Welcome to North Center School Home of the Jr. Huskies! Open House 2008-2009 Dr. Celeste Shelton-Harris, Chief Kimberly .

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Welcome to North Center School Home of the Jr. Huskies! Open House 2008-2009 Dr. Celeste Shelton-Harris, Important Kimberly Kirshman, Collaborator Foremost What's New at North Center School? Michigan 's Coordinated Conduct and Learning Bolster Activity MiBLSi
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Welcome to North Middle School Home of the Jr. Huskies! Open House 2008-2009 Dr. Celeste Shelton-Harris, Principal Kimberly Kirshman, Assistant Principal

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What’s New at North Middle School? Michigan ‘s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative MiBLSi

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Why is it so critical to concentrate on showing positive social practices? Before, far reaching control has concentrated fundamentally on implementing so as to respond to particular understudy mischief discipline based systems including censures, loss of benefits, office referrals, suspensions, and ejections, North Middle School – like numerous different schools, was no special case.

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What the Research Shows: Research has demonstrated that the usage of discipline, without other positive techniques, is ineffectual. Presenting, displaying, and fortifying positive social conduct is a critical part of each student’s instructive experience.

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Teaching and Learning Extends Beyond Academics with Middle Level Learners Teaching behavioral desires and remunerating understudies for tailing them is an a great deal more positive methodology than sitting tight for mischief to happen before reacting. The motivation behind far reaching PBS is to build up an atmosphere in which fitting conduct is the standard.

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What is the “Advisory Period”? sixth hour consistently, gatherings of give or take 20 understudies meet together with an educator to advance Respect, Responsibility and Positive Relationships OR “The Jr. Huskie Way!” Lesson Plans are given to every instructor keeping in mind the end goal to give a reliable positive lesson to understudies.

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Will my kid dependably have an Advisory Period? Understudies will be doled out to an Advisory Period for the entire school year. On the other hand, conduct is one and only segment of the MiBLSi activity so the conduct lessons will proceed all through the 1 st 9 weeks. As the year advances, we will keep on staging in scholarly techniques, highlight employability aptitudes, hone relational abilities, all with an end goal to bolster the scholastic, social and passionate development of every youngster at North Middle School. Center school is centered around the advancement of the “whole child.”

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What Did Day One Look Like for Students and Staff? NMS Opening Day~ The Jr. Huskie Way!

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Teachers Teaching Expected Behaviors This is the conduct, this is HOW we do it, and this is WHY we do it.

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Teachers Modeling UN-Expected Behavior in the Cafeteria NOT the Jr. Huskie Way… Hey, you’re in my seat. MOVE!

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Teachers Modeling Expected Behavior in the Cafeteria The Jr. Huskie Way! Howdy Ms. Stohrer, May I sit with you?

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RESPONSIBILITY Modeled in the Cafeteria Sure thing! Pardon me, would you be able to bring the junk can along these lines for me? Much obliged to you!

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Students/Teachers Modeling the Expected Behaviors! Tidying up after yourself is: The Jr. Huskie Way!

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Responsibility in the Locker Rooms This is the normal conduct, this is HOW we do it, and this is WHY we do it! Let’s attempt it together!

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Students Model Building Positive Relationships in the Hallways! Whoops! Here, let me help you with that! Much appreciated, Man! Helping other people is the Jr. Huskie Way!

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Respect Modeled by Students in the Cafeteria Thanks for your understanding gentlemen! Hey, no issue!

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Respect & Responsibility Modeled by Students in the Office You are so welcome! Have a pleasant day! Much obliged to you Ms. Newhouse!

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Respecting NMS Property is The Jr. Huskie Way!! Non Example

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Being On-Time for Class is The Jr. Huskie Way! Let’s rush so we’re not late for class!

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We anticipate working with and for the greater part of our North Middle School Families! Have an incredible school year! A major thank you to Stephanie Wagner and the Bible Club for the heavenly photographs

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