Welcome to the Magnolia Library.

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The Magnolia Library. Welcome to Baton Rouge Community College Magnolia Library\'s Online Tour. The Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion is home to the Magnolia Library, and the Academic Learning Center, the Magnolia Performing Arts Theater and the private Black Box Theater.. The Circulation Desk.
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Welcome to the Magnolia Library The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is focused on giving quality data administration. Our point is to set up our understudies to accomplish their own and expert objectives through advanced education. We are focused on long lasting learning, and give our understudies the best in administrations and offices. Understudies, personnel, staff, and the group everywhere are urged to exploit what we bring to the table. This visit will give you an outline of what is accessible through the LRC in the Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion. We will start in the Library, demonstrating to you what you may discover on each of our three stories. Welcome to the LRC, we trust you appreciate this visit.

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The Magnolia Library Welcome to Baton Rouge Community College Magnolia Library\'s Online Tour. The Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion is home to the Magnolia Library, and in addition the Academic Learning Center , the Magnolia Performing Arts Theater and the cozy Black Box Theater.

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The Circulation Desk The Circulation Desk is the primary thing you\'ll see when you enter the library. This is the place you\'ll go to look at, return or reestablish library materials. Materials may likewise be restored in the My Account tab in the Card Catalog. There are a couple study rooms on the upper floors of the library that might be saved at the Circulation Desk. We additionally have portable workstations and charting adding machines accessible for understudy checkout, and workforce may counsel with Media Services to get some answers concerning other accessible things.

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Checking Out Materials The measure of time that circling materials might be looked at is 3 weeks for books, and 1 week for DVDs and Videos. All benefactors must present a legitimate BRCC ID to look at library materials. DVDs and Videos might be seen in the library after checkout. Simply ask at the Circulation Desk!

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Reserve & Electronic Reserve Items Electronic Reserves are found on the PC desktops at the PC stations nearest to the Circulation Desk. Electronic Reserves are those things that can be put away digitally, and may incorporate study guides, address notes, old exams, and so forth. Physical store things, for example, reading material, lab books, recordings, and so on., are situated behind the Circulation Desk. They can be looked at for 3 hours, and may just be utilized as a part of the library.

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Periodicals & DVD Collection Moving into the library, you\'ll see various low retires. This is our periodical and DVD accumulations. Periodicals incorporate diaries and magazines, and in addition daily papers and other material that turns out occasionally. Our periodicals are for in-library utilize as it were. Current issues are on the showcase racks with the more seasoned volumes situated underneath. A portion of the more established duplicates have been bound, and are up in the stacks on the third floor. Our DVD accumulation incorporates motion pictures and documentaries that identify with coursework here at BRCC. While we have a couple of prevalent films, they are not something we gather.

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Library Computer Lab At the furthest side of the library, close to the windows, is the Open Computer Lab. This zone is accessible for supporter utilize at whatever time the library is open. The staff at the administration work area can give assistance the copiers and printers, and online enlistment and direction for utilizing Blackboard, email and Microsoft Office.

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Copying & Printing On every floor, by the lifts, is a duplicate and printing nook. There is at present a printer accessible on the first and second floors, while every one of the three stories have a scanner accessible. Duplicates and printouts cost 10 pennies for each page. The copiers take money or charge (from your BRCC ID card). The black box, called the Virtual Transfer System (VTS), connected to the divider, found only outside of the main floor anteroom, can be utilized to add cash to your card. The printer requires the BRCC card for charge as it were. New understudies begin with a $10 printer credit on their cards - this credit is not usable for photocopies! Photocopies must be produced using the cash added to your card. Issues with any of the photocopy or print machines ought to be coordinated to the Computer Services Help Desk on the principal floor.

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For Your Safety If there is a security circumstance where individual wellbeing is undermined, don\'t waver to get the closest RED telephone. These telephones will interface you straightforwardly to security. You will discover BRCC\'s Emergency Procedures by every red telephone. If there should arise an occurrence of crisis, you are reminded to utilize the stairs and take after the bearings of the building\'s security officer. We give Emergency Safe Zones to conditions requiring cover - simply take after the bearings on the yellow insignias. What\'s more, kindly don\'t utilize any electronic specialized gadgets in the event that we have gotten a bomb danger.

