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Welcome and Outline.. Flame Season 2009/10 in Review.Royal Commission. SAU Policy and Procedures.State Fleet Aircraft 2010/11.Operational Information.Innovation.Into 2011 and Beyond.. Season2009/10in Review.. Did You Know?. Season 2009/10.. Approx 4100hrs flown by Agencies.Approx 2000hrs flown by Agencies
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2010/11 Pre Fire Season Aviation Briefing

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Welcome and Outline. Fire Season 2009/10 in Review. Illustrious Commission. SAU Policy and Procedures. State Fleet Aircraft 2010/11. Operational Information. Development. Into 2011 and Beyond.

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Season 2009/10 in Review.

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Did You Know?

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2010/11 Significant Occurrences. Season 2009/10. Approx 4100hrs flown by Agencies. Approx 2000hrs flown by Agencies – fire concealment. Lost things in-flight x 3. Entryways opening in-flight x 3. Airspace issues x 5. False initiation ELT.

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State Aircraft Unit & State Airdesk.

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Royal Commission.

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Royal Commission – Aviation Outcomes. Enhance readiness and resourcing of Agency air operations. Enhanced ask for and dispatch methodology. Better utilization of ADF assets.

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SAU Policy & Procedures

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SAUPs State Aircraft Unit Policy and Procedures State Aircraft Unit Policy and Procedures State Aircraft Unit Policy and Procedures The State Aircraft Unit is a joint fire office activity of CFA and DSE, giving authority avionics assets to flame, land and crisis administration. The State Aircraft Unit is a joint fire organization activity of CFA and DSE, giving master aeronautics assets to flame, land and crisis administration. The State Aircraft Unit is a joint fire organization activity of CFA and DSE, giving expert aeronautics assets to flame, land and crisis administration.

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SAUPs. "These SAUPs will work in conjunction with existing CFA and DSE avionics documentation for the following 6 months. From October 2010 the SAUPs will turn into the remain solitary procedural report for the operation of air ship by the taking an interest Agencies and the current Agency flight documentation might be repudiated." "You are told to consent to the joined SAUPs when arranging and leading all Agency flying machine operations… "

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State Fleet Aircraft 2010/11.

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Additional/Changes of Aircraft for 2010/11 Fire Season. 2 x Convair 580 MEATs – TBA – 8000lt. Bellytank B3 Squirrels at Benalla & Bendigo. Chime B212 with Ovens to bolster rappel teams. Ringer B206BIII – AAS stages for both Type 1 Sikorsky S61 helicopters. A few changes to callsigns – TBA. Addit. Erickson Aircrane & AAS stage – TBC. Plane 355 at Bairnsdale gets to be Turbine Dromader. 2 nd IR Linescan Beechcraft Kingair 200. 5/6 Regional surveillance settled wing flying machine – tenders shut 7 Oct.

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Enhancements to Helicopter Services. Vox sound on all AAS stages/recce air ship. Remote worked long line snare for Ovens, Moorabbin and Essendon Type 3 Services. NVG limit on FB302 Service. Dominant part of Firebirds – AI competent.

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Type 1 Helicopters. Helitack 341 – Erickson S64F Air-Crane : Essendon – incorporates AAS stage Firebird 307. Helitack 342 – Erickson S64E Air-Crane : Essendon – incorporates AAS stage Firebird 309. Helitack 343 – Erickson S64E Air-Crane : TBA – incorporates AAS stage Firebird 308. Helitack 347 – Sikorsky S61N : Colac – Firebombing – settled tank/bambi basin; Sling load, rappel*, PAX transport 18. Helitack 348 – Sikorsky S61N : Mansfield – firebombing – bambi basin; Sling load, rappel*, PAX transport 18.

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Type 2 & 3 Tactical Helicopters. Helitack 331 – Bell B212 – Moorabbin; Helitack 332 – Bell B212 – Ovens; Helitack 333 – Bell B212 – Heyfield; all bellytank prepared, rappel, group transport . Helitack 334 – Bell B212 – TBC (Bell B412 2010/2011 just); firebombing, rappel*, team transport. Helitack 335 – Bell 214B – Olinda; firebombing, constrained group transport. Firebird 336 – B3 Squirrel (Type 3) – Bendigo; Firebird 337 – B3 Squirrel (Type 3) – Benalla; both bellytank prepared – no locally available AAS. Firebird 338 – Bell 206L (basin) – LTV (HVP flying machine).

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Type 3 Helicopters. Firebird 301 – Bell B206 – Horsham . Firebird 302 – AS 350FX – Moorabbin. Firebird 303 – AS 350BA – Ovens. Firebird 304 – AS 350D – Bairnsdale . Firebird 305 – Bell B206 – Bendigo . Firebird 306 – AS 350D – Moorabbin-2hr/15min . Firebird 307 – TBC – Essendon (AAS stage HT341) . Firebird 308 – TBA – TBA (AAS stage HT343) . Firebird 309 – TBC – Essendon (AAS stage HT342) . Firebird 310 – Bell B206 – Colac (AAS stage HT347) . Firebird 311 – Bell B206 – Mansfield (AAS stage HT348) . Firebird 312 – AS 350BA – Olinda (Melb Water).

