Well disposed Five Star Administration.

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Category: Food / Beverages
Club Inter-Continental. A definitive in selectiveness. 4 eateries give. a mixed bag of ... Italian Restaurant. Caf Rendezvous. Throughout the day eating & global ...
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Friendly Five Star Service

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Breathtaking Harbor Views

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A space to suit any event

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Simple Elegance

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Club Inter-Continental a definitive in restrictiveness

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4 eateries give an assortment of feasting alternatives

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Hoi King Heen Cantonese Restaurant

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The Mistral Italian Restaurant

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Café Rendezvous All day eating & worldwide smorgasbord

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Well prepared for Business Travelers

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Extensive Function Facilities

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Technological Wizardry

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Simple Relaxation

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Fitness Center

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Replenish & Revitalize the Soul

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