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WELCOME TO THE ASIAN Occupation System OF THE NEW ORLEANS Region This is a computerized slide presentation with music. The slides will change naturally. Kick back and appreciate the appear. Much appreciated WELCOME TO THE ASIAN Occupation Project OF THE NEW ORLEANS Area
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WELCOME TO THE ASIAN EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM OF THE NEW ORLEANS DISTRICT This is a mechanized slide presentation with music. The slides will change consequently. Kick back and appreciate the show. Much obliged

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WELCOME TO THE ASIAN EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM OF THE NEW ORLEANS DISTRICT EEO and the New Orleans District built up the Asian Employment Program (AEP) on August 19, 2005, to help the District in giving better representation to Asian-Americans in New Orleans District’s workforce. As AEP advisory group individuals we have been tasked to work towards the program\'s objectives. This slide show is one of our specialized instruments that have been intended to keep the District educated of this Special Emphasis Program. Asian Employment Program Committee

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US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District NATIONAL ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH IN MAY "Leadership to Meet the Challenges of a Changing World." exhibited by: Asian Employment Program Committee and EEO

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Where Is Asia In Reference To The United States?

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INDONESIA Asia & Pacific Countries

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Traditional Fashions Of Asia Korea Vietnam Japan India China

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Bowing Common Asian GESTURES OF GREETING: Hand shaking Bowing Avoid direct eye contact OTHER CUSTOMS: Silence (Listening) is an indication of amenability Respect for elderly individuals Public presentation of warmth is remarkable

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Unique Sport In Asia Cricket is a group activity for two groups of eleven players each. A formal session of cricket can last anything from an evening to a few days. Despite the fact that the diversion play and standards are altogether different, the fundamental idea of cricket is like that of baseball. Groups bat in progressive innings and endeavor to score runs, while the contradicting group fields and endeavors to convey a conclusion to the batting group\'s innings. After every group has batted an equivalent number of innings (either maybe a couple, contingent upon conditions picked before the diversion), the group with the most runs wins. Cricket Stadium in India

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Taj Mahal –(1648 ) India Cao Dai Temple-inside, Vietnam House and greenery enclosure - seventeenth century, Japan Presidential Palace, (1895), Taiwan Great Wall of China (1404) Ancient Treasures In Asian Countries

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Tower of Juche Idea, Korea (1982), 450 ft. tall Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia, tallest on the planet, 1,483 ft. tall, 88 stories Bank of China, Hong Kong (1990) 1,107 ft. tall 72 stories Modern Towers In Asia

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Indira Gandhi First lady Prime Minister of India 1966-1977 & 1980-1984, Assassinated in 1984 Women Leaders In Asia First lady President of the Philippines 1986-1992 Corazon Aquino Dr. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo fourteenth President of Philippines, 2001-present

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Europe with China on the psyche The East/West Manila-Acapulco Trade 1600 Chinese in Mexico 1700 European colonizations in Asia Western Trade Deficit with China and Opium War Filipinos in Louisiana 1800 Asian shift in American topography First Asian Contract Laborers to Hawaii Rising Asian Nationalism at Home in America Filipinos in America Asian Indians in America 1900 Asian Americans in US Army Asian American Timeline Please allude to this page for more subtle elements: http://www.pbs.org/ancestorsintheamericas/timeline.html

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Prominent Asian Americans Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee Energy Secretary Steven Chu Doctor Kalpana Chawla The blunt and showy Chinese-American sheriff of Louisiana\'s Jefferson Parish, was dependably a lightning pole for discussion amid his 26 years in office. As Jefferson Parish\'s irrepressible sheriff since 1980 and a standout amongst the most well known lawmakers in Louisiana history, Harry Lee passed on in 2007 at Ochsner Medical Center following a five-month fight with leukemia. He was 75. President Obama tapped a Chinese American and Nobel physicist for his Cabinet. For adding to another system to cool and trap iotas with laser light, Chu shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in material science. Once in the past he was Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. . In the first place Indian-American to fly the US space transport, on board the Columbia Shuttle that was lost in space with different space travelers on Feb. 1, 2003.

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Prominent Asian Americans Congressman Joseph Cao The 111th Congress was sworn into office Tuesday, January 6, 2009, including 41 year old Anh "Joseph" Cao of New Orleans. Delegate Cao, of the second locale of Louisiana, took the pledge on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. furthermore, turn into the first Vietnamese-American individual from Congress. Life story: * With his siblings and sisters Joseph Cao fled South Vietnam in 1975 when the Communists assumed control * Learned English and graduated with a degree in material science from Baylor University * Joined the Jesuits after graduation; taught reasoning at Loyola University in New Orleans while going to graduate school * Advocated for Vietnamese displaced people in the U.S., leaving private practice to do as such * Returned to New Orleans after Katrina and turned into a group extremist on reconstructing issues * Rebuilt his law hone without any preparation after Katrina Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Biography: Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, conceived in Baton Rouge; Graduated from Baton Rouge High School at 16 years old and therefore moved on from Brown University in 1991 with a degree in both open strategy and science. As a Rhodes Scholar, he got a graduate degree from Oxford University, Oxford, England. He served in Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals; delegated Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services by President George W. Bramble on March 7, 2001; Elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Ninth Congress and to the succeeding Congress, until his renunciation January 14, 2008, (January 3, 2005-January 14, 2008).

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