Welcome to the Meeting.

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Wellbeing and sustenance experts serving pregnant and baby blues ladies in the 8 ... Holder planting in day consideration focuses. Activities of Work Groups ...
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Welcome to the Meeting

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Our Mission To advance solid weights in childbearing ladies and their newborn children in the 8 areas served by Bassett Healthcare Our Methods Environmental mediations created and actualized through a limit building organization Our Members Health and sustenance experts serving pregnant and baby blues ladies in the 8 provinces served by Bassett Healthcare

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Community-Based Partnership Four gatherings held – Dec. 1, 2005; May 5, 2006; March 20, 2007; Sept. 28, 2007 Coordinating Committee & Work Groups shaped and working Governance structure created Mechanism for subsidizing Partnership ventures created and operationalized Name and logo created Project site created & working

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Coordinating Committee-\'07-\'08 Jeanne Darling & Pam Hildebrandt Dianne Dirig Cheryl Geiler Lorraine Kinney-Kitchen Linda Lewis-Moors Linda Robbins Ginny Schmitt Jeanne Westcott

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Funded Projects of Work Groups New Nutrition Education System 6 Newsletters and Gain Tracker finished Updated with My Pyramid for Moms (2008) Breastfeeding social advertising effort (2007) Repeated in mid 2008 CCE assistant created "Open doors for Physical Activity" guide and process (2007) Support for breastfeeding in doctors workplaces preparing Container planting in day care focuses

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Projects of Work Groups-Beginning Phases Healthy Meals Initiative Work with one site of a nearby comfort store chain to build accessibility and access to products of the soil Taken to a sensible ceasing point Investigating open doors with other sustenance retailers Breastfeeding strategies at work locales NYS Labor Law Chapter 574 altered to include area 206-c communicating bosom milk at work

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Next Steps from Sept. 28, 2007 Meeting Increase HSP exercises in provinces and with work bunches without financed ventures; Increase recurrence of electronic correspondence with HSP individuals and posting on site; Initiate discourse about structure(s) that will upgrade probability of supportability of HSP including authority for Coordinating Committee.

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Goals for Today\'s Meeting Stimulate thinking and activity around potential ecological mediations identified with breastfeeding and solid suppers; Inform individuals about our ventures and their achievements and talk about next strides for these and different tasks; and Consider eventual fate of HSP.

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Future of HSP USDA CSREES Project No. 2005-35215-15427 (subsidizing hotspot for HSP) closes March 31, 2009; Pre-proposition submitted to RWJF to finance HSP to address the sustenance environment and youth heftiness. Request full proposition by April 9, 2008 Notification for every full proposition by Sept. 1, 2008 If recompensed, gift period 09/01/08-02/28/10

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Workplace Policies on Breastfeeding

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The Healthy Meals Initiative

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Reports and Updates

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