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WELCOME TO PARMA SENIOR HIGH What Happens if the Toll comes up short in November? Spring Games will act naturally supported projects The aggregate expense of every game will be resolved and every game will have a pay-to-take part charge in view of the aggregate number of members
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What Happens if the Levy falls flat in November? Spring Sports will act naturally subsidized projects The aggregate expense of every game will be resolved and every game will have a pay-to-partake charge in view of the aggregate number of members Until another cash duty passes, each consequent game season will keep on acting naturally financed.

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Determining Self-Funding Cost variables speak to 90-95% of the genuine board costs per sport. Mentors Supplemental Contracts Administrative expenses Benefits Transportation Athletic Trainer Services Custodial Overtime Operational expenses (center school)

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Self-Funded Programs Formula : Cost of self-subsidizing separated by number of competitors on team=cost per competitor Figures exhibited this evening are evaluated/must be load up affirmed after Nov. fourth There will be a few checkpoint dates for sponsor club gifts (1/9 and 2/6) The last due date will be declared at a later date.

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Example of Self-Funding: High School Varsity Softball/Baseball =$8,000 (min. 12) 12=$666 for each competitor 20=$400 for every competitor JV Softball/Baseball =$7,300 (min. 12) 12=$608 for each competitor 20=$365 for every competitor

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Example of Self-Funding: High School Varsity/JV/9 Football =$64,000 (min. 65) If just least #’s are met=$985 each If same #’s as this year(100)= $640 each If promoter club gives $10,000 $64,000-$10,000=$54,000 owed to PCSD $54,000 partitioned by 100 players=$540 each

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High School Self-Funded Costs: Spring B/G Track=$12,000 every (min. 12 every) Var. Baseball=$8,000 (min.12 competitors) JV Baseball=$7,300 (min. 12 competitors) Var. Softball=$8,000 (min. 12 competitors) JV Softball=$7,300 (min 12 competitors) Boys Tennis=$7,300 (min 7 competitors)

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High School Self-Funded Costs: Fall Var. Football= $32,000 (min. 25 competitors) JV Football= $16,000 (min.20 competitors) 9 Football= $16,000 (min. 20 competitors) Var. Volleyball= $8,000 (min. 9 competitors) JV Volleyball= $7,300 (min. 9 competitors) 9 Volleyball= $7,300 (min. 9 competitors)

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High School Self-Funded Costs: Fall B/G Var. Soccer= $8,000 each (min.12 every) B/G JV Soccer= $7,000 every (min. 12 every) Var. Young ladies Tennis= $7,300 (min. 7 competitors) Var. Golf= $7,000 (min. 6 competitors) B/G Cross-Country= $7,000 every (min. 7 every) Var. Fall Cheerleading= $6,500 (min. 7 competitors) JV Fall Cheerleading= $6,000 (min. 7 competitors)

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High School Self-Funded Costs:Winter B/G Var. Basketball= $12,000 every (min. 10) B/G JV Basketball= $10,500 every (min. 10) B/G 9 Basketball= $10,000 every (min. 10) B/G Swimming= $7,500 every (min. 10) Hockey= $7,300 (min. 10)

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High School Self-Funded Costs:Winter Var.Wrestling= $11,000 (min 14) JV Wrestling= $9,500 (min 10) 9 Wrestling= $9,500 (min 10) Var. Winter Cheerleading= $6,500 (min. 7) JV Winter Cheerleading= $6,000 (min. 7)

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Example of Self-Funding: Middle School eighth Grade Boys Track $5,500 separated by the quantity of members least 12= $458 per competitor 15=$366 for every competitor 20=$275 for every competitor 25=$220 for every competitor 30=$183 for every competitor a year ago (22) = $250 per competitor

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Middle School Self-Funded expenses: Spring seventh B/G Track=$5,500 every (min. 12 each) eighth B/G Track= $5,500 every (min. 12 each)

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Middle School Self-Funded costs:Fall/Winter seventh Football = $9,500 (min 22 competitors) eighth Football = $9,500 (min 22 competitors) seventh Volleyball = $5,000 (min. 12 competitors) eighth Volleyball = $5,000 (min. 12 competitors) seventh/eighth Drill team= $2,500 consolidated (min. 7) seventh B/G Basketball= $5,500 each(min 12 each) eighth B/G Basketball= $5,500 every (min 12 each) seventh Wrestling = $5,000 (min. 12 competitors) eighth Wrestling = $5,000 (min 12 competitors)

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Fund Raising The competitors\' folks are dependable to pay charge. They can gather pledges in the event that they pick. Supporter Clubs may give cash to help balance the expenses for the game. Cash gave by sponsor clubs to PCSD is non-refundable. All pledge drives for games must be endorsed by Athletic Director Participating in raising money endeavors does not ensure that an understudy will make the group.

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Title IX Issues Schools can\'t separate in view of sexual orientation and need to guarantee approach open door for gathering pledges for both young men/young ladies groups Donations towards self-subsidizing expense by P.S.H. All-Sports Booster club must be conveyed fairly to all games Individual group sponsor clubs are OK to give supports just to their group

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What if my game is wiped out? Approaching ninth graders can apply for open enlistment into any of the 3 PCSD secondary schools or go to a non-public school. (Must be submitted between November 15-January 15) Once an understudy sets up participation at a secondary school, he/she can\'t exchange to another school without losing one year of athletic qualification special cases: a real change of residency or lawful change of guardianship into another region Check www.OHSAA.org for all exchange local law exemptions

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QUESTIONS? On the off chance that you have any inquiries, round out note card and we will post answers on our site.:

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Individual Meetings We will post the data exhibited today evening time on our school’s site ASAP All Shiloh Middle School competitors and folks will stay in the Auditorium

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Individual Sport Team Meetings PSH Sports PSH Football-Little Theater PSH Boys Soccer-Cafeteria (passage right) PSH Girls Soccer-Cafeteria (section left) PSH Volleyball-Renaissance Lounge PSH Golf-Room 100 (opposite Athletic Dept. ) PSH Boys/Girls Tennis-Room 102 (opposite Athletic Dept.) PSH Fall/Winter Cheerleading-B245

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Individual Sport Team Meetings PSH Sports PSH Boys/Girls Swimming-Band Room PSH Girls Basketball-will meet on 10/13 6:30 P.M. in room 102 PSH Boys Basketball-Cafeteria (Clock side left) PSH Wrestling-Cafeteria (Clock side right) PSH Ice Hockey-Cafeteria (center left)

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Individual Sport Team Meetings PSH Sports PSH Baseball-Choir Room PSH Softball-Cafeteria (center right) PSH Boys/Girls Track/Cross-Country-Room 207

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