WELCOME TO UNCW Introduction.

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Kim came to us from the Education Center at Camp LeJeune/MCAS New River. ... seeking after a B. A. in rudimentary instruction at the Onslow Extension in Jacksonville. ...
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WELCOME TO UNCW ORIENTATION Extended Education Onslow County

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UNCW Extension Education Program Orientation Table of Contents Agenda… … Pages 3-4 Extension Staff… … . Pages 6-9 Admissions Information… … Pages 11 Library Services… … . Pages 12-13 Financial Aid Information… … Pages 14 Bookstore Information… … Page 15 Registrar Information… … ... Page 16-21 (How to enlist for your classes, and so on.) Student Accounts Information… Pages 22-28 (Tuition Payments, How to pay your educational cost, etc.) Campus Parking… … . Page 29 UNCW Additional Information… … . Page 32 (Student E-mail Account, Accessing Online Classes, and so forth)

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UNCW Extension Education Program Orientation Agenda Check-In 30 min BT 101 ID Cards Packet Distribution Welcome & Introduction 5 min Dr. Barton Admissions 10 min Dr. Barton Dual Admission Ron Hardison Military Waiver Form Library 15 min Sue Cody Financial Aid 15 min Shannon Miles Bookstore 10 min UNCW Services 5 min Dr. Barton Career Services Disability Services Chris Stone Student email

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UNCW Extension Education Program Orientation Registrar 5 min Mandy Hodge SeaWeb Demonstration Student Accounts 10 min Dr. Barton Campus Parking 5 min Dr. Barton Undergraduate Degree Programs School of Nursing 10 min Dr. Barton Criminal Justice 10 min Dr. Barton Watson School of Education Elementary Education 20 min Lisa Keenan Teacher Licensure Graduate Degree Programs MA in Liberal Studies 2 min Dr. Barton MEd in Elementary Educ 2 min Dr. Barton

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Welcome and Introduction Dr. Beth Barton Director, Onslow Extension Program & Military Liaison http://www.uncw.edu/augmentation

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UNCW Extension Program Staff Beth A. Barton, Ph.D., Director & UNCW Military Liaison In January 2004, Beth was procured as the Director of the UNCW Extension Program. Beth holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and brings experience as a junior college and college educator and additionally a group contact, working with the nearby educational system, police division, and places of worship. She has gotten various neighborhood and state grants for her support of the group, fundamentally for helping to establish an after-school tutoring program for impeded youngsters. Beth at present serves on the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce\'s Military Affairs Committee, Education Committee, the Swansboro Area Chamber of Commerce\'s Military Affairs Committee, and is one of three Board of Directors for the Jacksonville Police Department\'s Training Academy. (910) 455-2310 Cecil L. Willis, Ph.D., Director of UNCW Criminal Justice Extension Program.  Cecil is the scholarly guide for all college understudies seeking after a B. A. in criminal equity in the Onslow Extension Program.  He holds a Ph.D. in human science from Virginia Tech and is teacher of criminal equity at UNCW. Amid his over 30 years of scholarly experience, he has held positions as seat, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UNCW.  (910) 346-8426 willis@uncw.edu

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UNCW Extension Program Staff Kim Allin, Enrollment Services Coordinator Kim came to us from the Education Center at Camp LeJeune/MCAS New River. Kim\'s solid instruction foundation joined with her insight into the Marine Corp\'s Tuition Assistance makes her a profitable advantage for the UNCW Extension group. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting, an Associate of Science in Finance and an Associate of Science in Economics from Hawaii Pacific University alongside an Associate of Arts from Coastal Carolina Community College. She beforehand filled in as both an Office Manager/Senior Education Assistant and a Program Associate Coordinator for Hawaii Pacific University. Her obligations included prompting understudies, overseeing every day office operations and administering and preparing new representatives. Kim is a late graduate of a MBA program and comprehends the trials that all day working understudies persevere. Lisa Keenan, Watson School of Education Advisor Lisa is the scholastic guide for all college understudies seeking after a B. A. in basic training at the Onslow Extension in Jacksonville. She holds a B.S. from West Chester University, Pennsylvania and a M.Ed. Educational modules and Instruction from Kutztown University, Pennsylvania. Her expert foundation is in secondary school social studies. She has educated in state funded schools and at the college level. She is hitched to a resigned U. S. Marine. They have two kids—Rick and Kelly. Lisa appreciates planting, living by the shoreline, educating and peopling (910) 455-8034