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The Staircase Area Past the doors, opposite Circulation, is the staircase. There is a gathering on either side of it. On the left is our new book gathering, comprising of as of late obtained books. You might need to peruse, in the event that there\'s something you were trusting we\'d get. On the right, we have month to month book shows. We\'ve had accumulations highlighting books included by the Big Read , and also shows for National Poetry Month and African-American History Month . To continue to the second floor, you may either take the staircase before you or the lifts situated to one side of the Circulation Desk.

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Reference Services The second floor of the Magnolia Library is home to the Reference Desk and the Reference Collection. The custodians staffing the work area will have the capacity to help you begin on your examination and help you find what you require in our gathering. Try not to be reluctant to ask; they must help you! The Reference Collection contains lexicons, reference books, handbooks, and so on. These books have data that will give fast replies, and should be accessible for everybody\'s utilization, so they are accessible for in-library use.

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The Reference Collection The Reference Collection is specifically nearby the Reference Desk. It contains materials that give brisk data on an expansive assortment of themes. Retires promptly behind the reference work area contain general reference books like World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica. The main part of the gathering is on the stacks behind. Reference, similar to whatever is left of our gathering, utilizes the Library of Congress Classification System . The College and Career Collection (CCAR) is in the segment nearby the most distant end of the Reference Collection. This is the place you can discover an accumulation of government sanctioned testing study guides, school catalogs, profession guides, and a little gathering of law and legitimate code books. The PC carrels here are habitually utilized for little bibliographic direction sessions.

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Study Rooms Behind the CCAR segment, on the opposite side of the glass entryways is the Magnolia Library\'s Special Collections range. There are two study rooms on each of the floors. The ones on the second floor are situated in the Special Collections zone. Study Rooms are incredible work environment on group ventures or when you require some continuous study. You may save any of the study rooms by utilizing the sign-up sheet joined to the entryway, or at the Circulation Desk on the principal floor.

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Special Collections - Archives A major a portion of our unique accumulations space is given to our Archives. Our current chronicled gathering is little, yet we are glad to currently possess the Carville V. Earle Collection . Dr. Earle was a previous seat of LSU\'s Department of Geography and Anthropology. His gift of more than 2100 books, diaries, maps and compositions stem from his confidence in and his longing to assemble the junior college framework.

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Special Collections – Media Room The Media Room every so often has classes for survey movies, and is home to an assortment of media gear. Some of this gear might be saved for checkout. Portable workstations and diagramming mini-computers are accessible for 24 hour checkout. Since we have a predetermined number, flow is on a first-come, first-serve premise.

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Office of the Dean & Administrative Offices The Administrative Offices are midway situated on the second floor, between the stairs and the lift, close to the reference work area. In these workplaces, you can discover the Offices of the Dean and Assistant Director.

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2 nd Floor Study Area The second floor has a lot of study region, contiguous Reference and with work stations close-by. In the wake of strolling through the study territory, you can continue to the third floor by the stairs situated against back divider. The lifts are situated before the reference work area.

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3 rd Floor Stacks The third floor houses the primary coursing accumulations of the library. This accumulation is alluded to as the "stacks." Most materials accessible for checkout are retired here. They are retired by Library of Congress Classification System , and might be gazed upward in our card inventory . The third floor is likewise home to extra study rooms, the Magnolia Library meeting room, the Teaching & Learning accumulation, and the Freedom Shrine - a gathering of generations of essential archives from United States history.

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3 rd Floor Study Area The third floor is an incredible spot to ponder. It\'s a tranquil spot to finish your exploration - with either our circling or online accumulations!

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Thank You For Visiting the Magnolia Library! Much obliged to you for taking the Magnolia Library Virtual Tour. We trust this visit has acclimated you with the library and the library administrations we offer. On the off chance that you might want more data about the Magnolia Library, our accumulation, or the administrations we offer, visit us at the Reference Desk, or visit our page . You can simply ask us and we\'ll hit you up when we can. In the event that you require quick replies, call us at the Refer

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