What Do You Jump at the chance To Listen To?.

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(e.g. pop melodies, soul, musical drama, rock) Pick up a tune/verses and talk ... Rock/Classic/Pop/Rap/Country/Blues/Jazz/Musicals/New age/R&B/Folks...
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What Do You Like To Listen To?

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Sharing your thoughts When will you listen to music? What\'s your most loved music styles? (e.g. pop melodies, blues, musical show, rock) Pick up a tune/verses and discuss it.

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An old man turned ninety-eight He won the lottery and kicked the bucket the following day It\'s a dark fly in your Chardonnay It\'s a passing column pardon two minutes past the point of no return And isn\'t it ironic...dontcha believe It resembles downpour on your big day It\'s a free ride when you\'ve effectively paid It\'s the a word of wisdom that you simply didn\'t take Who would\'ve thought... it figures Mr. Avoid any risk was reluctant to fly He gathered his bag and kissed his children farewell He held up his entire damn life to take that flight And as the plane slammed down he thought "Well isn\'t this nice..." And isn\'t it ironic...dontcha think Well life has an interesting method for sneaking up on you When you believe everything\'s alright and everything\'s going right And life has an amusing method for helping you out when You believe everything\'s turned out badly and everything explodes In your face A congested driving conditions when you\'re as of now late A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break It resembles ten thousand spoons when all you need is a blade It\'s meeting the man I had always wanted And then meeting his lovely spouse And isn\'t it ironic...dontcha think excessively ironic...and definitely I truly do think... Life has an amusing method for sneaking up on you Life has a clever, entertaining method for helping you out Helping you out ( Reference ) Ironic by ALANIS MORISSETTE

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What do you think… Piracy is a genuine worldwide issue in the music business these days, what do you consider it?

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Genres: Rock/Classic/Pop/Rap/Country/Blues/Jazz/Musicals/New age/R&B/Folks… Instruments: Piano/Violin/Horn/Recorder/Flute/Drums/Harp/Bass/Guitar/Erhu… Expressions: I got you( 我瞭解 ) You got that privilege( �� 說的沒錯 ) Out of tune ( 走音 ) It\'s a no mind( 不用大腦/很簡單 ) I am truly into it.( 我真的很喜歡 ) Fed up( 受�� 了/厭倦 ) Useful Vocabularies/Expressions

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