Welcome to your PART Online class Instructional course!.

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Welcome to your PART Online class Instructional course! "What has truly put us on the [national] guide is the PART program, which has [numerous] individuals over the country...representing the College at school fairs and at secondary schools." - Dr. Betsy Doorman, Executive of Affirmations and Money related Guide
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Welcome to your PART Webinar Training Session! “What has truly put us on the [national] guide is the PART program, which has [numerous] individuals over the country...representing the University at school fairs and at high schools.” - Dr. Betsy Porter, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid New Email: PART@pitt.edu

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College Days/Fairs/Nights Volunteers go to right around 300 enrollment occasions yearly Alert OAFA of neighborhood occasions Share positive encounters from graduated class and guardian point of view with imminent understudies/families Serve as the college\'s substance Adopt a School Program – NEW Volunteer serves as a contact between secondary school and OAFA Distributes materials to class Contacts conceded understudies Increases perceivability in difficult to achieve regions Target schools recorded on PART site What is PART? P itt A lumni R ecruitment T eam Pitt P arent A dmissions R ecruitment T eam *700 individuals in more than 40 states*

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Training Session Agenda Admissions Presentation Talking Points Materials Explanation and Usage

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Choosing the Right College: 6 Factors Size Location Academics Reputation Academic Fit Cost & Financial Aid

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Factor #1 - Campus Size Enrollment Appx. 15,000 full-time students Class estimate Almost 70% have under 30 understudies Less than 5% have more than 100 Student to Faculty proportion: 15 to 1 Diversity In-state/Out-of-state Over 300 undergrad understudy associations Facilities 14 Residence Halls – Pennsylvania and Panther Halls 5 Apartment-style Accommodations – Ruskin Hall Computer Labs and Services Athletic Facilities Resources Academic Support Center Advising Counseling and Career Services Libraries

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Factor #1 - Campus Size Talking Point #1: The University of Pittsburgh has every one of the advantages of a huge examination college however is sufficiently little for understudies to get customized consideration and cut out their own particular specialty inside of the University of Pittsburgh.

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Factor # 2 - Location Oakland 3 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh Green space

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Factor # 2 - Location Shops and eateries Museums PittARTS UPMC 7 showing healing facilities Safety and Transportation Pitt Police Residence Hall Safety For Safety’s Sake SafeRider and Pitt Shuttle System

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Factor # 2 - Location “The City is our Campus!” Most reasonable city 2007 Places Rated Almanac Free open transportation Cultural attractions and theater occasions Fortune 500 organizations PNC, Mellon, Highmark, Heinz Sports

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Factor # 2 - Location Talking Point #2: The University of Pittsburgh has all the huge city advantages while keeping up a littler grounds group.

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Factor # 3 - Academics Ten undergrad schools with both first year recruit & upper-level passage More than 101 majors Fourteen graduate & proficient schools Campuses in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville 407 degree programs framework wide

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Factor # 3 - Academics Freshman Entry Programs School of Arts and Sciences College of Business Administration Swanson School of Engineering School of Nursing

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Factor # 3 - Academics Upper-level Division Programs – Junior Year Entry School of Education Applied Developmental Psychology Health and Physical Activity Post-baccalaureate educator confirmation www.education.pitt.edu School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition Communication Science Emergency Medicine Health Information Management Rehabilitation Science www.shrs.pitt.edu

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Factor # 3 - Academics Upper-level Division Programs, con’t. School of Information Science Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences (BSIS) www.sis.pitt.edu School of Social Work Bachelor of Arts in Social Work www.socialwork.pitt.edu

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Factor # 3 - Academics School of Pharmacy Pre-drug store arrangement in the School of Arts and Sciences Sophomore take PCAT, apply straightforwardly to the project 4 proficient years in the School of Pharmacy Six-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree Conditional acknowledgment for green bean 1250-1290 M/CR SAT, Minimum M 650 and main 10% with meeting 1300 M/CR SAT, Minimum M 680 and main 10% without meeting www.pharmacy.pitt.edu

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Factor # 3 - Academics University Honors College Academic test Automatic Review Non-participation association 1400 SAT M/CR and Top 5% for qualification Opportunities for: Honors Housing Bachelors of Philosophy Degree Research Publications Scholarships

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Factor # 3 - Academics International Opportunities University Center for International Studies Pursue a dialect Certificates Study Abroad in more than 300 areas Financial Aid and Scholarships Available for any major Vary long

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Factor # 3 - Academics Office of Experiential Learning Undergraduate Research Opportunities Unique to the University of Pittsburgh Many majors Internships Undergraduate Teaching Experience and Peer Tutoring

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Factor # 3 - Academics Talking Point #3: A repeating topic here at the University of Pittsburgh is the assortment of OPTIONS accessible to our understudies in and outside of the classroom.

