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About MyFolio. What is MyFolio? My Folio is your own portfolio in E*Value. It acts like a virtual file organizer that stores data about you.What can MyFolio accomplish for me? MyFolio is an instrument that you can use to record scholarly, individual, and group
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Welcome to Using MyFolio Content  About MyFolio  Deleting a line  Sug gested uses  Saving your work  MyFolio folders  A more critical take a gander at field sorts  MyFolio grids  Entering content in a paper field  About pop-ups  Uploading & erasing an archive ( eg , Word, PPT or . pdf )  Disabling your fly up blocker  Uploading & erasing a picture ( eg , .jpg or .gif)  Opening MyFolio  Using a date picker  MyFolio home page  Preview mode  Opening a folder  Downloading your portfolio  Edit mode  MyFolio tips  MyFolio icons  Logging out  Entering & redesigning data  Can\'t open MyFolio ?  Editing window  If you require help  Adding another row

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About MyFolio What is MyFolio ? My Folio is your own portfolio in E*Value. It acts like a virtual file organizer that stores data about you. What can MyFolio accomplish for me? MyFolio is a device that you can use to archive scholarly, individual, and group benefit accomplishments. The objective is to assemble your portfolio after some time. You may add to MyFolio at whatever point you need to … the volume of data that can be put away there is boundless.

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Suggested utilizes for MyFolio can be utilized to … support course necessities document respects & grants document parts in understudy government & boards of trustees support an application for business Are all understudy profiles the same? NO. All understudies will utilize a portfolio that seems to be comparable, yet every understudy assemble (BSN, MN, & DNS) will utilize an adaptation that\'s been cust0mized for their one of a kind needs. Who controls the substance of MyFolio ? YOU DO! Every client (called a MyFolio Owner) controls the data that is gone into their own portfolio. Every client is in charge of the exactness of all information passages.

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Is MyFolio simple to utilize? Yes … you don\'t need to be a tech wizard to utilize MyFolio . Do you know how to connect a report to an email, sort or alter content, duplicate & glue content, utilize a drop down rundown, or select a date from a date picker? In the event that the answer is YES , then you have every one of the aptitudes you have to utilize MyFolio .

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MyFolio envelopes MyFolio contains a rundown of envelopes composed by theme. Clients enter information by first selecting an envelope to work in. The organizer list underneath appears in the current BSN understudy portfolio; extra envelopes show up in the MN & DNS understudy portfolios. More envelopes can be included the future … My Credentials My Resume My Curriculum Vitae My Clinical Skills My Student Leadership Roles My Awards & Honors My Community Service My Organizational Memberships My Presentations My Professional Growth

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MyFolio frameworks MyFolio organizers incorporate lattices where you really enter information. Most folders contain no less than one lattice.  G frees are intended to give you diverse approaches to enter information.  Each framework contains fields that permit you to enter diverse types of information.  S ome fields are for content section while others permit you to join an archive or picture . Still different fields give you with a drop down rundown of decisions or a date picker to choose a date.

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About pop-ups How would I debilitate my fly up blocker? It\'s truly simple. Straightforward directions for handicapping your fly up blocker are given to clients of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox … E*Values utilizes a considerable measure of pop-ups, so you should debilitate your program\'s fly up blocker with a specific end goal to view fly up windows or finish errands.

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Disabling your fly up blocker utilizing Internet Explorer Open your program and sort the URL https://www.e-value.net . Login. Go to the Tools dropdown on the Internet Explorer toolbar. Select Pop-up Blocker , then Turn Off Pop-up Blocker . … or … To permit pop-ups only for E*Value , select Pop-up Blocker Settings , sort the E*Value URL, then snap Add . https://www.e-value.net

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Disabling your fly up blocker utilizing Mozilla Firefox Open your program and sort the URL https://www.e-value.net . Login. Go to T ools on the Mozilla Firefox toolbar, and select O ptions . Another window will open. Select the Content tab, then uncheck B bolt fly up windows . Click OK . … or … To permit pop-ups only for E*Value , check B bolt fly up windows , select E xceptions (another window will open), type the E*Value URL, and snap A llow . https://www.e-value.net

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Open ing MyFolio Go to the Functionality Menu in the far left column of your E*Value Home Page. Click USER MENU to show a rundown of menu items (things you can do in E*Value). The rundown reflects parts allocated to every client, so your rundown may look not the same as the one at left. Click MyFolio , then View MyFolio to open your portfolio.

