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Achieving AYP Through an Online Assessment Program Program Overview September 2007. Partnership Overview. District Initiative Vendor Pilot in 2005 Partnership with AAA schools in 2006-2007 Partnership district-wide in 2007-2008. Approaches.
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Accomplishing AYP Through an Online Assessment Program Overview September 2007

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Partnership Overview District Initiative Vendor Pilot in 2005 Partnership with AAA schools in 2006-2007 Partnership locale wide in 2007-2008

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Approaches Formative (FOR) versus Summative (OF) Low-stakes High-stakes Multiple appraisals, information investigation, criticism Cumulative evaluation toward the end obviously/school year Common Assessments FCAT Assess Cumulative Analyze

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Assessment Plan Diagnostic Assessments Hard-Copy Only FCAT August \'07 October \'07 December \'07 February \'08 May \'08 Common Assessments - Ongoing Common Assessments - Ongoing Reading Common Assessment – Mid October Online, Hard-Copy, or Clicker Cluster and Mini Assessments Online Only

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Minimum Number of Assessments Required FY 2008

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Mandatory Reading Common Assessment October 15 – 19, 2007

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Available in Assessment Center FY 2008

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Administration Methods Teachers can direct the Common Assessments through internet testing window, printed copy and output comes about, and clicker innovation. The Cluster and Mini Assessments will be managed online just .

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Assessment Center Ways to Access: District Home Page/Learning Tools http://palmbeach.princetonreview.com http://asc.princetonreview.com

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Contacts The School District of Palm Beach County Program Manager – Dr. Carla Kendall kendallc@palmbeach.k12.fl.us (561)969-5822 The Princeton Review Project Managers Mrs. Anne d\'Epagnier-Knopf Mrs. Jeanette Beninati annede@review.com jeanetteb@review.com 1(800)333-0369 x.1376 1(800)333-0369 x.1202

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