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Factor # 4 - Reputation Association of American Universities Nationally-perceived scholarly projects Philosophy Department – 2 nd History and Philosophy of Science – 5 th Stellar games Division 1 Many club/intramural games More than 241,000 graduated class Pitt Career Network

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Factor # 4 - Reputation Talking Point #4: The University of Pittsburgh holds a regarded notoriety broadly and universally, and a degree from the University of Pittsburgh conveys awesome quality.

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Factor # 5 - Academic Fit Application Process Rolling Admissions Apply beginning July 1 st Fee waivers Paper or Online www.oafa.pitt.edu Official High School Transcripts SAT and/or ACT results Supplemental Information – Optional yet supported Essays and/or Personal Statements Letter(s) of Recommendation

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Factor # 5 - Academic Fit Applications are consequently checked on for: Admissions University Honors College Scholarships Freshman Guarantees Appropriate Regional Campus

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Factor # 5 - Academic Fit Merit-based Scholarships From $2000/year to full educational cost/room & board Consideration starts at 1400 SAT (32 ACT) AND Top 5% class rank Review starts early November January 15 due date

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Factor # 5 - Academic Fit What is a “Freshman Guarantee”? Current choices include: School of Medicine School of Law School of Dental Medicine School of Education Swanson School of Engineering School of Nursing Graduate School of Public and International Affairs Graduate School of Public Health School of Social Work School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

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Factor # 5 - Academic Fit What is the Admissions Committee searching for? Balanced understudies Challenging educational programs – Honors/AP Performance on the SAT or ACT Success in classroom reflected by: -Class Rank -QPA/Grade point normal -Consistency of fabulousness

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Factor #5 - Academic Fit How Can the Admissions Committee Respond? Offer affirmations Request extra data - Quarter or mid-year grades - Senior SAT/ACT - Both Appropriate provincial grounds Deny confirmation

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Factor # 5 - Academic Fit Talking Point #5: Freshman Profile Class of 2012* Applications Received: 21,244 Number Offered Admission: 11,669 Number Enrolled: 3,598 SAT I mid-range for all conceded green beans is 1200-1370 ACT mid-range for all conceded rookies is 25-30 Percent in the Top 2/5 of class: 98% Percent in the Top 10% of class: 54% * As of June 19, 2008

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Factor # 6 - Cost & Financial Aid Need-based Financial Aid File FAFSA as right on time as January 1 online March 1 suggested first year recruit recording due date Student Aid Report (SAR) FAAS (Pitt’s own structure)

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Determining Financial Need Cost of Attendance (COA)* - Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Demonstrated Need *DIRECT COSTS= Tuition & Fees, Room & Board INDIRECT COSTS= Books & Supplies, Transportation, Personal Living Expenses ~Department of Education figures Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Factor # 6 - Cost & Financial Aid

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Grants Federal Pell Grant Federal SEOG State Grant Pitt Grant Self-Help Aid Federal Work Study Perkins Loan Stafford Loans PLUS Factor # 6 - Cost & Financial Aid

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Factor # 6 - Cost & Financial Aid Talking Point #6: Appx. 70% of Pitt understudies get some kind of need-based monetary guide. Current expense data is accessible at: www.ir.pitt.edu/educational cost/

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What else to discuss with planned understudies? Enrollment Events Majors www.pitt.edu/academics.html Mailing List/Video Clips www.oafa.pitt.edu/investigate/Undergraduate Research Freshman Guarantees 20,000+ applications 6 components Campus visits

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Campus Visit Options Campus Tours: Monday – Friday On the hour 10 AM to 3 PM Information Sessions: Monday – Friday 10 AM and 2 PM Selected Saturdays 9 AM So You Wanna Be A…Fridays Ready…Set…Pitt Saturdays www.oafa.pitt.edu/visit.aspx

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Inquiry Cards Profiles Fact Sheets Search Pieces Tuition Cost Cards Major Stand Materials “Students recall the smiling face and handshake, and are then more prone to catch up with a visit. To folks worrying about sending a tyke off to a bizarre land...the individual touch found at a school reasonable is reassuring.” - Jane Gordon, New York Times

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Q & A Kerri J. Meeks, Assistant Director kmeeks@pitt.edu 412-624-0770 Breanne Caution, Associate Director bcaution@pitt.edu 412-624-0758 ww

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