Welcome to CNAP The Tyke Nourishment Application Program michigan/meis Summer Sustenance Administration Program.

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Albeit some in the Internet group are worried about the misuse of Disk Cookies ... must have admittance to a working Internet association. CNAP can be gotten to from numerous ...
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Welcome to CNAP The Child Nutrition Application Program http://michigan.gov/meis Summer Food Service Program Updated: 3/18/2004

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What is CNAP What is expected to utilize CNAP How to get to CNAP How to finish the Summer Food Service Program application How to make changes and corrections to your application This manual will reply:

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The Child Nutrition Application Program (CNAP) CNAP takes into consideration Applying online Error checking amid passage Online audit and remarks on applications Amendments online Previous years\' application data spared and presented Up-to-date perspective of the applications Automated era of email What is CNAP?

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CNAP Benefits Reduce printed material for candidates and MDE Save time in future years, since most earlier year information will be accessible Process your application all the more productively

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What is required for CNAP? A Computer with an Internet Connection Web Browser - Internet Explorer 5.5+(6.0 favored) or Netscape 4.0+ JavaScript and Session Cookies empowered for the Web Browser Adobe Acrobat 4.0+ A Valid MEIS Account

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What is an Internet Browser and which ones can be utilized? An Internet Browser is PC programming used to scan (see) the World Wide Web. CNAP bolsters Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape adaptations 4.0 or higher. You can check the form number by clicking "Help" and after that by clicking "About Internet Explorer" or "About Netscape". In the event that the variant you have is underneath 4.0, you can download the most recent adaptation by going to: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.asp http://home.netscape.com/download/Browsers are free programming. Favored: IE 6.0+

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What is JavaScript ? JavaScript is a programming dialect that is utilized on Websites to expand usefulness. In CNAP, JavaScript is utilized for an assortment of components including the programmed amendment of client entered information. Web Explorer Click "Tools" Click "Internet Options" Click the "Security" tab Click "Custom Level" Under "Scripting", "Active Scripting", Click "Enable" If the CNAP framework identifies that JavaScript is debilitated for the program, CNAP will demonstrate this rundown of steps.

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What is JavaScript? (proceeded with) JavaScript is additionally utilized as a part of CNAP to do undertakings, for example, open new windows, give a menu framework, and supply easy to understand mistake messages. Netscape Click "Edit" Click "Preferences" Click "Advanced" Click "Enable JavaScript" If the CNAP framework distinguishes that JavaScript is impaired for the program, CNAP will demonstrate this rundown of steps.

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What are Session Cookies? Treats are either documents or bits of data incidentally put away in PC memory that are utilized to record data. CNAP utilizes session treats. To utilize session treats: Internet Explorer Click "Tools" Click "Internet Options Click the "Security" tab Click "Custom Level" Under "Allow per-session treats (not stored)" Click "Enable"

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What are Session Cookies? (proceeded) Although some in the Internet group are worried about the misuse of Disk Cookies which are frequently utilized for showcasing purposes, the Session Cookies utilized by CNAP don\'t warrant any kind of concern. No touchy information is put away inside these Cookies, and once you logoff CNAP or close your program every Session Cookie is consequently expelled. Netscape Click "Edit" Click "Preferences" Click "Advanced" Under "Cookies" Click "Accept all Cookies"

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What is Adobe Acrobat Reader and do I require it? Adobe Acrobat Reader is a product program that is utilized to see PDF records. PDF remains for "Compact Document Format". General Web pages which are customized in HTML (Hypertext markup dialect) don\'t generally look great when printed. The PDF organization was intended for the Web to look predictable every time it is printed. CNAP utilizes PDFs for those things that must be printed. At times PDFs are progressively created utilizing information entered by clients. When Acrobat Reader is introduced, all records in CNAP with the expansion .pdf will be opened with the Acrobat Reader Program. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free programming, and can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/items/gymnastic performer/readstep2.html CNAP underpins Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader adaptations 4.0+

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What is MEIS and by what means can a record be gotten? MEIS is the Michigan Education Information System. MEIS gives one framework to the administration of client records for an assortment of MDE applications (PC programs). Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize CNAP you should acquire a free MEIS account. This should be possible by setting off to the accompanying Website Address and clicking Create a MEIS Account : http://michigan.gov/meis Click on the connection to the MEIS User Management System.

