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What are DOQ?. Digital Orthophotoquad (DOQ) - A raster data theme, built from scanned aerial photography, rectified and mosaicked to form a planimetrically correct map-like product. Used as a base for digitizing features, or as a realistic backdrop for maps.
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What are DOQ? Computerized Orthophotoquad (DOQ) - A raster information topic, worked from examined elevated photography, redressed and mosaicked to frame a planimetrically rectify outline item. Utilized as a base for digitizing highlights, or as a practical background for maps. Elevated photography of the Earth\'s surface, ordinarily gave in GeoTIFF shape, additionally observed in different organizations. A DOQ for a 7.5-min., 1:24000-scale quad is colossal, along these lines the normal utilization of DOQQ s- - advanced orthophoto quarter quadrangles. is a computerized picture of an elevated photo in which relocations brought about by the camera and the territory have been evacuated. It joins the picture attributes of a photo with the geometric characteristics of a guide.

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What are .e00 records? Information in .E00 is an ARC/INFO exchange document design. This is a basic ASCII record which can be opened and saw utilizing any regular content tool (wordpad, scratch pad, textpad).

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What are DEM? Computerized Elevation Model (DEM) - Any information topic that digitally speaks to landscape (the state of the world\'s surface); the most widely recognized structures being a raster matrix of heights, and the vector triangulated sporadic system (TIN). The USGS (United States Geological Survey) DEM (Digital Elevation Model) arrange depicts raster rise outputs of the Earth\'s surface (basically a particular kind of heightfield). A computerized representation of the rise of areas on the land surface. A DEM is frequently utilized as a part of reference to an arrangement of rise qualities speaking to the rises at focuses in a rectangular framework on the Earth\'s surface.

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Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Digital Terrian Model(DTM) - A three-dimensional model of the Earth\'s surface, gave in computerized shape. A term that portrays an assortment of advanced configurations for showing or breaking down rise data. A DEM is one of these configurations.

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Digital Raster Graphics (DRG)? DRG is a checked picture of a US Geological Survey (USGS) standard arrangement topographic guide, including all guide neckline data. The picture inside the guide neatline is georeferenced to the surface of the earth and fit to the Universal Transverse Mercator projection.

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What is Digital Line Graphs (DLG)? A vector document containing focuses, lines, and/or regions that speak to streets, water bodies, topographic form lines, open grounds, and railways. Every information layer arrives in a different record. The DLG arrangement was made by the USGS.

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