Wellbeing and Restorative Tourism Presentation to NW Tourism Lekgotla Dr Tshepo P. Maaka Serokolo Wellbeing Tourism (Pty.

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Culinary Tourism. Sports Tourism. Available Tourism. Helped Residential Tourism (Ambient ... Join wellbeing go with bunches of tourism exercises, golf, safari, ...
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Wellbeing and Medical Tourism Presentation to NW Tourism Lekgotla Dr Tshepo P. Maaka Serokolo Health Tourism (Pty) Ltd 10 Sept 2009

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Presentation Layout What is restorative tourism? Sections of Health Tourism Who are wellbeing and restorative voyagers Why do they travel and where do they go from? How huge is Medical tourism universally and locally? Why SA as a therapeutic tourism goal? Serokolo Health Tourism Case Study-Creating a medicinal tourism experience Summary: Who is in the quality chain of therapeutic tourism Benefits of restorative tourism Growth and Development Challenges

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What is restorative tourism?

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What is Medical Tourism? Industry where individuals from all around the globe are making a trip to different nations to get therapeutic, dental and surgical consideration while in the meantime visiting, traveling and completely encountering the attractions of the nation they are going to " It is about the experience!!!! Medicinal tourism started essentially with elective and restorative surgery by and large not secured by therapeutic protection, but rather developing numbers now go forever sparing and therapeutically important methodology, for example, cardiovascular surgery. Besides individuals join restorative registration with travel both universally and locally

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Segments of Health Tourism Medical Tourism Dental Tourism Spa Tourism Wellness Tourism (wellbeing tourism) Culinary Tourism Sports Tourism Accessible Tourism Assisted Residential Tourism (Ambient Assisted Living Abroad)

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MEDICAL TOURIST Life-sparing strategies Elective and vital methods Stay longer, min 10 days Minimal tourism exercises Travel with friend International (can be nearby) Quoted on medicinal history HEALTH TOURIST Health seekers Dental and corrective surgeries Medical registration/Screening Packages: Spa treatment and renewal/wellbeing Short-stay < 1/52 Combine wellbeing go with heaps of tourism exercises, golf, safari, shopping, sustenance Travel alone Local and global Pre-bundled Who are these sightseers?

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RESEARCH FINDINGS Emerging medicinal voyagers Indonesia, Africa, Unavailability of required restorative administrations in own nation Quality and security worries of therapeutic administrations in own nation Relatively high expenses of restorative and wellbeing administrations Exclusions and non-scope of administrations by therapeutic insurance agencies May be capable or not able to pay Usual administrations obtained are life-sparing and therapeutically essential systems May buy elective strategies Tourism part of offering may not be vital Traditional medicinal visitors are inhabitants of industrialized nations… Traditional restorative sightseers USA, Canada, Great Britain, Western Europe, Australia and Middle East Countries of beginning Rise in future and surging interest for social insurance administrations in own nation Rise in non-transferable sicknesses that require particular administrations Increasing weight on human services administrations prompting long holding up periods* High expenses of restorative and wellbeing administrations Exclusions and non-scope of administrations by medicinal insurance agencies High misbehavior protection charges Reasons for restorative travel Generally ready to pay Disposable pay Usual administrations bought are elective methods particularly corrective surgery Combine restorative administration with a get-away Comments … yet these are being joined by individuals from different nations including from creating nations. Note: as indicated by the UK Patient Association in the UK more than 1 million UK natives are sitting tight for doctor\'s facility treatment and the most extreme sitting tight time for a NHS operation is set at 6 months in 2005.

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Medical tourism is a quickly developing industry with different components adding to its expanding prominence High medicinal services costs in industrialized nations Decreasing levels of restorative protection scope Ease and moderateness of universal travel Advancement in media communications International/reciprocal exchange assentions Proven wellbeing of social insurance in select remote nations Rapidly enhancing innovation and principles of consideration in may nations of the world High guidelines and nature of consideration in creating nations that now offer world-class therapeutic administrations Lower costs Rapid access and security Favorable cash trade rates in the worldwide economy Medical tourism is a result of the globalization of restorative and human services administrations Medical tourism is a consequence of client driven requests for health awareness administrations Medical tourism introduces a reasonable, charming and safe contrasting option to having therapeutic, dental and surgical methodology done in the nation of origin.

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Cost correlation SA Costs

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Summary of nations partaking in therapeutic tourism Source: Mckinsey Study synopsis

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Where do medicinal sightseers go?

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Just how huge it is safe to say that this is industry?

