Welcome to CG Cheer Instructive Meeting!.

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Profoundly suggested (particularly for the individuals who need to be on Varsity) ... No Jewelry (no body piercings) Please compose your first beginning & last. name on the back ...
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Welcome to CG Cheer Informational Meeting!

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Info Cards: Name Year in school (next school year) Address, Phone Number & Email Shoe size

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Coaching Staff Head/Varsity Coach-Heather Kilgallon email: hkilgallon@d155.org phone: 847-639-3825 Sophomore Coach-Danica Rebeck email: drebeck@d155.org http://www.d155.org/CG/acad/social_science/kilgallon/Cheerleading.htm

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CG Cheer Cheerleading as a game Athletic Mentality Competition Follow all IHSA rules Year round duty August through February

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Camp July 9 th - 13 th 1pm to 3:30 pm $90 by (or $95after) Learn new cheers & moves Learn to make your moves sharp for the Cheer Season Improve aptitudes before tryouts Get to know new individuals!

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Weight Lifting Camp Highly prescribed (particularly for the individuals who need to be on Varsity) Weight lifting helps bases, back spots & flyers Works on rate, nimbleness & quality See instructive sheet for points of interest

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CG Cheer facilities Clinics (discretionary) Improve aptitudes Tumbling Jumps hindering Mrs. Boersma Cary cheer world class Cary Gymnastics

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Tryouts August 8 th – 10 th 9am to Noon Time subject to change We will meet before the school-be prepared to start expeditiously at 9am!

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Tryouts: Things to Know Eat a decent breakfast regular Bring water/nibble What to wear? Shading shirt by squad Plain shorts Sports bra Good Gym Shoes (Cheer Shoes!!!) No Jewelry (no body piercings) Please compose your first beginning & keep going name on the back/front of your shirt ordinary

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Tryouts things to know Varsity-Blue shirts Sophomores-Gray shirts Freshmen-White shirts All team promoters ought to have their first introductory & keep going name on the back & front of their shirt

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What will we be assessed at tryouts? Cheers Dance Jumps Motions Tumbling Stunts Attitude Athletic Ability Team Work

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Positive Attitude Hard Work Time School Spirit Commitment What does it take to be a CG Cheerleader?

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Time Cheerleaders rehearse each day after school ordinarily until 5:30 1 football game a week 1-3 Basketball games a week Competitions (typically throughout the day on Sundays) all things considered Cheerleaders "work" 15 hours a week More time amid homecoming, get up and go gatherings & rivalries

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Costs We are taking a shot at a bundle bargain for future team promoters that would include: Warm-ups (weaved), socks, shoes, sack, shorts, & midsections This bundle would cost roughly $200 Other things all through the season: T-shirts, sweatshirts, strips, Homecoming, pizza parties and so forth

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Fundraising We do need to raise money now and again Our huge pledge drives this year will be an evaluation school cheer camp that week as the secondary school camp-Volunteers required! All Cheerleaders will be relied upon to help

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Things to Note All team promoters must turn in a duplicate of their current physical with their enrollment parcel (due Aug. 3 rd ) Camp is Highly Recommended Help get the word out to the Grade School Girls We can hardly wait until camp & our forthcoming season!

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The End! Transfer for Life Questions? If it\'s not too much trouble Sign up for Camp! Ensure you marked in! Take all essential printed material You can agree to camp right at this point!

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