What data is in a SEED?.

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What data is in a SEED? Seed DNA Innovation Rice little person Data limit = 466 million A/T/G/C = 466*2/8 MB = 116.5 MB. Put away in core = 2.5 µm span = 65.45 µm 3 Pen Drive Size of a cell: = 0.025X0.03 µm 3 Required space for 116.5 MB = 733 X10 3 µm 3
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What data is in a SEED?

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DNA Technology Rice elf Information limit = 466 million A/T/G/C = 466*2/8 MB = 116.5 MB. Put away in core = 2.5 µm range = 65.45 µm 3

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Pen Drive Size of a phone: = 0.025X0.03 µm 3 Required space for 116.5 MB = 733 X10 3 µm 3 Space proportion for putting away 116.5 MB: Rice cell core is 11 thousand times more smaller than glimmer memory Human core has 1.6GB data and is 1.57 lakhs time more reduced than Flash memory of comparable limit We have not viewed as different functionalities of a Nucleus ! E.g., a core can repeat itself self-rulingly

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Is it shrewd to say that Man made Flash memory while NUCLEUS is made in a characteristic/arbitrary procedure without a Creator ?

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Where is the Creator? Where is the proprietor of this thing? The fish need to know what lake is first?

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Where do we live? A basic perspective Solar System Milkyway Galaxy Earth Universe !! Discernible Universe Galaxy Cluster Galaxy Planetary framework Planet Star

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Farthest space test. Speed: around 17km/s Distance from earth, as on May, 2008: 16 billion km 14 light hour Milkyway Galaxy How huge is the Universe? Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_year

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Implications? What we find in the night sky is the past – 1 year to 1 million year old photo of the obvious universe! The Visible Universe is a very much composed framework in impeccable agreement. Infinite items are circling/moving in their own way. In a consistent way In an altered velocity Creator made all these from nothing (Big Bang) Creator is not inside of His creation. The fish now atleast realizes that the thing he lives in is a Pond !

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Is demise the end? What is passing? NDE: clinically dead then returns to life Coma: clinically alive however has no cognizance for long time. So logically we don’t comprehend passing! Passing is the end of our body. Shouldn\'t something be said about our spirit, the component that is always talking inside of us! What amount of do we think about the spirit? Could we demonstrate that the spirit likewise passes on? Consequently, we don’t comprehend demise neither one of the wes can end up being the end. In the event that passing were the end then there is no importance of life! Why are we doing all the diligent work? Why are we legit then? Whey do we fabricate? Go appreciate the life! Get cash in whatever methods you can. Why do we take kids? They turn out to be simply load. Take a gander at the West.

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Science & Religion a straightforward perspective What is science? Methodical information of what we can fathom Shows what we don’t know also – the wilderness Rejects anything that is not provable however it exists Facts : demonstrated learning of what we can understand. E.g. Newton’s law of movement. Science Hypothesis/Theory : not demonstrated or completely comprehended; e.g. Darwin’s hypothesis, Cancer exploration Belief : we feel yet can not clarify with our present learning; e.g. Soul, Life, Death Science without religion is weak , religion without science is visually impaired . – Albert Einstein Religion

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Name % Date of Origin Scripture Hinduism 14% 1500 BC Upanishad , Vedas , Gita, Mahabharat Christianity 33% 30 AD Bible Islam 21% 622 AD Quran , Ahadith Major Religions Creator Messenger/Prophet Book from Creator ? Disclosure Preservation

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A Book from the Creator? Expected properties of such a Book: Immense knowledge of the Creator ought to be reflected . His book ought to be unparallel in each viewpoint . There ought to be no lapses (grammatical & semantically). His book ought to give direction to humanity. Religious sacred texts are accepted to be from the Creator . The one we explore here is the Quran.

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Some Facts about Quran was uncovered, part by part in 22.5 years, 1400 years back in Arabic. Whole Quran was retained by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and a significant number of his associates before it was aggregated as a book. Today around 10 million individuals bear the whole Quran in memory . A few attributes: It is lovely/cadenced & simple for remembrance It recommends a lifestyle in straightforward, straight forward way. The Quran is made out of around 2000 diverse root words. Around 1000 verse in Quran notice experimental realities a considerable lot of which are found in most recent 100 years. It has some coordinated slip checking systems.

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Some logical certainties in Quran

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Numerical Compositions in Quran Noisy Transmission Line content In verse 16 to 31 of Sura 74, it has been specified that “… he had been adamant to My disclosures … he dismissed in pride and said: This is nothing else than enchantment from old; This is nothing else than discourse of mortal man. Before long will I cast him into Hell-Fire! … Over it are nineteen . Furthermore, I have set none however blessed messengers as Guardians of the Fire; and I have settled their number just as a trial for Unbelievers ,- all together that the Book\'s People may touch base at assurance, and the Believers may increment in Faith ,- and that no questions may be left for the Book\'s People and the Believers, and that those in whose hearts is a sickness and the Unbelievers may say, "What image doth Allah expect by this?“ … “ encode Transmitter signature Receiver signature Same if there was no blunder in transmission

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Numerical Compositions in Quran There are numerous sorts of 19-based encoding in Quran The full encoding is not known yet We display case of three encoding sorts here: Book wide checksum of 19 Chapter wide checksum of 19 Semantic appearance in word redundancy

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Example of Book wide 19-checksum This mark shows taking after properties: It has precisely 19 letters It happens in the whole Book 114 (= 19X6) times Occurrence of every word in the whole book : ISM : happens 19 times ALLAH : happens 2698 (19 X 142) times AR-RAHMAN : happens 57 (19 X 3) times AR-RAHYM : happens 114 (19 X 6) times

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Chapter wide checksum In Quran, numerous part begins with standalone letters . Reiteration of these letters in comparing section are numerous of 19. Case: Sura 50. has letter ق 57 (19X3) times in it Sura 36. has letter ى 237 time and س 48 times; a sum of 285 (19X15) times

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Semantic Reflection in Word Repetition tally of a few words and their antonyms : There are numerous more …

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Conclusion We have examined the accompanying inquiries: Is there any Creator ? Is Death the end ? Is there any message from the Creator ? Yes Is Death the end ? No Ignore every one of the CREATOR\'s indications Acquire learning on CREATOR & Hearafter Enjoy L

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