeal of Gambling Recreation Challenge Heightened feelings Sense of fervor Plays into human longing to acquire cash with little work Income to states & different associations

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Online Gambling versus Betting Solitary action No outer checks Not happening continuously No time slacks between pay & comes about Borderless Loss of income States Gambling clubhouse Native-American club

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Individual\'s Gambling Behavior Based on three measurements Personal inspiration Willingness to go out on a limb Overall force of conduct Time and cash spent on betting

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Typology of Internet Gamblers The Accidental Tourist Casual Internet clients Rarely plays online for cash Beachcombers Wastes hours every day on the Internet Sporadic, orgy betting Recreational Surfers Casual online client Prefers conventional betting environment Card Sharks Primary center is card playing

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Typology of Internet Gamblers Steamers Flashy diversions with little aptitude Higher probability of fixation Wi-Fi Trekkers Access betting locales through versatile means Handicappers Primary center is games occasions Fad Gamers Imagination speculators Will put bets on nearly anything

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Internet Gambling Concerns Money laundering Loss of expense income Addiction Underage players Identity robbery Fraud

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States Outlawing Internet Gambling Illinois Indiana Louisiana Nevada Oregon South Dakota

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Foreign Jurisdictions Outlawing Internet Gambling Estonia Hong Kong Iceland Norway Uruguay Approximately 50 nations have authorized Internet Gambling

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The Wire Act of 1961 18 U.S.C. § 1084(a) Whoever being occupied with the matter of wagering or betting purposely utilizes a wire correspondence office for the transmission in interstate or outside trade of wagers or bets or data helping with the putting down of wagers or bets on any wearing occasion or challenge, or for the transmission of a wire correspondence which qualifies the beneficiary for get cash or credit as a consequence of wagers or bets, or for data helping with the putting down of wagers or bets, might be fined under this title or detained not over two years, or both.

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The Travel Act of 1961 18 U.S.C. § 1952 Aimed at disallowing interstate travel or utilization of an interstate office in help of a racketeering or an unlawful business undertaking "Unlawful business" - alcohol, betting, drugs, blackmail, gift, or fire related crime "Interstate travel" - mail, phone or transmit, daily papers, charge cards and tickertape

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SAFE Port Act of 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 31 U.S.C. § §5361-5367 Amendment to by implication outlaw Internet betting Does not make a difference to individual bettors Bettor must hazard something of quality Prohibits unlawful Internet betting destinations from tolerating installments Onus on banks, budgetary foundations, & Internet Service Providers (ISP)

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Is Internet Gambling a Victimless Crime? "Willing & private trade of firmly requested yet authoritatively restricted products and administrations" Crimes of the Internet pg. 418

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Internet Gambling - Victimless? Willing trade Informed assent Lack of mischief to others Immediate - companions, family Removed - society everywhere No ready complainant Online card sharks lose more $$

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