Wellbeing Imbalances in Bulgaria .

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in Bulgaria. Income gathering. HNIF: required populace wide medical coverage (6 ... in Bulgaria. Tending to the specific wellbeing needs of: Uninsured ...
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Wellbeing Inequities in Bulgaria – Action and Challenges Svetlana Spassova, MD Ministry of Health, Bulgaria Chisinau 07.11.2008

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WHO\'s wellbeing framework execution structure

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The Health System in Bulgaria

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Addressing imbalances in Bulgaria Addressing the specific wellbeing needs of: Uninsured individuals; People with low pay; Disabled individuals; Vulnerable gatherings: kids, youth, elderly; Minorities; People, experiencing particular infections.

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Addressing imbalances: Stewardship Legislative arrangements: The Law on Health and auxiliary by-law ensure access to certain medicinal services administrations, paying little heed to protection status; The National Health Strategy: putting the issue of tending to disparities on the political motivation; National procedures and projects focusing on hindered bunches: concentrate on data, sickness anticipation, arrangement of administrations and treatment; The EU-Pre-increase instruments (the PHARE-program) and the Structural assets

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Addressing imbalances: Investment and preparing Availability of qualified HR specialization framework financed by the state; Investments in foundation and offices – state financed speculation approach gave by MoH, ventures financed under the pre-promotion and Structural assets; metropolitan spending plans Access to pharmaceuticals – enactment on pharmaceuticals and therapeutic gadgets; control of costs of professionally prescribed medications connected to outside and inner reference and swelling; positive medication list

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Addressing disparities: Service conveyance State spending plan financed access to crisis social insurance, birthing assistance care, organ transplantations and follow up treatment, focal obtainment of pharmaceuticals for growth infections, uncommon illness, blood issue, transplants and dialysis; inoculation and immunizations, neonatal screening of hereditary maladies; access to national, territorial and group programs, transportation, versatile structures and effort programs. National projects, focusing on: distraught gatherings: minorities, individuals with mental issue, individuals with uncommon maladies, and so forth infections, speaking to critical financial weight: growth, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and so forth.

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Addressing disparities: Financing National spending on: wellbeing administrations for uninsured; wellbeing administrations for particular defenseless gatherings; national, provincial and collective projects. base External financing: EU store spending on particular ventures, focusing on minorities or illnesses, influencing dominatingly defenseless gatherings. The Global Fund to battle AIDS, tuberculosis and intestinal sickness base, provincial improvement, reinforcing of HR and regulatory limit;

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Strengthening wellbeing framework - execution and difficulties Improving wellbeing in impartial way requires: Functions of the wellbeing framework, identified with changes Reform arranges, situated towards objectives Overall objectives, split into particular destinations Measurable halfway goals, prompting accomplishment of national targets

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Addressing disparities: Challenges Defining and actualizing changes and ventures, went for those most needing consideration; Balancing contending requests and setting clear approach needs Creating mindfulness so as to anticipate clashes between various individuals from society Developing projects, that convey included esteem and have characterized quantifiable results Ensuring the accessibility of qualified wellbeing power; making motivators for medicinal experts Developing PPP

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Addressing imbalances: Challenges Financial limitations require organizing Reducing money related hindrances which upset access to required consideration Ensuring progression: a steady stream of assets Reaching the distraught individuals; checking the responsiveness of administrations Evaluating the effect of administration conveyance systems.

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Measuring Outcomes: Conclusions Measures went for tending to disparities reinforce wellbeing framework execution, if bringing about Better wellbeing all through the whole populace; Responsiveness of the framework to particular needs and vulnerabilities; Sufficient financing and ideal redistribution in order to empower all inclusive access to wellbeing administrations.

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Thank you for your consideration! Svetlana Spassova, MD National Health Policy Director, Ministry of Health - Bulgaria sspassova@mh.government.bg

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