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B.Ed is the standard instructional class for the optional teachers ... Showing Quality Improvement of Secondary Education Project can be mainstreamed ...
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WELCOME A study on Primary and Secondary Education of Bangladesh Presented by A.N.S. Habibur Rahman Date : March 10, 2014

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The goals of the study Review Documents Education arrangement, Teachers\' preparation educational program, Teachers\' preparation materials, Teachers\' preparation framework and strategy; Identify the pertinence of archives to at last meet the various needs of learners; Identification of educator\'s capability, abilities , holes and limitations in rehearsing right based instructing. Appraisal Gender value Human rights Multilingual instruction Flexibility in the instructors preparing educational modules

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Facts & Figures Primary school youngsters (6-10): 17 million Net Enrollment: 91% Dropout rate : 40% Government Primary School (GPS): 37,672 Enrollment in GPS: 10 million Teacher :around 185000 Registered Non-govt. Grade School (RNGPS): 20083 Teacher: 77,000 Enrollment: 3.5 million Ebtadayi Madrasa (identical to Primary): 6726 Enrollment : 0.9million Teacher: 29,000

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Facts & Figures (contd.) Kindergarten School: around 3,000 NGO-run non-formal learning focuses (7-14): 50,000 (Approx) ( Mostly One educator focuses ) Enrollment in NGO-run non-formal learning focuses : 1.5 million Government Secondary School: 317 Enrollment : 2,25,000 (Approx) Teacher: 5,500 Non-government Secondary School:18200 (Approx) Enrollment 72,00000 (approx) Teacher:226,009 (Approx)

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Primary Teachers\' Training Management Teachers\' preparation for the standard essential instruction Course name-Certificate-in-Education (C-in-Ed). Term 1 year Under-graduate authentication by Primary Training Institutes (PTIs). 55 government PTIs working all through the nation A non-government PTI offers preparing to indigenous instructors A NGO (CRP) runs C-in-Ed course on Special Education in a little scale

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Organizational limit Two moves all the while. Each PTI should have 12 teachers A Superintendent in charge of general group Many of the posts are empty. (Scruff) National Academy for Primary Education Trains the PTI Instructors, authorities Conducts PTI examinations and research No viable control to actualize the educational modules. PTIs are not educated about the adjustments in the national essential educational modules and PTI instructing are not overhauled as needs be. Absence of coordination among Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), NCTB, PTIs and NAPE.

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C-in-Ed Course Theoretical perspectives constitute the real piece of C-in-Ed Course C-in-Ed is yet to put more significance on ICT. Sexual orientation value is deficiently secured in the educational programs. Practically speaking educating, an excessive number of students are occupied with same school which blocks to acquire satisfactory aptitudes Instructors experienced in one-way correspondence ,students prepped up in like manner Space, contact time and number of learners are not ideal for utilizing showing helps . No refresher or follow-up following one year course

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PTI Instructors are selected with a foundation of B-Ed and M-Ed. Involvement in essential instruction is not essential. Various teachers are advanced from trial schools. Serious deficiency of teachers to run one shift, however PTIs run two movements. Some of the time teachers are allocated to visit few schools for observing in the connections range Instructors have next to no degree to visit the students amid the work on preparing.

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Recommendations Coordination among DPE, NCTB, PTI and NAPE ought to be fortified Trainees ought to be permitted to take the reading material after the preparation is over. Specialized backing must be stretched out for creating materials and get ready and utilizing showing learning helps. Work on educating ought to be half of the aggregate course time frame for reasonable accomplishment . Tanning Monitoring ought to be presented C-in-Ed Courses on Special Education ought to be extended. One year C-in-Ed Course ought to be looked into and redesigned . Mental development of youngsters ought to given more underscore to guarantee euphoric inventive learning.

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Recommendations Materials on music, expressive arts and physical instruction ought to be accessible ICT with suitable offices ought to be fused inside a brief span. Best utilization of learners\' opportunity requires appropriate thought Instructors ought to get essential training related incitement as an essential of their administration. Pre-administration preparing ought to be present under NAPE. Educators ought to have firsthand experience on classroom exercises before they are directing work on instructing. Empty positions educators in PTIs must be filled After fruition of the course educators ought to meet learners once every year

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Secondary Teachers\' Training B.Ed is the standard instructional class for the auxiliary teachers Course : 1 year-Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed) Run by the Teachers\' Training Colleges (TTCs) under the National University. Bangladesh Open University runs B.Ed Course with less contact hours There are 14 govt. TTCs, one for female. The govt TTCs have a decent number of educators, very much prepared both in home and abroad. They additionally direct transient preparing The administration structure of TTCs is similar to that of the degree universities.

