What Does God Want from Man .

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Verse of the Throne.
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What Does God Want from Man?

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Verse of the Throne "God, there is no divinity spare Him, the Living, the Eternal. Neither sleep nor rest overwhelms him. Unto Him has a place at all is in the sky and at all is on the earth. Who is he that intervenes with Him spare by His leave? He realizes what is before them and that which is behind, while they don\'t envelop anything of his insight spare what He will. His position of authority incorporates the sky and the earth, and He is never fatigued of protecting them. He is the Sublime, the Tremendous." (2:255)… … .

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The Correct Worldview - The Two Owners of Gardens: Gratefulness, Acknowledgment of force, Not falling into false pride Facing Adversity: Man loses trust… (39:8) "Man does not feel sick of calling for good things, but rather if detestable touches him he loses all trust. Furthermore, in the event that We give man an essence of Our leniency after pain has touched him, he says, \'This is expected me, and I don\'t thing the Hour will come, and on the off chance that I am come back to my Lord, without a doubt I have great things anticipating me with Him.\' So We advise the individuals who question of what they do, and for sure We give them an essence of serious discipline." (41:49) Adversity is a test… so God may know. "Nowadays, We substitute them among the general population, so God may know them who accept and take from among you witnesses ( shuhada \'), and God does not love the miscreants." (3:146)

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Who is Your God? "Hast thou seen him that make his craving his god, and God sends him off track deliberately, and seals up his listening ability and his heart, and sets on his sight a covering. Will you not then notice?" (45:23 ff.)

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Understanding the Nature of the Life of this World The life of this world as sit out of gear play… (15:20-22) "The Hereafter is better and all the more enduring." "Delightful for humankind is love of the delights that originate from ladies and posterity, and hid away piles of gold and silver, and stallions marked, and cows and land. That is solace of the life of the world. God, with Him is a more magnificent residence. Say: might I advise you of an option that is superior to that? For the individuals who keep from abhorrence, with their Lord, are Gardens underneath which streams stream, and unadulterated buddies, and happiness from God. God is most attentive of His slaves." 3:14 ff.

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Belief and Good Deeds "For sure God charges equity, and goodliness and tending to those nearby family, and He disallows indecency, the inexcusable and overweeningness. He advises you that you may notice." (16:90) "By time, to be sure man is in misfortune. But the individuals who accept and do great deeds. Also, charge upon each other truth, and order upon each other determination." "… in light of the fact that they satisfy their pledges and dread a day the fiendishness thereof is across the board. What\'s more, bolster the poor, the pitiful and the detainee for purpose of Him. [They say], We do yet nourish you for God, forget about it nor remunerate do we need from you." (76:7-9)

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Perseverance (sabr) "O you who trust, look for the guide of steadiness and petition, without a doubt God is with the tirelessness." (2:153) Seek God\'s help and get ready for right activity: "Have we not extended your trunk, and lifted from you your weight, that so burdened upon your back, and raised up your respect. To be sure no sweat, to be sure without any difficulty. So when you are liberated [from trial], stand tall. What\'s more, look for towards your Lord." (94)

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The Correct Choice "There is no impulse in religion. Direction has been recognized from mistake. What\'s more, he who rejects false divinities ( taghut ) and puts stock in God has gotten a handle on a firm handhold which will never break. God is Hearer, Knower." (2:156)

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Consistency in Pursuits By the night covering. What\'s more, the day dazzling. Also, Him who hath made the male and female. Without a doubt you endeavor towards dissimilar finishes! Concerning him who gives and is devoted, him will we ease towards extreme goodness. Be that as it may, with respect to the individuals who are parsimonious and esteem themselves independent, them will we ease towards a definitive hardship. (92:1-10)

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