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DO NOT make another MEIS Account on the off chance that you as of now have one! You may as of now have a MEIS represent these projects: CNAP-School Meals Program CNAP-CACFP Claim for Reimbursement (SM-4012-SL) Claim for Reimbursement (SM-4013-C)

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If you as of now have a MEIS account, enter your current MEIS account number on the Summer Food Service Security Access Form. -

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If you have to make a MEIS Account, take after these four stages. Click Create a MEIS Account and enter the first and last name of the client record to be made.

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Click the Proceed to Step 2 catch and include the fundamental personal data. - Email address must be a legitimate and working location - Phone 1 ought to be the school or office/office telephone number - Phone 2 can be left clear - Address 1 is the school or organization address - Address 2 is PO Box (leave clear if no PO Box) - Disregard ISD, District and Building Codes – these don\'t should be rounded out Create a MEIS Account – Step 2

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Create a MEIS Account Step 3 Complete the security Information utilized for getting secret word help. You will pick the 3 questions & answers – DO NOT utilize the Q & A recorded as case for your Q & A\'s. Make up inquiries that are exceptional to you and give answers that you will effortlessly recollect.

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Create a MEIS Account Step 4 Verify the record data you have given and tap the Create New MEIS Account catch,

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Confirming your MEIS Account The last screen will affirm your record. Print this page for your records . Clue: Change your secret word instantly. Cautioning: Passwords are case-touchy Your MEIS record will have the capacity to get to CNAP once you have been entered in the framework. For help with MEIS MDE/CEPI Help Desk (517) 335-0505

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You are prepared to start CNAP Now that you have your MEIS account . . . .

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Users must have admittance to a working Internet association. CNAP can be gotten to from numerous machines. CNAP does not force any equipment prerequisites on its clients. CNAP is open through a typical Web program (IE 6.0 favored). CNAP is situated at http://michigan.gov/meis Internet association Modem (phone lines) will be adequate DSL or link modems are speedier The quicker the association, the simpler it is to utilize CNAP Quick certainties about CNAP

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CNAP\'s first screen gives: Basic data about the CNAP framework Links to further Program Information CNAP Access Information on Registering for Main. Boxes to enter your MEIS login name and secret key.

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How would I get to CNAP? To access CNAP, you should first present the suitable CNAP Security Forms. NOTE: The Summer Food Service Program Security Access Form is incorporated as a walled in area with this mailing. Click the CNAP Access Information connection to get to the CNAP Security Web page. The CNAP Access Information page will guide you to download, print, finish and mail the suitable security structures to access CNAP.

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MEIS records are required for all levels . Level 3 - Enter/Certify Can Enter/Edit data and Certify applications Can start applications Can allocate lower security (levels 1 and 2) to permit different clients to alter or see Submit, adjust and erase applications and revisions Level 2 - Enter/Edit Can Enter/Edit data on application pages Can start applications Level 1 - Read-Only Can View all parts of the application Cannot include or alter any data CNAP Authorization Structure

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Logging In to CNAP Once your Security Form has been submitted and endorsed, you can utilize your MEIS Login and Password to sign into CNAP. Keep in mind, the MEIS watchword is Case Sensitive. To Login to CNAP: Enter your MEIS Login and Password in the content boxes on the CNAP Login page Click the Login catch If you get a mistake message, contact the approved Level 3 ( Enter/Certify) client inside your backer association. In the event that one is not allocated or you are the Level 3 (Enter/Certify), contact Ruby Dixon (517)373-0420 and notice CNAP Summer Food Service Program Security Access.

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Avoid the "Back" and "Forward" catches CNAP is a dynamic, database driven Web application. Content in CNAP changes as indicated by data that is gone into the framework. At the point when candidates enter imperative data into the framework, it changes the way they see certain parts of the application; subsequently, it is exceptionally prescribed that clients utilize the route gave inside the application. Utilizing the br

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