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WebQuesting. Presented by Sharon Lavinson ETTC of Burlington PowerPoint by Alysa Cummings. What is a WebQuest?. “An inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that students interact with, comes from resources on the Internet.” -Bernie Dodge & Tom March
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WebQuesting Presented by Sharon Lavinson ETTC of Burlington PowerPoint by Alysa Cummings

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What is a WebQuest? "A request situated action in which a few or the majority of the data that understudies collaborate with, originates from assets on the Internet." -Bernie Dodge & Tom March San Diego State University

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Tell me once more… this time in English, OK? What\'s a WebQuest? Six section lesson arrange Short term or longer term learning goals Supports agreeable learning Lends itself to interdisciplinary learning, basic and innovative intuition abilities Integrates innovation instruments

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Maybe it is useful to take a gander at an illustration or two... Lord Tutankhamun/Was It Murder? A Tale to be Told

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Hmmm… we should separate it into parts now? Presentation (Orients the learner) Task (Sets learner results) Process (Steps in the learning) Information sources (Where the data is) Evaluation (Measure of results) Conclusion (Closure for learner) http://www.teachnology.com/web_tools/web_quest/

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Very intriguing… demonstrate me more Create a Travel Brochure STD/STI Webquest Drivers Education Webquest Company Expansion

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Use a current WebQuest officially posted on the Internet. Plan your own particular WebQuest to suit your requirements. Two distinct ways Which way will you pick?

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How would you discover awesome WebQuests on the web? Visit the ETTC site ettc.lrhsd.org/Check out our WebQuest page under Greatest Hits TeAch-nology - The Art and Science of Teaching with Technology® http://www.teachnology.com/web_tools/web_quest/Use the Google web index www.google.com

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How does Google work? Look single word: webquest Search a phrase: "common war" Create a boolean inquiry: "civil war" + webquest

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ettc.lrhsd.org/Sharon Lavinson (609) 265-2240 ettc@bcit.cc

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