Wellness Reports and Determination Sheets.

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Foundation. In light of Senior part on ED FY01LCDR Selection BoardGood people were harmed by evident absence of commonality with the new FITREP framework and/or arranging by the CO.Even with 95% choice, it was an extreme occupation to leave quality people on table.Assembled fitrep composing suggestionsCollected lessons gained from BUPERS/other CommunitiesCollected remarks from different banner officers
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Wellness Reports and Selection Boards "What you have to know to compose assessments that will get your work force advanced" CDR Ralph T. Soule

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Background Based on Senior part on ED FY01LCDR Selection Board Good people were harmed by evident absence of commonality with the new FITREP framework as well as arranging by the CO. Indeed, even with 95% determination, it was an intense occupation to leave quality people on table. Gathered fitrep composing proposals Collected lessons gained from BUPERS/different Communities Collected remarks from different banner officers & chiefs Hope to help all see how the framework functions Understand the OSR/PSR & how it is utilized on sheets Recommend that you volunteer for a choice board Learn Competition techniques to get best individuals advanced DEVELOP PLAN FOR WRITING FITREPS

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Learning Objectives Understand the Selection Board handle with a specific end goal to compose a superior fitrep. Comprehend the significance of a fitrep-composing methodology to advance those you think ought to be advanced. Comprehend noteworthiness of \'Reporting Senior\'s Average\' and the shrouded threats of not knowing this normal. Distinguish \'Do\'s and Don\'ts\' of Fitrep composing

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Preview of Brief Fitness Report System Develop a FITREP reviewing methodology for visit/profession Importance and pitfalls of Reporting Senior\'s Average Fitrep Keys Fitness Reports and "Certainty Building" Billets/Jobs alloted Numerical Grades and Averages Recommendations for Promotion Narratives The Selection Board prepare Selection Board and Fitness Report Takeaways

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Fitness Report Keys A FITREP is the absolute most essential archive that will cross your work area It decides the destiny of your subordinates Write it as your reminder to the determination board on whether the individual ought to be advanced. "It ought not be composed as an advising instrument" Keep fitreps opportune yet work over them (put resources into your kin) Stay current on the NAVADMINS Did you realize that there are presently boundless MPs for O-3\'s? What message is sent in the event that you check one O-3 as "P"? All NAVADMINs can be found at www.persnet.navy.mil

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Reporting Senior\'s Special Charge Accountable to: Navy for forthcoming evaluation Officer for straight to the point appraisal Why would it be advisable for anyone to need to draft his/her own particular FITREP? You should go eyeball to eyeball and account for yourself You owe every competitor a record audit Work on Plan B BEFORE the choice load up Be straightforward Have an arrangement for each ratee Fratricide is not to the greatest advantage of the Navy

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Getting Started Do normal advising session with staff You should do this to realize what they are doing as such you can assess Take notes Schedule an opportunity to talk about fitrep Do not give them a chance to compose it Consider what you think the 3 projectiles ought to be Discuss shot with individual, get their information

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Getting Started Based exclusively on execution amid the rating time frame, rank your faculty. With ruthless genuineness, answer the question: Should this individual be elevated to the following evaluation? Decide when pers will zone to next review. What number of chances will you need to rate every person? What positioning was the last fitrep? Look for contribution from key players. Decide last positioning.

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Fitrep Approach Officer\'s written work evals need to build up a technique for their visit, for composing FITREPs, and particularly to grade. Without a methodology, you can hurt the adaptability you ought to have later on to help those you truly need advanced. You owe it to your future subordinates You have to know advancement zones, who is up for advancement at your order, and who is just beneath zone that could surprisingly be attracted to zone

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Soule Strategy Determine relative positioning in gathering Consider who is qualified for advancement Consider the "arrangement" for this individual Write the verbiage Assign grades ( most straightforward part )

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Effective Fitrep Checklist Intro paragraph(major honors, breakout (peer positioning)) Some subtle elements of authority, supervisory and administration achievements Evidence applicant is prepared to acknowledge expanded obligation Professional aptitude, capabilities, and outside rate association Personal accomplishments (SOQ, SOY, and so on.) Off-obligation training, and group benefit, especially on the off chance that it helps the Navy Wrap-up passage to underline general highlights, positioning (if not canvassed in introduction section), and proposals.

