Western Idaho School, Division of Understudy Life ~ Site Counseling Advisory group Report.

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Pictures ought to be to some degree pertinent to the page (e.g. football game on the sports page) ... utilization of the site and/or backing of games by offering different motivating forces ...
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Western Idaho College, Department of Student Life ~ Web webpage Advisory Committee Report Imagine a single tick access to all your understudy undertakings needs… Committee individuals: Roxanne Cartwright Shannon Gary Amy Hecht Elizabeth Morris J. Matthew Hartley (workforce consultant) (of the University of Pennsylvania ~ Graduate School of Education) StudentAffairs.com Virtual Case Study Competition 2003

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Table of Contents Why have a Student Life site? Understudy Life reasoning Why change the site? Prescribed alterations to current webpage Implementations to add to website Other Recommendations What these progressions will achieve Sources of Information

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Students anticipate that exceptional innovation will be utilized all through the school experience College landing page does not as a matter of course give the data our understudies require (and in a few occasions the landing page ought not) By giving understudies a more far reaching site we will help in their self improvement and will bolster the College\'s central goal to advance scholarly and mechanical advancement Today\'s understudies have "grown up computerized" and are usual to the comfort offered by customer arranged sites Why have a Student Life webpage?

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Our Philosophy The Student Life division at Western Idaho College serves… To help understudies in the improvement of administration, social, and good aptitudes To give safe exercises while urging understudies to investigate new thoughts and presenting them to different encounters To keep up an inviting situation for all individuals from the WIC people group Through the advancement of an extensive site, we endeavor to give current understudies the capacity to get to all data that will help in the administration and advancement of their undergrad experience. We assist mean for our site to serve as a state of passage and introduction for imminent understudies. Through the site we will show an exact and enlightening perspective of being an understudy at Western Idaho College.

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So... Why change the present site? To make a site that is more individual and material to WIC understudies\' encounters Identify what is implied by "we" and "us" Post features are specifically significant to foundation and its understudies instead of newsclicker.com features Design needs change Provide more related data in a tastefully satisfying way Offer assets well beyond data that can be found in print Encompass all parts of Student Life Provide impetus and reason for understudies to get to and reuse webpage Increase consistent upkeep Some pages have not been overhauled for quite a long time Routinely check to make certain connections are dynamic and sites are practical (e.g. Vocation Services, Residential Life)

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Modifications for current site Have an "Understudy Life home" connection & a "WIC home" connection on every page Move "Brisk Links" to base of the page & keep predictable with connections recorded on left sidebar E.g. Living arrangement Life versus Living arrangement Information Large header a bit much on every page; has a tendency to overpower a page If important to incorporate header, just have on division landing page... On ensuing pages, just utilize littler, roundabout "WIC" logo for consistency and support of "brand-name" personality Directly connect every approach making a beeline for its comparing strategy and have an "arrival to top" connection

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Modifications cont\'d. Make a timetable page as opposed to posting up and coming occasions on division landing page Include exercises from all over grounds & the group Provide capacity for understudies to electronically submit occasions Remove "Mission & Program" page Post Student Affairs office\'s theory as opposed to mission of the College Specify what is implied by "system" Tone and Language of webpage ought to be deliberately positive rather than unexpectedly negative toward foundation Remove the "We are up on the web, finally..." explanation. It expresses the undeniable and infers that being little is a negative characteristic of the school Do not promote the debate encompassing your mascot, rather urge understudies to go to the recreations and backing the games group

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Modifications cont\'d. Features on landing page are a smart thought yet ought to be more pertinent to the school and understudies Use features from the grounds daily paper and/or group paper and incorporate connections to get to these papers online Use straightforward and clear dialect, however not very basic (i.e. try not to utilize "stuff" – it is excessively ambiguous and makes dept. sound unmindful) Update page frequently and on a convenient premise Once any upgrades to the site are finished all related html labels ought to mirror those redesigns (e.g. should not be pages with overhauls going back to 2000 and others in 2002)

