Welcome to "Astute" (Workshops in Communicating in English).

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Ward level (sub-area of a city or town) County level (district with various towns ... Television has unique occasions: parades, football games, excellent motion pictures ...
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Welcome to "Shrewd" (Workshops in Speaking English) Tonight: Thanksgiving conventions Led by Brea Barthel

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A fast note on Election Day Yesterday was Election Day This was an "off-year" decision (no national or all inclusive races) Elections were at City or town level Ward level (sub-segment of a city or town) County level (area with various towns/urban areas)

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Thanksgiving!! By government law, the occasion is the fourth Thursday of November It was "began" in 1621 by "Pioneers" in Massachusetts to praise a decent collect But expressing gratefulness for a decent gather existed before Europeans went to the range! Some Native American tribes think about Thanksgiving as a national day of grieving For most different Americans, it\'s a most loved occasion.

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What makes it an incredible occasion? No stress over blessing purchasing Almost everyone has Thursday & Friday off Most individuals accumulate with family or companions TV has exceptional occasions: parades, football games, exemplary motion pictures Good sustenance! (See separate present)

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Ideas for gathering discourse Do you have an occasion at harvest time? How is an occasion supper? What are basic occasion exercises?

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