Welcome to Java Programming .

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Welcome to Java Programming. Why do I want to take this course?. I want to major in EE/CSE. ECE122 is a requirement. Java is hot in Job market. It is useful for my career. My friends are taking this course. I am just curious…. ECE122 Course Web Site. Syllabus Office Hours. Contact info.
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Welcome to Java Programming

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Why would I like to take this course? I need to major in EE/CSE. ECE122 is a necessity. Java is hot in Job showcase. It is helpful for my profession. My companions are taking this course. I am simply inquisitive…

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ECE122 Course Web Site Syllabus Office Hours. Contact information. Lab, Quiz, Exam & Homework issue sets and answers Announcements

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Lecturers and TAs Lecturers John Zhang, Chris Hoffmann TAs Claudiu Fatu Teng Fei Richa Prasad Sarma Vangala JianHong Xia

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Grade Composition 3 exams. 15%, 15%, 30% 4 tests. 2.5% every 7 labs. 4% each. 5% each for the last two labs.

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Textbook "Head First Java", Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates. O\'Reilly "Java™ 2: A Beginner\'s Guide", Herbert Schildt

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What is a Computer? A gadget that registers. Has Hardware and Software. Equipment is the physical gadget. Programming is the program that controls the capacity of the equipment and coordinates its operations. Programming is composed in a Programming Language.

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What is Programming Language? A programming dialect is an abnormal state dialect that contains guidelines that controls a PC\'s operations. Illustrations: Java, C++, C, Visual Basic, … Compiling. A programming dialect should be converted into a low level machine code before execution on a PC.

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What is Java Programming Language? Basic Object-arranged. Objectville versus procedureland Platform Independent Safe. No pointers. Live in virtual machine. Multi-strung Garbage gathered

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How Java Works - 1

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How Java Works –2

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Two most vital sites www.javasoft.com www.google.com

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Three most utilized Java order javac - Compile java source code into Byte code. java - Run a Java application. shake - Archive records.

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Eclipse – Java IDE Eclipse. Java Individual Development Environment. Free download from www.eclipse.org

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Java Code Structure - 1

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Java Code Structure- - 2

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Java Code Structure - 3

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Java Code Structure –4

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Your First Cup of Java - 1 open class HelloWorld { open static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello World!"); }

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Your First Cup of Java - 2 Save the source code to "HelloWorld.java" Compile the source code into Byte code: javac HelloWorld.java Run the Byte code: java HelloWorld or java –classpath . HelloWorld

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Good Programming Practice Start with a working Java program, change it, break it, realize what you have broken it, then alter it. Learn Java through heaps of hands on work out. Utilize Eclipse to help you to learn. Utilize Blank lines and space characters to improve program comprehensibility By Convention, dependably start a class name\'s identifier with a capital letter and begin each ensuing word in identifier with Capital letter. E.g. HelloWorld, PersonalProfile, and so forth. At whatever point you compose an opening left support, {, prompt compose an end right prop, }. Indent the substance amongst { and }

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Common Programming Errors Java is case touchy. Pay consideration on the Keyword, Identifier. E.g. the vast majority of the watchwords are lowercases. E.g. "class", "open", "principle" Java source document name ought to be people in general class name in addition to ".java". E.g. "HelloWorld.java" It is a mistake that supports don\'t come in coordinating sets. { and }

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Introduction to Eclipse

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Reading Assignment "Head First Java" section one.

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