Welcome to Blinn School!.

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It would be ideal if you don't hesitate to call or email me on the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning ... old motion pictures on Turner Classic Network. I talk at Professional Conferences and women ...
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Welcome to Blinn College! It is my pleasure to be a piece of your voyage to scholarly achievement. It would be ideal if you don\'t hesitate to call or email me in the event that you have any inquiries concerning this course. Mrs. Childers

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Reading 0306 Fall 2009 Mrs. Essie Childers Instructor

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Who Am I? I starting by third year at Blinn College I have more than 21 years of instructing background. I instructed the most recent 4 years at Tyler Junior College. I have instructed at Austin Community and Oklahoma City Community College

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Who Am I, cont. I am hitched, 3 kids, 2 grandchildren I want to travel, read, cook, and watch old motion pictures on Turner Classic Network I talk at Professional Conferences and women church bunches. I have done evangelist work in Africa.

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Educational Background Masters of Education in Reading-The University of Texas at Tyler-Certified Reading Specialist Abilene Christian University, Bachelors of Science in Education High School-Longview Texas-Lobos

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Who are you? As I call your name, approach to sign the participation sheet. Let us know your Major and main residence. Perused and answer the inquiry on your card.

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What is this Course About? Perused 0306 is intended to get ready understudies to peruse school writings. Accentuation is put on learning and applying study-perusing procedures crucial to achievement in scholarly courses. The course offers a sight and sound learning background and entire gathering and little gathering intelligent guideline.

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Course Objectives Identifying the principle thoughts in a perusing materials Identify supporting thoughts in perusing material Apply basic perusing aptitudes and systems in an assortment of perusing materials Apply study perusing methodologies to an assortment of perusing materials

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Required Textbook Maher, Peter and Rita McCarthy. The Art of Critical Reading , Boston: McGraw Hill, 2007.

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Tentative Test Schedule Test 1 – September eighteenth Test 2 – October ninth Test 3 – October 30th Test 4 – November twentieth Test 5 – December 11 th (Final Exam)

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Do you drop any evaluations? I don\'t drop any evaluations. Your can get extra indicates to apply your test. See "Reward Fifty" in your Syllabus.

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Regular Assignments Readings (in class and online) Entry Journals Group Activities Novel Project Student Presentations

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How would you review? Significant Tests-500 Points Participation-200 Points Entry Journals-100 Points Novel Project-200 Points Total Points 1,000

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Blinn College Policies Disabilities Accommodations Incomplete Grade W/WF/WP Grade Scholastic Dishonesty Civility in the Classroom Mandatory Attendance Policy Electronic Devices

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Absences Students are relied upon to go to all classes Three tardies=1 nonappearance Students who obtain over two weeks of unlucky deficiencies will be dropped. Truant from lab=½ nonappearance Please read your Syllabus. You will have a test soon.

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~You Have Mail~ On the last, most decisive test last semester, my EDUC understudies were requested that compose a letter to new understudies or to understudies exchanging to the school. Here are some of their remarks taken straightforwardly from their letters that can be useful to understudies in any course.

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You Have Mail, cont\'d. I realize that beginning school can be terrifying, yet simply unwind and everything will come into spot. My first semester I had EDUC. I am happy I took EDUC 1300 in light of the fact that it demonstrated to me generally accepted methods to deal with my time. I additionally figured out how to truly think about for a test. ~Shelley~

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You Have Mail, cont\'d. I have discovered that regardless of how troublesome a class is, you should dependably attempt your hardest. Likewise, it is imperative to appear for class. I don\'t mean simply go to, you need to come arranged and prepared to learn. Next semester I plan to be more required in grounds exercises. It is a superior approach to meet individuals. ~Autumn~

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You Have Mail, cont\'d. I am composing this letter to you with a specific end goal to let you know what I gained from this class. To begin with, Mrs. Childers is an astounding educator. You will find a considerable measure of things in this class. I figured out how to go to class, be on time, and read your assignments before you come to class. Arranging will change your propensities. You additionally figure out how to spend your cash astutely when you are an understudy ~Priscilla~

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Success Secrets… Daily Calendar (Syllabus) Attendance/Participation Class Contact List

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