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MyFolio landing page When you open MyFolio , you\'ll see a landing page that shows an appreciated message, fundamental directions for utilize, and the organizer list. Tap on an envelope name to open it . MyFolio welcome message and fundamental directions for utilize. Note : This picture was trimmed. Envelope list

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Opening an organizer… an illustration utilizing My Presentations Click My Presentations to open the envelope. The organizer window will show fundamental directions for utilize took after by a lattice that you will use to enter information. Matrix Note : Directions for including, altering, and erasing information applies to all organizers and networks in MyFolio .

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Entering information i nto a matrix utilizing EDIT MYFOLIO Your capacity to enter information into MyFolio is controlled by symbols. You should be in alter mode to make the symbols perceptible. Tap the Folder Tools tab in the upper right corner of the envelope window. A short drop-down rundown will show up. Select the EDIT MYFOLIO symbol (resembles a pencil). E*Value will invigorate, and the altering symbols will show up …

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A more critical take a gander at Edit Mode The altering symbols are presently unmistakable on the far right half of the network. An askew alter mode watermark is additionally unmistakable out of sight. altering symbols

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A more intensive take a gander at symbols There are 3 symbols that control fundamental client activities: including another line, altering network push information, and erasing a framework push. Mouse over a symbol to perceive what it does.  Add another column to the matrix  Update lattice push information    Delete this network push  Note : There are different symbols, as well, however you won\'t require them to enter information into MyFolio . On the off chance that a symbol is \'turned gray out\' on your screen, it implies that the activity connected with that symbol ( eg , erasing a whole framework) has been bolted to keep clients from rolling out inadvertent improvements.

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Entering & upgrading information Go to the finish of the information column, and tap the Update Grid Row Data symbol (resembles a pencil). Overhaul matrix push information

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The altering window Clicking the Update Grid Row Data symbol opens an altering window. This is the place you enter & overhaul information. The My Presentations altering window shows every one of the information fields accessible to you. Title of Presentation and Sponsor are both \'short-content\' fields that you can use to sort or alter content. The Comments field is an "article" field that likewise acknowledges content, yet it gives all the more altering choices. Date of Presentation is the place you can choose a date utilizing a date picker (or you can simply sort a date). Kind of Presentation and My Role permit you to pick from a drop down rundown. Tap the down bolt to uncover the decisions. Supporting D0cument is the place you can transfer (join) a Word document, PPT presentation, or examined report (. pdf ). Picture is the place you can transfer (join) a .jpg or .gif record. In this illustration, information has been entered as of now. The client can roll out improvements by essentially altering content, picking another date, transferring an archive or picture, or selecting an alternate drop down decision.

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Adding another column of information Go to the finish of the framework\'s title line, and tap the Add a New Row to the Grid symbol (resembles a green bolt). Add another column to the lattice

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The altering window shows up again Clicking the Add a New Row to the Grid symbol opens the altering window, yet this time you have a clear slate. Enter content, select a date, transfer docs, et cetera. When you\'re done, click Save Grid Row . E*Value will invigorate, and the new line will show up. Note : When you include another line, E*Value consequently puts it in the Last position. You can move the new column to the First position (or anyplace in the middle of) by selecting one of the decisions from the Row Placement drop-down.

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Deleting a line Go to the finish of the information column, and tap the Delete this Grid Row symbol (resembles a red bolt). E*Value will invigorate, and the line will vanish. Erase this lattice push Note : You can\'t erase the main line in a framework.

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