Welcome Secondary School Instructors.

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Welcome High School Counselors GIS professions and future

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What is GIS??? G eographic I nformation S ystem Computer Geography Ability to make sense of examples that exist on the earth Ask What If?? Questions Solve cutting edge issues

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Who enlists individuals to do GIS?? Government organizations National; state; district; city; civil Services City support; arranging; advancement; security; crisis reaction; transportation Business Marketing; retail; saving money; information transfers Research Natural asset mgt; ailment control

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Jobs in GIS Environmental Management Public Security Commercial Agriculture Engineering Land Development/City Planning Mapping GIS Programmer

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Jobs??? Cash??? Requirement for GIS related occupations (URISA) Average of 6 employments for each nearby government Estimated Total – 500,000 gov. occupations Estimated 20% expansion in GIS employments across the country as of late (ESRI) Salary range (URISA) Director of GIS - $72,741 GIS Technician - $33,604

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GIS Training and Education National Over 100 Programs Nationwide Range from endorsement to PhD Hundreds of CCs offer courses On-line projects and courses accessible

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GIS Training and Education Local 4-year school level projects in area MU-Columbia Missouri State University-Springfield Northwest Missouri State-Maryville SIU-Edwardsville Inconsistent offering of territorial courses UM-SL SLU Lindenwood Washington University

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Examples of how GIS is utilized

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Pakistan Earthquake

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Hurricane Katrina

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Tsunami Disaster

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Examples of GIS utilize: 9/11/01

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Emergency calls versus station areas www.mwvcog.org

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Bird Deaths in St. Louis www.gis.slu.edu

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Child Immunization By: Kim Buttery

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Change in Sea Level By: Glenn Nevill

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Retail Site Selection By: Joe Lewis

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Web webpage GIS use MO Botanical Gardens Map Quest City of St. Louis

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Thanks!! Questions????

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Now you attempt.. Open the ArcMap program on your PC Start-Programs-ArcGIS-ArcMap Open a current task Z:/HSCounselors.mxd

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