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New Ideas for Implementations Provide thorough rundown of Student Life staff individuals, including contact data (with email join), titles, pictures, and essential obligations Will take into account understudies to effectively locate the best possible contact for a given circumstance Have contact data for important staff E.g. Home Life page have data for Office of Housing, Student Life landing page have data of Office of Student Life Improve Residence Life page to be breakthrough and instructive Include data about every quarters, RA\'s, and other private staff Install system through which understudies can record dormitory upkeep demands online Add inviting message from the Director of Student Life

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Implementations cont\'d. Give a page particularly to understudy exercises Contain a rundown of all understudy exercises & associations on grounds, sorted by sort (e.g. group administration, games, and so on.) Include bunch data, for example, President contact data and connection to the relating site Explain how understudies can partake in all occasions announced on site E.g. The landing page publicizes "Ski Week in Idaho." How can understudies take an interest? Who is in control? What amount does it cost? And so forth. Make a page with occasion arranging systems and data Offer downloadable and/or online enrollment and solicitation shapes for on grounds space Develop downloadable arranging guide with data on principles, and so on

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Implementations cont\'d. All through the site, show pictures of WIC understudies taking an interest in the College people group Pictures ought to be to some degree important to the page (e.g. football game on the games page) Support the necessities of debilitated benefactors by giving a content just form that satisfactorily passes on all the data Provide capacity to report specialized issues with the website Locate carefully at the base of every page in conjunction with the "last updated..." data Clearly declare any booked system down times & upkeep Install a web-cam in a vigorously utilized understudy region for planned understudies to view understudy life at Western Idaho progressively And/OR incorporate a virtual voyage through grounds with current understudy "facilitating" for imminent understudies to see grounds & "meet" understudies

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Implementations cont\'d. Give a connection to understudy radio station for current understudies, planned understudies and graduated class to listen to live spilling sound of the grounds station Provide helpful data with respect to different parts of grounds that may not in fact fall under "Understudy Life" but rather are urgent variables in an understudy\'s life E.g. Profession Services; Counseling & Support Services; Academic Services; Financial Services; Student Employment Office; Student Health Services Link straightforwardly to applicable and helpful locales inside the College or outside to the school, Not important to "rethink the wheel" E.g. College of Oregon\'s "School Outcomes Project" If important to construct locales on these zones, incorporate creative devices that go past physical pamphlets just wrote in E.g. B.Y.U\'s. Future Salary Calculator & Lifestyle Management device; Oregon State University\'s "Web Writing lab"

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Implementations cont\'d. Energize school soul by playing school\'s battle melody after opening games page; Include printed verses and downloadable sound clasp Encourage understudies\' proceeded with utilization of the website and/or backing of sports by offering different impetuses E.g. Web attracting for section to challenges at wearing occasions (will empower utilization of website and in addition participation at athletic occasions) Conduct standard appraisal of webpage (& Student Life division as a rule) Through semesterly online review of understudies, directed by staff (passage into pool for book shop authentication for all who partake) Use a hit counter to screen the measure of guests to the webpage (can be covered up or accessible for all to see)

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Other Recommendations While it is not the duty of the Student Life office to outline and evaluate the mission of the College, the mission mirrors the objectives and goals of all offices and ought to be composed in an intelligible and extensive way A rundown of suggestions ought to be introduced to the senior organization with respect to Western Idaho\'s central goal, e.g.: Address who the establishment wishes to serve in the primary passage (e.g. an assorted understudy populace, grown-up learners, proceeding with training understudies, and so forth., which are not said until some other time in the announcement) Use the second section to express the different instruction we wish to give to these understudies (which is additionally not specified until the end of the announcement, yet applies to all understudies)

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What will these progressions achieve? Accommodation One-stop focus online for understudy needs Encourage & Increase Student Participation in Campus Life Increase School Spirit & Pride Provide a Beneficial Resource for Students Efficiency Easy access to data

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Sources of Information Abowitz, R. (2002) "Utilizing the Web to Support Residence Life Staff

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