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UNCW Extension Program Staff Mandy Hodge, Administrative Associate Mandy is the Administrative Associate for the UNCW Extension Program. She has quite a while of involvement with the military; she moved to Jacksonville in 2001 when her dad resigned from the U.S. Marine Corps following 24 years. She is locked in to be hitched to a previous marine who is a full time understudy at CCCC. Mandy moved on from UNCW in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Gerontology and anticipates taking an interest in the Masters in Liberal Studies program here with the Onslow Extension Program. Understudy Workers Our workplaces would not run effectively without our understudy representatives. They give significant help to imminent and current understudies, and additionally whatever is left of the Extension Program staff and personnel.

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Our Staff

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Admissions http://www.uncw.edu/confirmations/(910) 962-3243 Dual Admission (Ron Hardison, CCCC) Transient Study Form Military Waiver Form

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Library Services UNCW Randall Library http://library.uncw.edu/(910) 962-3760 CCCC Learning Resource Center http://www.cclinc.ncccs.cc.nc.us (910) 938-6237 Camp LeJeune Libraries http://www.mccslejeune.com/library.html

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William Madison Randall Library http://library.uncw.edu Library Support for Extension Students Library Books Mailed to You- - Free! All augmentation understudies may ask for Randall Library books for their own utilization. They will be sent to you at your personal residence at no charge. We can likewise send you books and articles from different libraries. How can it work? We give these administrations to you through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery Services division. When you set up an ILL record, you can ask for the materials you require. To set up your record, go to https://illiad.uncw.edu/logon.html Click "First-Time Users—Click here" Identify yourself as a Distance Education Student Choose a username and watchword Fill in the structure with the data about the book you need Library PIN Some library administrations require a PIN or secret key from off grounds: Renew library materials online Place hangs on looked at things Access Course Reserves Access databases from off-grounds To set up your Library PIN, go to this site page and take after the headings: http://library.uncw.edu/web/research/pin.html Problems or inquiries? 866-377-8309

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William Madison Randall Library http://library.uncw.edu Library Support for Extension Students Contact us for more Sue Cody Associate University Librarian for Public Services UNCW (910) 962-7409 codys@uncw.edu Linda Muir Head Librarian CCCC (910) 938-6793 muirl@coastal.cc.nc.us UNCW William Madison Randall Library 601 South College Rd. * Wilmington, NC 28403-5616 (910) 962-3760 * (866) 377-8309

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Financial Aid and Veterans Services http://www.uncw.edu/finaid/VA Representative: Shannon Miles (910) 962-3177 [Please note when first utilizing VA benefits you may need to pay out of pocket while sitting tight for the advantages to begin] For Employees of NC County School Systems: Model Teacher Education Consortium https://www.ncmtec.org

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UNCW Bookstore http://www.uncw.edu/ba/book shop/(910) 962-3188 Order books online: http://uncw.bkstore.com/

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Registrar http://www.uncw.edu/reg/(910) 962-3125 100.00 Deposit This is REQUIRED before you enlist! SeaNet http://www.uncw.edu/reg/seanetfiles/stuseanetguide.htm UNCW SeaPort Calendar of Events New understudy enrollment: write in date here ( )

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Student Accounts http://www.uncw.edu/ba/bookkeeping/student_accounts Student Accounts Office: (910) 962-3147 Cashier\'s office: (910) 962-3164 Tuition Message to all UNCW Students (overhauled October 16, 2006) Tuition and expenses are charged by of the course (primary grounds or augmentation) and not understudy arrangement. At the point when utilizing the SEANET enlistment framework, please remember that Extension courses will be courses with segment numbers 800 or higher and a grounds of "EXT." Only these segments of courses are charged at the Extension educational cost rates which are figured on a for each credit hour premise. All other area numbers are considered on-grounds courses and are charged in that capacity. Educational cost and charge rates for both on grounds and Extension courses can be found at http://www.uncw.edu/ba/bookkeeping/student_accounts/tuition_and_fees_schedule.htm Ultimately, it is the understudy\'s duty to know the diverse educational cost rates.

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Student Accounts Cashier\'s Office Extension Tuition/Fees for Undergrad – per credit hour In-State (Tuition will expand every July) Grad Students – per credit hour In-State (Tuition will build every July) *main grounds rates can be found on

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