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Multi Engine Airtanker (MEATs). 2 x Convair 580 Airtankers – 2010/11 season as it were. 8000 lts limit each. NOB – Avalon – TBC. Conceivable satellite bases – East/West Sale, Albury. POB – Cooma, Hamilton, Portland, Mildura. Froth, gel, retardant able. Air Commander AAS stage. Overseen by SAU/SAD – according to Aircranes. AAS to work same according to SEATs.

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Fixed Wing Recce and Specialist Aircraft. Birddog 366 – Cessna C337 Essendon – EARs. 5/6 Regional/State observation single/twin motor, settled high wing, NOB TBA, SAD standby warning 12hrs to15min, Area/District actuation – counsel to SAD. Infra-red line checking . Firescan 300 – Beech King Air – Essendon. Firescan 350 – Beech King Air – Essendon .

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Operational Information.

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Aviation Management Procedures. For Pilots - No progressions to strategies for: Mandatory 5nm inbound calls to flame/airbase; Fire CTAF frequencies; Flight Following Procedures; Requirement - 2 x air & 2 x Agency radios; "No comms - no go". Changes to Cross Border Arrangements. Boss pilots/administrators to guarantee all pilots informed on: all operational; and organization strategies.

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Preparedness Procedures. More noteworthy desire that readiness is set up - State Controller & State Fire Commissioner. Aim to have a standard aeronautics readiness layout.

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Standby & Deployment Arrangements.

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Request and Dispatch Procedures. ALL State Fleet air ship starting dispatch is through SAD regardless of the possibility that demand begins from air ship\'s "home" area. No self actuation. Area/comms subtle elements gave on organization. On takeoff from NOB - all State Fleet airplane should call SAD. Consequently screen Fire CTAF 132.55 unless exhorted by SAD. Zone/District light settled wing airplane conveyed locally. Staff prompt SAD on organization. Fire CTAF encouraged to Area/District.

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Preparedness Protocols. Inclusion of State Fire Commissioner? Readiness/trigger levels dependant on hazard and FDI\'s and particular Agency necessities. State Preparedness Plan – arranged by SAC, concurred by both Agencies SDO on everyday premise. Repositioning convention relies on upon anticipated danger. Incorporates flying machine, work force and bolster assets. Extra strategic CWN flying machine on standby – endorsed by both Agency SDOs.

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Radio System Changes.

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Changes to Trunk Radio System. All trunk radios fitted to all flying machine and related avionics assets are presently a solitary armada known as the SAU Fleet. Empowers all Agencies to have impartial access to flying machine interchanges – 3 digit dialing. Endorsed by AMC, CFA & DSE Comms boards of trustees. Armada numbering and designation to be overseen by the SAU. Trunk radio index to be disseminated to all Agency staff. Autonomous of current CFA and DSE Trunk Fleets. SAU Trunk armada: 233 – 4001 – xxx.

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Changes to Simplex Radio System. CFA moving to P25 advanced radio framework. DSE – no sign of course of events. This season – no progressions. Assention that the current 250 customary (simplex) directs will stay in the new radios. Current work on another ace channel table for the new radio terminals which will incorporate computerized channels. No understanding yet on a course of events to oversee joint occurrences utilizing P25 computerized channels. The SAU will assess P25 computerized mode in airplane under flight conditions throughout the following 24 months.

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Training. Many Air Attack Supervisors & Air Observers – next to no flying a year ago – cash. Expanded coaching of "temporary" parts required. "Local" air ship works out – composed by Agency Area/Districts – arrangements to be submitted to SAU – airplane provided by SAU/SAD just on endorsement of arrangements. "Provincial" retardant gatherings – bring issues to light of retardant blending frameworks and quality control issues – early Nov – Bairnsdale, Mansfield, Stawell – Graeme Briggs. New Air Operations Flight Log & Evidence Record – serial no. what\'s more, issued to people. Airbase Radio Operator manual settled – "Provincial" bundle accessible for conveyance by proper mentors.

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Retardant Quality Control Log Book.

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Locust Operations.

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Locust Operations. Program oversaw by DPI – Ops have initiated. Greater than 2006 program. Airplane secured by DPI to SAU norms. Up to 16 x splash and recce helicopters and settled wing flying machine – Oct/Nov & Jan/Feb. All operations directed according to SAUPs. Organization work force might be asked for AO, ABM, and AOb parts. Air splash facilitator – AAS essential. DPI in charge of directing incorporation briefings. No entryway off or low level operations by work force. No Fire CTAF for insect operations.

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Safety & Management.

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Cross Border Arrangements. Standard layout for all cross outskirt operations – NSW & SA – being created – approved by AMC. Singular nearby game plans augmentation of format. Incorporates: 132.55 not the default cross fringe Fire CTAF – TBA. Obligatory guidance of cross outskirt operations between Districts/Agencies and particular SADs. Firebombing to be directed – AAS. AIIMs positions to be filled asap. As yet settling – "

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