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Ranking Strategy Pattern of execution has a noteworthy visual effect Grade patterns, enhancing, diminishing or unpredictable talk unequivocally Successive enhancing FITREPs by same senior extremely accommodating Repeated checks by same senior (great or terrible) have heavier weight than single information point Ranking Amongst Their Peers Strongest marker of execution Look for imaginative break-outs to strengthen the evaluations; "My NR 1 CDO/IWO/Ship Sup" If obligatory dispersion obliges gesture to one of two equivalent entertainers… put them both over your normal and utilize the account for the lower execution proposal (MP) to break him out as indistinguishable to the EP

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Ranking Strategy No such thing as an "armada normal"… it is the Reporting Senior\'s Average that matters! Try not to swell your evaluations right off the bat in your profession… figure out how to utilize the framework Start low to give adaptability Your first Fitrep review ever composed IS your normal… it CANNOT be seen as awful. (Key is in the words) Bad Example: first Fitrep composed was a 1 of 1, @ 4.83 normal, Leaves little space to show advance! (must get a 5.0 next time) Hurts future subordinates who must get a 5.0 to exceed expectations Even a 3.0 Fitrep composed as your first (your normal), if bolstered by a solid account , will get your individual advanced.

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Ranking Strategy Work a key fitrep get ready for your visit and profession to gradually build evaluations and move advancement suggestions to appropriate for solid entertainers (P >MP>EP) May be worth giving lower than CO normal for first fitrep if locally available for a brief timeframe. (1-4 months) Lower review will hold you normal down without harming the person. (Words can advance alleviate) Visual hop of evaluations & advancement suggestion sends an extremely solid message to the board. To what extent will you/they be there, to play out the system? You can gradually permit your normal to increment keeping in mind the end goal to: Help those you need elevated to break out from pack Show advance and change

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Effective Narratives Strong Opening : "Positioned 1 of 10 hand picked dynamic obligation officers." Strong Bullets Describing Accomplishments and Potential Strong Closing & Recommendation : " He has my most grounded support and suggestion for turning into a Program Manager or Shore Commander. Likewise, he has earned my most grounded conceivable suggestion for quickened advancement to skipper, now."

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Effective Narratives Narrative ought to be involved three segments, broken out with "white space": Ranking - Most of ED Fitreps fall into the 1 of 1 classification. Utilize delicate breakouts . Projectiles - Validate the billet filled and note highlights while underlining curtness. Be particular with results/numbers. Must remark on maintenance, improvement of work force (one full slug) Recommendations - particular suggestions for take after on employments or advancements.

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Effective Narratives Bullets: Quality of commitments Character and degree of initiative aptitudes Ability to accept expanded accountability Span of control, individuals administered/$ Record for the most part aggressive in the event that it appears: Consistent development Professional improvement Positive patterns

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Fitrep Writing Advice Narrative: Impact to the armada of people\'s execution. Future potential to Navy/Community. Compose the report for the briefer of the officer\'s record at a determination board. Descriptive words: solid, unremarkable, feeble - what is message you are sending? Try not to "designer" wellness reports.

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Effective Narratives\' Do incorporate positioning and proposals for your top entertainers in the review: "My Number 1 of 4 Department Heads" "Most proficient Program Manager" "My best waterfront dispatch administrator" "Positions 3 of 15 Lieutenant Commanders relegated, paying little mind to designator. Do utilize logical remarks for breakout "Positioned Must Promote simply because he is looked at against the XO" "He is being positioned against three senior Department Heads" "Vague from my number 1except for status." "Positioned number 2 against extremely senior rivalry." " Read this precisely… the tenets constrain me to make him just a Must Promote. He is an Early Promote! He is appraised against another O-X who I foresee will be advanced. Joe\'s turn is next. Joe would genuinely be number one in some other setting."

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Effective Narratives\' Do delicate breakouts "In spite of the fact that 1 of 1, he would keep on being EP if appraised against every one of my Lieutenants." "He is the most grounded pioneer for a Lieutenant Commander that I have found in 20 years of administration." Do give breakout verbiage to disconnecting Fitreps Do make the hard approach who ought to be advanced and who ought not. Else you abandon it to how the Board translates it Do highlight achievements to make potential "gleam" Paint picture that they are prepared for employment with more prominent duty or as of now performing at level of the following rank

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Effective Narratives Do\'s Provide intense review with composed suggestion Use space between composed proposals and assortment of content to set off most vital articulations, however don\'t leave a great deal of white space. Distinguish their execution from others. Portray what makes them prepared for the following rank? Leave probably in a determination load up\'s mind what you are attempting to state Do remark on "false decays" 6 officers permits 2EPs 5 officers just permits 1 EP Comment on those that were "simply out of the chase" for that Early Promote or if constrained

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