Wellbeing , Sustenance IN ISLAM BY Dr. Mostafa A. Arafa Partner Teacher of The study of disease transmission High Organi.

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Wellbeing , Sustenance IN ISLAM BY Dr. Mostafa A. Arafa Partner Educator of The study of disease transmission High Organization of General Wellbeing Alexandria College, Egypt Email marafa@dataxprs.com.eg Recommended Readings Islamic Comprehensive Medication site for Muslims
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Wellbeing , NUTRITION IN ISLAM BY Dr. Mostafa A. Arafa Associate Professor of Epidemiology High Institute of Public Health Alexandria University, Egypt E-mail marafa@dataxprs.com.eg

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Suggested Readings Islamic Holistic Medicine site for Muslims Health advancement through Islamic ways of life the Amman revelation

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Learning targets 1 - To take in the idea of wellbeing and nourishment in Islam 2 - To portray the essentials of sound Islamic ways of life and the amount they are as per cutting edge life

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God has offered on people his gifts, both shrouded and clear. Of these favors the best is that of wellbeing, which the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, viewed as one of the two graces the significance of which was not welcomed by numerous individuals.

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Concept of wellbeing in Islam In Islam the idea of wellbeing as showed in Quran and Sunnah (Prophet’s hadith and practices) is that Mankind ought to sound rationally, physically and socially

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Definition of wellbeing The traditional meaning of wellbeing being the nonattendance of any sign of malady and trusting that wellbeing is a condition of complete physical , mental and social prosperity, Islam regards this to be a fundamental part of confidence and of islamic law, which Moslems actualized amid their brilliant age and in this manner gave proof supporting its materialness .

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Food and Nutrition The essential main in Islam is that the nourishment we expend will have an immediate impact on our physical bodies as well as our souls.

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To keep ideal wellbeing we need to guarantee fitting eating regimen and nourishment. The heavenly Prophet Muhammad says: “Stomach is the home of infection. Eating routine is the principle medicine”. Sahih Muslim

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Nutritional fundamental Islamic ideas on wellbeing Nutrition doesn’t mean simply physical nourishment. Nourishing needs are of the SOUL , of the MIND and finally of the BODY

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In Islam, all that in this universe is represented by an arrangement of Divine laws or laws of nature. In this way sustenance, nourishment and wellbeing are connected to fundamental Divine principals.

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Health , Islamic points of view Islam has set out the establishment in Quran and Sunnah for the best approach of adjusted wellbeing. This methodology is fundamentally through determination of the best, preventive techniques, and avoiding unsafe things. Rundown of the principle thoughts of Islam identifying with sustenance and wellbeing is introduced in the accompanying slides:

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1 - Allah requested that each one eat what is legitimate. Allah says in surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) : “Ye individuals eat of what is on earth legal and wholesome” (Quran 2:168) 2 - Muslims are to eat the best sustenance subsequent to selecting. Allah says in Quran in surah Al-A’raf (The statures) “Eat and beverage , yet squander not overabundance, for Allah cherishes not the prodigals” (Quran 7:31)

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3 - Muslims are to choose the best nature of sustenance. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al Kahf (the Cave) : “ Now send ye then one of you with the cash of yours to the town : let him figure out which is the best nourishment (to be had)…” (Quran 18:29) 4 - Regarding the thought of control through eating routine, it is said in Surah Taha “Eat of the great things we have accommodated your sustenance, yet confer no abundance therein”

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M 5 - In another methodology, Islam requests from its devotees the thought of aggregate Abstinence of nourishment and beverages for one entire month from first light to nightfall. Fasting builds efficiency and controls expansion. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow): “ O ye who accept! Fasting is recommended for you as it was endorsed for those before you, that ye may learn self restraint.” i.e. to have Taqwa

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M as to fasting, the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said: “ quick (the month of ramadan) in order to recuperate your bodies from diseases”

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The Islamic lifestyle is an arrangement of Divine principals and code of morals to be connected in the day by day life of each individual. Islamic ways of life grasp various positive examples advancing wellbeing and dismissing any conduct which is opposing to wellbeing. In that capacity Islam have numerous productive thoughts to offer in the field of medicinal services

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