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Converging strengths in restorative Tourism Airlines Medical Traveler Convergence Point Medical Travel GDP Growth $ 60bn in 2006 and $100bn worldwide industry by 2012 (???Recession figures) Health and Medical Services Hotels and Resorts Adapted from Globalysis 2006

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What about SA?? Complete guests to SA in 2007/8 = Approximately 10 million 4.5% are restorative guests (Monitor, 2001 report) = 450,000 half treated in Joburg (moderate supposition) = 200,000 Each joined by one friend Ave length of stay is 10 days (5 in doctor\'s facility, 5 days out) Ave therapeutic technique R25,000 (i.e. 5 days in clinic) Ave out of doctor\'s facility spend is R1,250 x 5 days = R6,250 1 private wellbeing bunch sees 200 every month in 5 healing facilities Estimated all out income per annum R9.8 billion Adapted from City of Joburg 2009

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Why would it be a good idea for us to advance SA as a therapeutic tourism goal?

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SA is a therapeutic pioneer: The world\'s first heart transplant was done in SA on the 3 rd of December 1967 CAT was co-created by a South African conceived Physicist Allan Cormack in 1972 SA has the world\'s first surrogate grandma, who conceived an offspring in October 1987 The world\'s most seasoned surviving sextuplets were conceived in SA on Jan 11, 1974 SA has the restorative base Our private medicinal services frameworks was positioned 4 th on the planet in 2004 We have the biggest ARV program on the planet Part of a worldwide HIV Vaccine Initiative Our medicinal organizations have universal accreditation World famous therapeutic and surgical masters Single digits disease rates Clinical results similar to USA and UK, and far and away superior Most of our private wards sit at 65% inhabitance rates Centers of perfection (brilliance drived therapeutic tourism The Endometriosis Institute of Southern Africa iThemba Labs Medical Radiation Group - just hadron treatment focus in Africa The Walter Sisulu Pediatric Heart Institute Fertility Clinics Sports Institutes 1/… therapeutic realities

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2/… Medical tourism enhances wellbeing conveyance frameworks reinforces general wellbeing conveyance frameworks We have the main 64-cut CT examine in Africa We have most MRI and CT checks in Africa SA is seen as a center point for worldwide go for Africa SA seen as a center for medicinal consideration in sub-Saharan Africa Reverses the mind channel Keeps therapeutic assets inside the African mainland Improves human services conveyance frameworks for local people NEPAD Proximal to most African nations South of the Sahara Medical tourism takes into account " Africans to do sth for themselves"

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Serokolo Health Tourism (Pty) Ltd

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2008 to date International participation Global customer base Diversified item offering-counseling, preparing Diversified customer base Solid operations Solid neighborhood tourism associations The History.... 2007 Partnership with all doctor\'s facility bunches in SA Partnership with lab and radiology bunches Partnership with GTA 2006 Registration Serokolo Health Nigeria 1 st outside Government contract for administrations first medicinal tourism gathering SA 2005 first restorative traveler (Canada) 2004 Serokolo Health South Africa established www.serokolo.co.za

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Our administrations

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Creating the Medical Tourism experience.....

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A Case Study (1) Nigerian : " Lost trust in own national medicinal services conveyance framework " Prof Babatunde Oshotimehin , Minister of Health Previously looked to the US and UK for therapeutic consideration Seasoned explorer Medically mindful Affluent Knows the "discernment" SA has about Nigerians Perceives SA to resemble "whatever remains of Africa" Does not know you!!!!! Caught wind of the great steaks at the "Meat and Co" Loves shopping and the "charm and style" of Sandton City Was told about Sun City Church exercises "an integral part" of his week after week schedules Carries no Mastercards or therapeutic guide card Has a few PDAs poor web availability

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Where am I going?

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Contact from specialist or Patient data structure finished and sent to SHT Specialist sourced and cite settled 1 2 3 Final courses of action are endless supply of installment and appearance in our ledger (inside 72 hours of receipt of installment ) Quote is sent to quiet (worldwide appraisal cite) 4 5 Patient touches base in South Africa SHT delegate meets the patient at the airplane terminal Patient is transported to healing facility and gave over to treating expert 6 7 8 Patient in clinic - SHT visit and case administration Arrangements are made for patient to leave South Africa Accommodation for recovery is organized preceding patient\'s release from doctor\'s facility Accommodation for relative Tours for family/companion 10 9 Medical records, report and administration survey 11 © Step-by-Step Process

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Establish compatibility Prompt reaction inside 4 hours perfect, 24 hours adequate (call focus) Use nearby contact as you are a "faceless individual" in SA Provide a therapeutic tourism agenda forthright Provide CVs of Drs if asked for Esthetics Speak the same dialect: Medical guide, medicinal protection Discovery, Bonitas, Hygeia HMO, BUPA, A

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