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Their insight and abilities, identified with fundamental plant science and home cultivating, empower ... 1 enemy of houseplants. Instructive Requirements. Pass week by week take ...
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Master Gardener Volunteer Training Orientation

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Core Manual

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Core Manual Supplement

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Mission The MSU Master Gardener Volunteer Program prepares and facilitates volunteers to impart planting aptitudes and data to Michigan natives.

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Their insight and abilities, identified with fundamental plant science and home cultivating, empower these volunteers to enhance the personal satisfaction in their groups - by expanding individuals\' thankfulness for and utilization of plants and by giving them direction on developing plants utilizing ecologically solid practices.

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Program Objectives To give guideline in essential cultivation science to propelled, dynamic planters. To give MSU Extension prepared volunteers who will give auspicious, exact data to people in general in the quickly growing zone of home cultivation.

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Certification - Two Parts! Through Educational Training in a classroom setting. Through Volunteering with MSUE in your group.

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Educational Training Rigorous center preparing keeps going 13 weeks and is included the accompanying classes:

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Introduction to Plant Science Plant arrangement Basic plant parts and capacities Growth and advancement of a Plant engendering

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Soils for Plant Growth Define soil Physical properties of soil Essential plant supplements and administration of these supplements Environmental ramifications of soil administration hones

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Lawn Care Selection and foundation Cultural practices Turfgrass bother issues and strategies for control

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Tree Fruit Culture Tree organic product for Michigan Factors to consider in arranging a home plantation Knowledge of essential vermin and ailments

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Small Fruit Culture Growing necessities Pruning prerequisites Cultural qualities Pests and IPM procedures

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Flower Gardening Perennials, annuals, biennials, knobs Site choice Soil planning Cultural administration

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Household Pests Identify home-attacking irritations Pest of individuals & pets Control techniques

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Plant Health Care Insect recognizable proof Disease triangle What is a pesticide Alternatives to pesticides

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Vegetable Culture Soil readiness Weed control Warm & cool season crops Fertilizer sorts & utilizes

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Woody Ornamentals Selection criteria for trees and bushes Pruning systems Weed administration Major issues

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Indoor Plants Light levels Proper compartments Growing mediums #1 enemy of houseplants

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Educational Requirements Pass week by week bring home task with a total normal of 70% or better. Bring home last test of the year score of 80% or better Attendance at all class sessions unless different courses of action are made.

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Volunteer Requirement Provide 40 hours of agriculture related support of your group. Must be instructive for others. Can not be paid for administration.

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Volunteering Minimum 20 hours of volunteer administration to MSU; the Gardens, the State Master Gardener Office and other cultivation ventures. Rest of 20 hours to undertakings whose goal is to increment green related learning in others in your group.

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Additionally… Because Master Gardener Volunteers frequently work with kids and hindered grown-ups as a major aspect of their volunteer exercises, you are requested that give your standardized savings number or drivers permit number permitting MSU to check any criminal history with the Michigan State Police.

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Master Gardener Volunteers

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I-75 Rest Area

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Labor Day 2001

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Instructing Junior Master Gardeners

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Community Garden Project

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Monet Garden

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Staff Master Gardener Booth

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Helping Youth to Grow

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Composting Demonstration

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Public Parks and Gardens

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Garden Fairy Research

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Certification Complete 13 Week Educational Training Complete 40 Volunteer Hours inside 12 months Recertification required yearly

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Annual Recertification Fifteen (15) hours of volunteering administration Five (5) proceeding with training credits

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Check out our sites: http://web1.msue.msu.edu/mastergardener www.mastergardenershoppingmall.com

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Michigan State University Extension projects and materials are interested in all without respect to race, shading, national starting point, sex, religion, age inability, political convictions, sexual introduction, conjugal status, or family status. Issued in assistance of MSU Extension work in agribusiness and home financial aspects, demonstrations of May 8, and June 30, 1914 in participation with the US Department of Agriculture. MSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution.

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