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You will be making three society dishes. One dish will be a control containing simply soil, one dish with soil and one sort of cleanser, and the last ...
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Welcome to Jennifer\'s Web-folio & Learning Tutorial Unit I-Life\'s Building Blocks Unit II-Energy & Matter for Life Unit III-Continuity of Life Unit IV-Interactions & Interdependence

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Unit I-Site Map

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Topic 1-Simple Organisms

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Key Ideas-Topic 1

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Key Idea 1-Organisms Possess Many Similarities - They all have cells.(every living thing) - Every living thing performs metabolic exercises (transport,respiration,reproduction, nourishment, and discharge) - Every living thing relies on upon other living thing so as to get by in nature

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Prokaryotic - Very primitive cell structure that needs cell organelles - Kingdom monerans (blue green growth and microorganisms) Eukaryotic - Cells that have a core with DNA inside and other cell organelles - 1celled living beings, for example, Paramecium,Amoeba,and the Euglena (Kingdom protista ) Key Idea 2-Simple Organisms do not have a cell association and can either be prokaryotic or eukaryotic.

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Antibacterial Soaps Do they truly work?

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Antibacterial Soap-Introduction In this lab you will attempt to make sense of which hand cleanser is more effective in eliminating microscopic organisms. You can pick any two sorts of antibacterial cleanser I picked the cleanser from the men\'s restroom and the cleanser from the ladies\' washroom. You will make three society dishes. One dish will be a control containing simply soil, one dish with soil and one sort of cleanser, and the last culture dish will contain soil and the other sort of cleanser.

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Applying the Scientific Inquiry Process

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Problems to Investigate - Which cleanser is more powerful at restraining microscopic organisms? - Will the microscopic organisms build up an imperviousness to the antibacterial cleanser?

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Background Information 1 Research on Antibacterial Soaps: - The motivation behind antibacterial cleansers are to eliminate microorganisms. - Bacteria can build up an imperviousness to the antibacterial cleanser. - When the microbes builds up an imperviousness to the cleanser in the event that you included business as usual cleanser the microscopic organisms wouldn\'t be hurt by the cleanser.

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Background Info: 2-Prior Experiments - We watched an alternate examination including the same system yet diverse cleansers. We utilized dial and waterless soap(germ-x/purell) - The waterless cleanser didn\'t eliminate microscopic organisms tantamount to everybody thought it would. The dial worked the best.

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Hypothesis - Based on the back round data, I surmise that ladies\' cleanser will be more powerful. - I additionally imagine that the microscopic organisms in the dish with the men\'s cleanser will build up a resistance. - Therefore, I think we will see a wide range of animal groups developing and going after assets - What do you think? Build up your own particular theory

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Experimental Design Materials (click here for further points of interest) Procedures (click here for further subtle elements) Controls & Variables (click here for further subtle elements) Safety Precautions - (take after security guidelines given by the instructor.)

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Materials - 3 society dishes (made with jello and slimfast) - Bacteria source (soil or your own particular hands) - Antibacterial cleansers ( Select two distinct cleansers I utilized white cleanser from the young ladies restroom and pink cleanser from the folks washroom) - elastic groups - Q-tips - names - Labels - plastic wrap

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Make three society dishes by taking after the headings on the jello package(you could likewise utilize gelatine bundles) substitute the juice for chocolate slimfast place microscopic organisms in three diverse society dishes. Microbes can originate from the dirt or from your hands. In the event that you utilize soil utilize the Q-tip to move the dirt into the way of life dish. 3. Mark one of the dishes the control. Place plastic wrap over it and utilize an elastic band to hold it set up. Put this aside. 4.Put the two distinct cleansers in the staying two society dish (one cleanser in every dish). Methodology

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CONTROL: Culture dish – All of the microscopic organisms were presented to the same development medium. Wellspring of microorganisms – Each dish is loaded with soil from the same plant.(If you utilize your hands as the wellspring of microscopic organisms it ought to just be touched by one individual) Temperature VARIABLE(S): The two cleansers utilized as a part of the two variable dishes ought to appear as something else brands.(Example I utilize dthe cleanser from the men\'s bathroom(white) and the cleanser from the womens room) Controls & Variables

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Data & Observations Table 1: Surface Area Population Growth

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Data & Observations Table 2:# of Species

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Data & Observations Table 3:Species Competition

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Conclusions-Graph 1 Surface Area Population Growth My speculation was right. The cleanser from the ladies\' cleanser was more successful in eliminating microscopic organisms. The ladies\' cleanser was more successful in eliminating microorganisms. Microorganisms began to develop on day two of the analysis. The microscopic organisms built up a resistance and afterward began to develop. Alternately perhaps there wasn\'t sufficient cleanser or soil (microbes) I imagine that the microorganisms built up an imperviousness to the men\'s cleanser after around two days. The men\'s container just about resembled the control.You could put more cleanser on it and check whether the microscopic organisms would pass on Natural choice is when nature figures out what survives. Just a few microscopic organisms build up a resistance. After your outcomes are done you can see what microorganisms got to be safe. Development is the hypothesis that all things change over drawn out stretches of time.

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Conclusions-Graph 2 of species One to three animal varieties were seen in the dishes. Microscopic organisms are abiogenetic which helps the replicate speedier. Sexual delivers more hereditary varieties. ? HELP ?

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Repeated Trials View comparative analyses by returning back to our understudy showcase join on our landing page and investigate other web-folio\'s

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1-The Process of Evolution 2-Unity & Diversity: A System for Classification 3-Bacteria & Natural Selection 4-Ecological Significance of Bacteria 5-Customizing Bacteria - Genetic Engineering 6-Bacteria in Animal Nutrition & Digestion 7-Using Bacteria for Environmental Problems Related Topics on Bacteria

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Topic 1-The Process of Evolution

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Evolution Defined

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Genetic Variation

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Topic 2-Unity & Diversity: A System for Classification

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Genus & Species

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Kingdoms of Life

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Topic 3-Natural Selection

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Examples of Natural Selection -

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Key Ideas of Natural Selection -

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Topic 4-Ecological Significance of Bacteria

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Recycling of Materials

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Bacteria as Decomposers

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Topic 5-Genetic Engineering of Bacteria

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Genetic Engineering

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Recombinant DNA

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Examples of Using Recombinant DNA to Customize Bacteria -

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Topic 6-Bacteria\'s Role in Nutrition & Digestion

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The Importance of Nutrition & Digestion

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Bacteria\'s Role in Nutrition & Digestion

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Topic 7-Bacteria to Solve Environmental Problems

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Bio Remediation

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Uses of Bio-Remediation

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Unit II-Energy for Life Coming Soon!

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Unit III-Continuity of Life Coming Soon!

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Unit IV-Interactions & Interdependence Coming Soon!

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