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Secondary Teachers\' Training Private TTCs set up in connection with the National University, having quality underneath standard. Private TTCs address the expanded need of the colossal number of educators in the nation. Private TTCs have less educators, the vast majority of them work on low maintenance premise and run B.Ed class once in a week A substantial number of instructors expecting B.Ed preparing from private TTCs just for installment and scale change Most of the out-grounds of private colleges conduct preparing of low quality

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The Course - B.Ed Present B.Ed educational programs was produced in 1996 Designed with 1200 contact hours Gender issues are tended to some degree Four examination sessions on comprehensive training The issue of human rights is not legitimately tended to in the educational modules. Inquiries are distinctive of the private colleges and BOU however, educational modules is the same. A large portion of the private colleges don\'t have showing rehearse, for the learners; rather they receive recreation .

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Secondary School Teacher Trainees with 1200 contact hours can utilize their abilities more. Single man in Physical Education (B P. Ed) is offered to diversion instructors. Be that as it may, they are occupied with instructing different subjects. Music, expressive arts and artworks subjects are dismissed. The greater part of the optional schools face lack of educators . Deficient messages on indigenous issues in B-Ed, crushes capacity of educators to manage indigenous gatherings . Low compensation and advantages pull in instructors to take extra work In numerous cases, subject-educators are not enrolled .. Instantly non govt instructors are enrolled by Non-govt. Educator Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA)

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Recommendations For one move, all TTCs ought to entirely take after the B.Ed educational programs and 1200 contact hours . Open and Private TTCs ought to be of comparative standard. Solid administrative structure is required for Out-grounds of private colleges. A steady follow-up of B-Ed Course ought to be presented. TTCs ought to survey the B.Ed educational programs .

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Recommendations –B.Ed Right-Based Approach ought to be the center of B.Ed Course . Showing Quality Improvement of Secondary Education Project can be mainstreamed for manageability of accomplishment. \'Human Rights\' ought to be incorporated into Teachers\' instructional class Universal Human Declaration accessible to the educators and instructors.

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Recommendations Sports, music, expressive arts , specialties ought to get legitimate accentuation Student educator proportion ought to be decreased for empowering prepared instructors to utilize aptitudes in changing over classroom into learner-focused. Ethnicity, incapacity and sexual orientation issue ought to be tended to with due significance Allocation is required for showing learning helps . Subject-based instructors ought to be selected.

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Other trainings for Secondary Teachers Many instructors take an interest in some round year trainings offered by various undertakings, which get lost after eliminate The transient trainings incorporate Teaching Quality Improvement (TQI) for 14 days, Continuous Professional Development for 20 days, Subject-based preparing for 6 days, and Workshops on various issues. These incorporate lacking sexual orientation, comprehensive training and other essential themes. The present fleeting trainings use participatory technique and along these lines intuitive to some surviving. TOT is not satisfactory for Master mentors to spread substance in expansive scale preparing .

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Recommendations Short-term instructors\' trainings ought to be explored to supplement B-ED preparing. Weeklong refresher preparing ought to be acquainted with create abilities of instructors with cutting edge ideas of educating learning. For expert advancement of instructors visit to schools via coaches at a sensible interims. To procure information on social improvement issues and instructional method study should be appointed.

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Other Findings Inclusive Education PTI preparing concentrates fundamentally on addressing the requirements of typical understudies, not the impair kids. The idea of comprehensiveness is a workshop theme to situate the teachers of PTIs Bangladesh Health and Physiotherapy Institute started an identical C-in-Ed Course with spotlight on a specialized curriculum on a little scale . No development and bolster gave to the educators to answers for the issue of showing learning process

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Recommendations-Inclusive School administration council and different partners including instructors and guardians ought to work to make degree and backing comprehensive training at school level. Far reaching methodology ought to be embraced from arrangement to practice to make the standard essential instruction comprehensive. \'Comprehensive Education\' point ought to be incorporated

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